Carmen Sandiego Wiki

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Issue 1 is the first volume of the Carmen Sandiego comic. It was released in June 1996 by DC Comics.



Chief summaries the career of Carmen Sandiego at A.C.M.E. and subsequent defection and founding of Evil. Chief hires a new detective named Evan and directs him to find Carmen Sandiego.

Chief assigns Evan to investigate the stolen Nasca Lines in the Peruvian Desert. He is assigned with ACME's field operator Bazooka Mel and flown by Columbus Corrigan. The pair are dropped in the desert. Evan looks for his drummer informant Serge, with his drum setr. Serge had seen two VILE operatives in vehicles, and had mentioned the largest opera house. The pair arrive in Paris where they discover the Eiffel Tower is a plastic copy. A painter on the street gives some clue that leads them to the city of Lyon.

In Lyon, they discover a massive structure similar to the size fo the Eiffel Tower and covered under a curtain. Evan wants to search it but Mel uses the ACME Crime Net VideoPhone to call Warren D. Warrant, who grants a search warrant. When they get under the curtain, they are confronted by VILE henchmen Scar Graynolt. He pulls out a guitar and strums a beat, but he falls over as he put hmself to sleep. The pair take an elevator to the top of the tower and witness a VILE TV set. Evan mingles with the group. Soon enough, police officers come in and beatup everyone, and arrest them. The items were horrendous art items and returned.

ACME looks through the files that includes a name of a VILE operative Lyle Schmendrick who had ordered stolen items. IT was related to Carmen's last case file and the documents helps solve Carmen's final case. Everything got wrapped up really quickly.

Back at ACME headquarters, Chief promotes Evan to inspector and commends him for his work.