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Time Traveller VHS

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Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? - Time Traveller is a VHS/DVD release of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? that was released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment in the United States on November 8, 2001, alongside the VHS-exclusive Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? - Carmen's Revenge. It contains three episodes edited together as a feature-length movie.


Meet Carmen Sandiego, the master thief who manages to elude the world with her larget-than-life capers. Luckily Zach and Ivy, ACME Detective Agency's youngest operatives, are able to stay on her trail thanks to their ability to decipher the clues Carmen always leaves behind.

In this exciting three-part adventure, Zack and Ivy are about to capture Carmen when she unveils her newest invention - a time machine - and quickly disappears! The young sleuths track her into the future, where Carmen has become a world-class hero and Zack and Ivy are considered the criminals! Just as Zack and Ivy are about to blow her cover, she escapes again - but this time, she is headed into the past - to the ancient Roman Coliseum!

Will Zack and Ivy be able to stop Carmen before she steals the Coliseum and changes the course of history forever?


DVD Extras[]

  • Interactive menu featuring Inspector Gadget
  • Spanish Soundtrack
  • English Subtitles
  • Trivia Game
  • Promos for Action Man and Sabrina: The Animated Series VHS/DVD's
  • Treasures of Knowledge Mission 1 Demo (when run on a computer) (VHS version includes a separate disc containing the demo)

Trivia Game Questions[]

The trivia game consists of six questions about the three episodes included, two for each episode. Completing the game allows the viewer to watch a Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? VHS/DVD promo seen on other DIC releases.

  • What was Carmen stealing from Brussels, Belgium?
    • Miniature Landmarks
    • Brussel Sprouts
    • Belgian Waffles
    • Hubcaps
  • Where are Carmen's training grounds?
    • Devil's Tower, Wyoming
    • Mammouth Cave, Kentucky
    • Paris, Texas
    • Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • What did Carmen go to the future to get?
    • A Laser
    • An Ancient African Costume
    • A Hover Craft
    • An Electro Magnet
  • Where is the World's fair to be held at in 2101?
    • Rome, Italy
    • Brussels, Begium [sic]
    • Ivory Coast, Africa
    • San Francisco, California
  • Who's bust did Carmen steal?
    • Marc Antony's
    • Marcus Arellius'
    • Ceasar's
    • Augustus'
  • What was Carmen trying to steal from Ancient Rome?
    • The Vatican
    • A Caesar Salad
    • The Coliseum
    • A Roman Candle


  • This is the very first DVD release of the series.
  • On the release, all the episode title cards are moved to the beginning.
  • Like with the other DIC DVDs released by Lions Gate, Inspector Gadget can teach you how the DVD menu works if you press him on each menu screen.



  • On Question 4, "Belgium" is mispellt as "Begium".
  • The blurb on the DVD version is missing the "s" in "leaves behind".
  • Zack is misspelt as "Zach" on the blurb.