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Xifeng (pronounced shi-fung) is a character in the Netflix iteration of Carmen Sandiego. She first appeared in The Beijing Bullion Caper.


Xifeng is the daughter of Huang Li, a banker who manages the gold bouillon for China's largest bank. Xifeng and her mother enjoyed the Beijing opera before the latter's death years ago.

When she was taken on a tour in the Forbidden City, she was with her father and bodyguard Oxtail. When she was just about to drink tea, she heard something in the hall she and her father came from and went to check it out. There, she defended Carmen Sandiego and saved some porcelain jars from being destroyed via throwing by Neal the Eel. She met up with Team Red after the two V.I.L.E. operatives disappeared.

The next day, she was about to perform for an opera when she saw the stage performer had usurped her father's role, and she found out her "father" wasn't her father, it was Mime Bomb. After Mime Bomb was kicked out and the agents removed, she was able to perform her aerobatic skills on stage.