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Yalta is a city in Ukraine. Located by the Black Sea, it has been used as a resort city for centuries, and it is best known for the Yalta Conference held in 1945.

Yalta has been referenced in at least three episodes of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, including:

  • Seizing the Sea: town in the Crimea by the Black Sea; famous Yalta Conference of 1945
    • During the Lightning Round, Greg Lee asks questions about the Black Sea, latitude, and Chernobyl.
  • The Case of the Creep in the Concorde: Ukrainian resort city by the Black Sea
  • Snug As a Thug in a Rug: "Pearl of the Crimea" and Swallow's Nest Castle
    • During the Lightning Round (which is about Ukraine itself), Greg Lee asks questions about the Cossacks, the Bug River, and pysanky.