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The following is an episode list for the PBS game show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, which ran on WQED Pittsburgh from September 30, 1991, to December 22, 1995.

Series overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 65 September 30, 1991 December 27, 1991
2 September 28, 1992 December 25, 1992
3 September 27, 1993 December 24, 1993
4 50 October 10, 1994 December 23, 1994
5 October 9, 1995 December 22, 1995

Season 1 (1991)[]

  • Season 1 consisted of 65 half-hour episodes.
  • This was the only season where Greg Lee wore business suits of different colors, such as red and green.
  • In the pilot episodes, Greg wore his hat on throughout the whole episode . For the rest of the series, Greg kept his hat off.
  • In the first episodes to be recorded, The Chief wore a green suit. She wore a red suit for the rest of the series.
  • The scrolling segment of the end credits features stills of Carmen's henchmen stealing items from around the world.
  • This was the only season where The Chief introduced the gumshoes as each episode's title was shown.
  • Recorded on the following dates: May 06-07/16-17/20-23; June 03-07/10-15/17-18, 1991.
Title Crook Loot Airdate Jailtime Challenge Map Sleuth Map Status Trip
01 The Taking of the Shrew Vic the Slick Mona Lisa 09/30/1991 Dallas, Texas Africa Jason Morgan 3/7 Unknown
02 The Case of the Cribbed Crater The Contessa Ngorongoro Crater 10/01/1991 Edinburgh, Scotland South America Jepi Rios 6/7 Unknown
03 It's the Pits Top Grunge La Brea Tar Pits 10/02/1991 Chile Asia Daniel Buchsbaum 3/7 Unknown
04 The Big Ness Mess Eartha Brute Loch Ness Monster 10/03/1991 Seattle, Washington Africa Tatsuo Masuda 7/7 Arizona
05 Seizing the Sea Vic the Slick Dead Sea 10/04/1991 South Dakota United States Alaap Shah 4/7 Unknown
06 The Gateway Getaway Robocrook Gateway Arch 10/07/1991 Jakarta, Indonesia United States Ali Haider 6/7 Unknown
07 Ripping Off the Rock Eartha Brute Rock of Gibraltar 10/08/1991 Seoul, South Korea Europe Raphael Miranda 5/7 Unknown
08 The Case of the False False Teeth Patty Larceny Replica of George Washington's fake dentures 10/09/1991 Zaire Asia Kwaku Wordie 7/7 California
09 The Lincoln Conspiracy Robocrook Lincoln Center 10/10/1991 Boston, Massachusetts Africa Greg Gethard 5/7 Unknown
10 The Canal Caper Top Grunge Panama Canal 10/11/1991 Portland, Maine United States Gena Zivkovic 5/7 Unknown
11 The Great Wall Haul Eartha Brute Great Wall of China 10/14/1991 Charleston, South Carolina South America Nelson Chan 7/7 Houston, Texas
12 The Case of the Burgled Bugatti The Contessa 1931 Bugatti Royale 10/15/1991 Hong Kong, China Europe Kelly Edwards 5/7 Unknown
13 The Square Scam Double Trouble Red Square 10/16/1991 Montana United States Jillian Fracassi 3/7 Unknown
14 The Case of the Purloined Pen Vic the Slick Alcatraz 10/17/1991 Buenos Aires, Argentina Asia Mike Morgenstern 6/7 Unknown
15 The Great Liberty Lift Patty Larceny Liberty Bell 10/18/1991 Singapore Africa Kristina Giamella 2/7 Unknown
16 The S.A.T. Score Scam Patty Larceny SAT Scores 10/21/1991 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Africa Kit Taylor-Schmahl 1/7 Unknown
17 Torch Song Eartha Brute Statue of Liberty's Torch 10/22/1991 Nairobi, Kenya Asia[1] Gregory Angermaier 7/7 California
18 The Hammering Hank Heist Vic the Slick Hank Aaron's baseball bat 10/23/1991 Taipei, Taiwan United States David Rego 5/7 Unknown
19 Big Ben Bagged Top Grunge Big Ben 10/24/1991 Santa Fe, New Mexico Africa Matthew Libby-Hawk 2/7 Unknown
20 Diamonds Are a Crook's Best Friend The Contessa South Africa's diamonds 10/25/1991 Manila, Philippines Europe Izzat Raheem 6/7 Unknown
21 The Bridge Bust Eartha Brute Golden Gate Bridge 10/28/1991 Paris, France United States Robyn Herzog 6/7 Unknown
22 The Fall Collection Caper The Contessa Paris' Fall Fashion Collection 10/29/1991 Anchorage, Alaska Africa Lili Mei 3/7 Unknown
23 Minnehaha: The Filching of the Falls Double Trouble Minnehaha Falls 10/30/1991 India Europe Jessica Gold 7/7 California
24 The Radioscope Rip-off Robocrook Arecibo Radioscope 10/31/1991 Rome, Italy South America Mark Proctor 5/7 Unknown
25 Who Pinched Pisa? Vic the Slick Leaning Tower of Pisa 11/01/1991 Oahu, Hawaii Africa Becky Doherty 4/7 Unknown
26 The Checkmate Checkout Robocrook Deep Thought chess computer 11/04/1991 Madrid, Spain United States Chad Moentenich 7/7 Iowa
27 The Forbidden City Snatch Double Trouble Forbidden City 11/05/1991 San Francisco, California Africa Alisa Matlin 3/7 Unknown
28 The Case of the Missing Queen The Contessa RMS Queen Mary 11/06/1991 Nile River Europe Charlie Kendell 4/7 Unknown
29 The Raceway Rip-Off Top Grunge Indianapolis Motor Speedway 11/07/1991 Zimbabwe Asia Vincent Balagat 7/7 Florida
30 Brandenburglary Vic the Slick Brandenburg Gate 11/08/1991 New York, New York United States Brian Jacobs 2/7 Unknown
31 The Case of the Reef Thief The Contessa Great Barrier Reef 11/11/1991 Los Angeles, California United States Oren Langer 6/7 Unknown
32 The Library Lift Patty Larceny Library of Congress 11/12/1991 Bogotá, Colombia Africa Nick Nash 7/7 Texas
33 The Great Head Heist Top Grunge Easter Island Moai statues 11/13/1991 Prague, Czechoslovakia South America Mike Phair 6/7 Unknown
34 The Nose Knows Vic the Slick Abe Lincoln's nose off Mt. Rushmore 11/14/1991 Tangier, Morocco Europe Christina Chan 4/7 Unknown
35 The Troubled Triangle Double Trouble Bermuda Triangle 11/15/1991 Caracas, Venezuela Asia Judd Wishnow 1/7 Unknown
36 The Chunnel Channel Caper Eartha Brute English Chunnel 11/18/1991 Cardiff, Wales South America Heath Rosenthal 7/7 California
37 The Taking of the Tower The Contessa Eiffel Tower 11/19/1991 Shanghai, China Europe Lori Alvino 6/7 Unknown
38 The Case of the Purloined Pipeline Top Grunge Alaska Pipeline 11/20/1991 Pennsylvania Africa Chuck Pinson-Rose 6/7 Unknown
39 Monumental Malfeasance Eartha Brute Washington Monument 11/21/1991 Peru Asia Russell Grier 6/7 Unknown
40 The Case of the Lifted Lines Top Grunge Nazca Lines 11/22/1991 San Antonio, Texas United States Nick Ferenc 7/7 Colorado
41 Stompin' at the Stock Exchange Double Trouble New York Stock Exchange 11/25/1991 Dublin, Ireland South America Brian Smith 6/7 Unknown
42 The Rosetta Rip-off Patty Larceny Rosetta Stone 11/26/1991 Malaysia United States Charles Dellow 7/7 Seattle, Washington
43 The Time Bandit Robocrook Aztec Calendar 11/27/1991 Canton, China Europe Laura Dimino 5/7 Unknown
44 Who Stole the Hole? Vic the Slick St. Andrew's Golf Course's 18th hole 11/28/1991 Cleveland, Ohio Africa[2] Assaf Yosha 3/7 Unknown
45 The Fat Lady Sings No More The Contessa Sydney Opera House 11/29/1991 Cameroon Asia Jane Berkowitz 5/7 Unknown
46 What Goes Up... Robocrook Satellite 12/02/1991 Tokyo, Japan Europe Martin Richards 5/7 Unknown
47 The Taking of the Towers Double Trouble New York City World Trade Center 12/03/1991 Sudan Asia Kamali Minter 3/7 Unknown
48 The Case of the Roamin' Roman Ruin Eartha Brute Colosseum 12/04/1991 Copenhagen, Denmark United States[3] Brent Keller 4/7 Unknown
49 Hot Potato Vic the Slick All of Idaho's potatoes 12/05/1991 Bangkok, Thailand Europe Flavia Lega 3/7 Unknown
50 The Case of the Pilfered Palace The Contessa Alhambra Palace 12/06/1991 Salt Lake City, Utah Africa Genny Daftary 7/7 North Carolina
51 The Case of the Purloined Pole Robocrook North Pole 12/09/1991 Arizona United States[4] George Fontana 6/7 Unknown
52 The Case of the Missing Mountain The Contessa Matterhorn 12/10/1991 Puerto Rico Africa Scott Drew Jones 2/7 Unknown
53 The Case of the Creep in the Concorde Top Grunge Concorde Jet 12/11/1991 Vienna, Austria Europe Chris Heid 5/7 Unknown
54 The Disappearing Declaration Patty Larceny Declaration of Independence 12/12/1991 London, United Kingdom South America Marc Rodway 4/7 Unknown
55 The Return of Dracula's Castle Robocrook Bran Castle 12/13/1991 Abidjan, Ivory Coast Asia[5] Dhaval Shah 7/7 California
56 Who Stole the Bowl? Double Trouble Hollywood Bowl 12/16/1991 Japan Asia Anmy Leuthold 0/7 Unknown
57 The Case of the Pinched Paws Robocrook Egyptian Sphinx paws 12/17/1991 Belgium Europe Andrew Moon 6/7 Unknown
58 PILOT #1: The Purloined Pooch Patty Larceny Lhasa Apso from the East African Kennel Club Dog Show 12/18/1991 Atlanta, Georgia United States[6] Mike Towner 7/7 Sarasota, Florida
59 End of the Trail Top Grunge Appalachian Trail 12/19/1991 Uruguay Africa Elsa Ruiz 1/7 Unknown
60 The White Gator Caper Patty Larceny Louisiana White Alligator 12/20/1991 Baltimore, Maryland United States[7] Kohar Jones 6/7 Unknown
61 The Spot Lifter Eartha Brute Dahan the Clouded Leopard 12/23/1991 Leningrad, U.S.S.R. Europe Paul Del Valle 6/7 Unknown
62 PILOT #2: The Disoriented Express Double Trouble TGV Train 12/24/1991 Chicago, Illinois United States[8] Jacki Petrozelli 6/7 Unknown
63 Island Copping Patty Larceny Kure, Hawaii's northwestern most island 12/25/1991 Greece United States[9] Matthew Russ 6/7 Unknown
64 The Case of the Glommed Geyser Robocrook Old Faithful 12/26/1991 Florida Africa Kyle Greer 6/7 Unknown
65 The Costume Caper Double Trouble Madame Tussaud's wax figures 12/27/1991 New Orleans, Louisiana South America Molly Burke 6/7 Unknown

Season 2 (1992)[]

  • Beginning with this season, Greg's business suit has a dark blue color scheme.
  • The ACME Crimenet logo can be seen next to the gumshoes' names. Barry Carl introduced the gumshoes. The closing credits have changed to feature a notepad background with the henchmen appearing to steal the some of the credits and make cheeky cameos.
  • Season 2 consisted of 65 half-hour episodes.
  • The 100th episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? airs.
  • This season marked the implementation of recurring segments, such as "The Chase", and "Plastic Diver Guy".
  • Beginning with this season, a disclaimer at the end spoken by the Chief indicates that "all geographic information was accurate as of the date this program was recorded", in reference to the ever changing geopolitics, along with the date the program was taped.
  • Recorded on the following dates: April 10/14-16/21-24/28-May 01; May 05-08/12-15/19, 1992.
Title Crook Loot Airdate Jailtime Challenge Map Sleuth Map Status Trip
01 Disturbing the Heavenly Peace Double Trouble Tiananmen Square gate 9/28/1992 Istanbul, Turkey Asia Lindsey Wolper and Jeremy Miller 5/8 Unknown
02 The Immigration Station Perpetration Double Trouble Ellis Island 9/29/1992 La Paz, Bolivia Europe Maggie Brandt 7/8 Unknown
03 The Blarney Burglary Vic the Slick Blarney Stone 9/30/1992 Santiago, Chile Africa Samantha McIntire 6/8 Unknown
04 What's What With Watts? Kneemoi Watts Towers 10/01/1992 Malaysia Asia Mariel Ferrand 8/8 Colorado
05 A Carmen for Carmen Vic the Slick Carmen Island 10/02/1992 Saudi Arabia South America Richard Dunn 8/8 Maryland
06 No Brainer Robocrook Brain Institute 10/05/1992 North Dakota Europe Jon-Paul Durazio 5/8 Unknown
07 The Autobahn Con Top Grunge Autobahn 10/06/1992 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada United States Michael Pak 6/8 Unknown
08 The Cave Art Caper Patty Larceny Lascaux cave paintings 10/07/1992 Kiev, Ukraine Africa Eric Costello 8/8 California
09 Trouble on Tanganyika Eartha Brute MV Liemba 10/08/1992 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Asia Daniel Steinhagen 6/8 Unknown
10 Bad Day on Broadway Double Trouble Tony Awards 10/09/1992 Moscow, Russia South America Melissa Baralt 5/8 Unknown
11 The Boll Weevil Retrieval Kneemoi Boll Weevil Monument 10/12/1992 Sri Lanka Europe Chenelle Nixon 3/8 Unknown
12 Greasy Getaway Top Grunge Nigeria's oil wells 10/13/1992 Venezuela United States Siobahn Dooley 6/8 Unknown
13 Tango Mysterioso Kneemoi Tango 10/14/1992 Ghana Africa Wesley Liao 3/8 Unknown
14 The Statue Steal Wonder Rat Gnassingbé Eyadéma statue 10/15/1992 Key West, Florida Europe Nick Perez 3/8 Unknown
15 The Amazing Boomerang Effect Robocrook Australia's boomerangs 10/16/1992 Dakar, Senegal South America Ashley Hibbett 6/8 Unknown
16 School's Out Patty Larceny University of Costa Rica 10/19/1992 Madagascar Africa Khia O'Neal 2/8 Unknown
17 Rockin' Rio Ripoff Double Trouble Son Libre recording studio 10/20/1992 Kansas City, Missouri Asia Mike Bator 7/8 Unknown
18 Where'd the Alamo Go? Robocrook The Alamo 10/21/1992 Miami, Florida Europe Mark Awad 8/8 Mexico
19 The Case of the Little Boy Lost Top Grunge Manneken Pis 10/22/1992 Calcutta, India United States J.B. Lykes 3/8 Unknown
20 Superscam Wonder Rat Metropolis, Illinois 10/23/1992 Costa Rica Africa Matthew Safaii 3/8 Unknown
21 Chumps D'Elysees Eartha Brute Arc de Triomphe 10/26/1992 Nanjing, China Africa Sharon Skettini 3/8 Unknown
22 Baaaaad News in New Zealand Vic the Slick New Zealand's Sheep Herds 10/27/1992 Panama United States Kumar Chandresekaran 8/8 Florida
23 Boosting the Belt Patty Larceny Van Allen Radiation Belts 10/28/1992 Antarctica Asia Rachel Kui 4/8 Unknown
24 The Ta-ta Kenyatta Cantata Wonder Rat Kenyatta Conference Center 10/29/1992 Ecuador Europe Evan Gillespie 4/8 Unknown
25 WSK Gone Wonder Rat WSKG-TV (New York PBS affiliate) 10/30/1992 The Netherlands South America Henry Yao 8/8 San Francisco, California
26 The Brazen Bean Bamboozlement Top Grunge Colombian coffee beans 11/02/1992 Java, Indonesia Africa Sarah Wells 3/8 Unknown
27 Wondering Where the Water Went Vic the Slick Colorado River Aqueduct 11/03/1992 Casablanca, Morocco South America Katy Zachry 8/8 Arizona
28 Gorgeous George Kneemoi George Washington faces off all $1 bills 11/04/1992 Algiers, Algeria Europe Alexandria Acosta 3/8 Unknown
29 Big Bad Lug Bags Big Egg Eartha Brute Japan's Tokyo Dome ("The Big Egg") 11/05/1992 Iceland Asia Camille Bryan 8/8 Mexico
30 Crook Nicks Kid Pix Top Grunge Children's Museum 11/06/1992 Kenya South America Paul Reilly 7/8 Unknown
31 Big Bank Bingo Robocrook Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank 11/09/1992 Cincinnati, Ohio Europe Sara Beth Giordano 6/8 Unknown
32 The Lip Stick Up Patty Larceny Claes Oldenburg's Lipstick sculpture 11/10/1992 San Juan, Puerto Rico Africa Rachel Brumfield 7/8 Unknown
33 Who Copped Khufu? Eartha Brute Great Pyramid of Giza 11/11/1992 Osaka, Japan United States Michael Payne 8/8 Florida
34 Who Bagged the Bull? Kneemoi Bull's Head statue 11/12/1992 Tanzania Europe Menkerios Andemicael 7/8 Unknown
35 My Cup Runneth Away Double Trouble FIFA World Cup 11/13/1992 United States of America Asia Leila Amineddoleh 3/8 Unknown
36 Tsealing the Tsar Bell Eartha Brute Tsar Bell 11/16/1992 Mexico City, Mexico Europe Nirav Vyas 5/8 Unknown
37 Beach Blanket Bye-Bye Patty Larceny Ipanema Beach 11/17/1992 Houston, Texas Africa Chandra Thomas 1/8 Unknown
38 Where's Dave? Eartha Brute Statue of David 11/18/1992 Hong Kong, China South America Ganesh Ramanarayanan 7/8 Unknown
39 The Perilous Penguin Pilferage Robocrook Antarctica's penguins 11/19/1992 Washington United States Tarana Siddique 8/8 California
40 Churchill Downer Patty Larceny Churchill Downs 11/20/1992 Dominican Republic Europe Bruce Williams 3/8 Unknown
41 The Dog Race Rat Case Wonder Rat Iditarod Dog sleds and teams 11/23/1992 Nepal Africa Danny Kim 8/8 Alaska
42 Topkapi Turban Topper Vic the Slick Suleiman the Magnificent's turban 11/24/1992 Cairo, Egypt Asia Faye Williams 2/8 Unknown
43 The Oranges of Wrath Eartha Brute Orange groves of Florida 11/25/1992 Southern California, USA South America Ben Meadvin 4/8 Unknown
44 Boosting the Bounty Double Trouble MGM's replica of the HMS Bounty 11/26/1992 Luxembourg Africa Randolph Quezada 2/8 Unknown
45 The Nefarious Nobel Napper Vic the Slick Stockholm, Sweden's Nobel Peace Prizes 11/27/1992 Bombay, India Europe Josh Westfal 7/8 Unknown
46 The Machu Picchu Pinch Eartha Brute Machu Picchu 11/30/1992 Vermont United States Rebecca Torres 4/8 Unknown
47 Twinkle Twinkle Little Rat Wonder Rat Hollywood Walk of Fame 12/01/1992 Marseilles, France Europe David Cohn 4/8 Unknown
48 Fortress Felony Robocrook Citadelle of Quebec 12/02/1992 Johannesburg, South Africa Africa Arona Schneider 4/8 Unknown
49 In the Rat Bird Seat Wonder Rat Zimbabwe Bird statue 12/03/1992 Sichuan, China Asia Vanessa Chandis 8/8 Mexico
50 Mountainous Mayhem Kneemoi Mt. Everest 12/04/1992 Rocky Mountains Europe Thien-Ly Doan 4/8 Unknown
51 The Merlion Mystery Double Trouble Singapore's Merlion 12/07/1992 Argentina United States Jaimie Kent 8/8 California
52 The Artificial Army Abduction Wonder Rat Terracotta Army 12/08/1992 Detroit, Michigan Africa Alejandro Restrepo 3/8 Unknown
53 VIII is Enough Vic the Slick Hans Holbein's portrait of Henry VIII 12/09/1992 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Europe Helen Green 3/8 Unknown
54 The Heinous Hockey Heist Top Grunge Edmonton Oilers 12/10/1992 Czechoslovakia South America Tony Dent 6/8 Unknown
55 Tomfoolery in Thailand Patty Larceny Statues of Chan and Mook 12/11/1992 Jamaica Asia Alexis Hobbs 3/8 Unknown
56 She Took the Notes Right Out of My Mouth Kneemoi Vienna Boys Choir's voices 12/14/1992 São Paulo, Brazil Asia Jeanne Woon 7/8 Unknown
57 The Great Train Slobbery Top Grunge Trans-Siberian Railroad 12/15/1992 Great Plains, USA Africa Laron Hines 4/8 Unknown
58 The Case of the Filched Freedom Fighter Robocrook U.S. Freedom Fighter jet 12/16/1992 Switzerland Europe Ricky Thomas 8/8 Mexico
59 I Lost Lucy Top Grunge 3-million-year-old hominid skeleton Lucy 12/17/1992 Nova Scotia South America Jill Duffy 5/8 Unknown
60 Stoneheist Robocrook Stonehenge 12/18/1992 Jerusalem, Israel Asia Nicole Ramos 4/8 Unknown
61 Cur Cribs Curves Vic the Slick Lombard Street 12/21/1992 Portugal Africa Greg Spatz 4/8 Unknown
62 The Perfidious Party Poach Double Trouble Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 12/22/1992 Iran Asia Donald Blake 2/8 Unknown
63 Swiping the Supremes Patty Larceny U.S. Supreme Court 12/23/1992 Atlanta, Georgia United States Yar Woo 8/8 Alaska
64 The Waltz Whammy Kneemoi Australia's "Waltzing Matilda" 12/24/1992 West Virginia Africa Felicia Ellison 0/8 Unknown
65 Gotta Get a Yeti Wonder Rat Yeti 12/25/1992 Mediterranean Sea Europe Rodney Sowell 2/8 Unknown

Season 3 (1993)[]

  • Beginning with this season and until the end of the series, Greg wore a bright blue business suit.
  • Season 3 consisted of 65 half-hour episodes.
  • Recorded on the following dates: April 12/14-16/20-23/27-30; May 04-07/11-14, 1993.
Title Crook Loot Airdate Jailtime Challenge Map Sleuth Map Status Trip
01 Bathing Booty Top Grunge Széchenyi Medicinal Bath 9/27/1993 The Ozarks North America Suman Pal 8/8 Idaho
02 Robot Robotnapper Robocrook Los Angeles' Pizzabot 9/28/1993 Azores Africa Sal Scaturro 7/8 Unknown
03 Little Dog Gone Patty Larceny Scotland's Greyfriars Bobby 9/29/1993 Denver, Colorado Asia Allegra Angelo 3/8 Unknown
04 Tricky Trickle Trapper Vic the Slick Nile River 9/30/1993 Guatemala Europe Brenna Bocaya 8/8 Mexico
05 Might Takes Wright Eartha Brute Fallingwater 10/01/1993 Algeria South America Kavir Naik 6/8 Unknown
06 Feckless Felons of Fenway Double Trouble Fenway Park 10/04/1993 Andes Mountains Asia Jennifer Tsai 6/8 Unknown
07 Where the Wandering Wildebeests Went Kneemoi Southeastern Africa's Bearded Wildebeests 10/05/1993 Norway North America Hashim Mooppan 8/8 Montreal, Canada
08 Withdrawal Symptoms Sarah Nade SEWA Bank 10/06/1993 Sacramento, California Europe Heather Sullivan 8/8 Mexico
09 Officers' Mess Top Grunge United States Military Academy 10/07/1993 Guam Africa Cathy Pisacano 3/8 Unknown
10 Roaring Rodent Road Show Wonder Rat Cody, Wyoming 10/08/1993 Alexandria, Egypt North America Max Unlenbeck 3/8 Unknown
11 The Pied Pirates of Petra Double Trouble Petra, Jordan 10/11/1993 Ottawa, Ontario South America Zeeshan Suhail 8/8 Florida
12 The Gambian Gambit Robocrook Stone Circles of Gambia 10/12/1993 Venice, Italy Africa Mark Trinidad 3/8 Unknown
13 The Persian Subversion Wonder Rat Persian Gulf 10/13/1993 Glasgow, Scotland North America Diana McCallister 6/8 Unknown
14 The Outback Soundtrack Hijack Kneemoi Ancient aboriginal songlines 10/14/1993 Bogotá, Colombia Europe Kiley Fusco 5/8 Unknown
15 Come Back With That Kibbutz, Toots Sarah Nade Degania Kibbutz 10/15/1993 Hungary Asia Michelle Phillips 3/8 Unknown
16 The Kazanluk Cologne Caper Patty Larceny Valley of Roses 10/18/1993 Afghanistan Africa Nadia 6/8 Unknown
17 The Glacier Erasure Vic the Slick Perito Moreno Glacier 10/19/1993 Tianjin, China Asia Tahare Campbell 8/8 Florida
18 Rio Rock Wranglers Double Trouble Sugarloaf Mountain 10/20/1993 Ulan Bator, Mongolia North America Jeremy Willinger 7/8 Unknown
19 The Grand Trunk Punk Top Grunge Grand Trunk Road 10/21/1993 Cape Cod, Massachusetts North America Earl Brewster 6/8 Unknown
20 The Bee-Bird Burglary Kneemoi Cuba's Bee Hummingbirds 10/22/1993 Papua New Guinea Europe Shanti Raju 2/8 Unknown
21 Angkors Away Vic the Slick Angkor Wat 10/25/1993 Warsaw, Poland Europe Wiley Norvell 8/8 Mexico
22 Haul the Hollerin' Home Sarah Nade National Hollerin' Contest 10/26/1993 Macau, China North America Ryan Carbone 6/8 Unknown
23 Brazilian Lingo Sting Kneemoi Portuguese language 10/27/1993 Richmond, Virginia South America Melissa Webb 5/8 Unknown
24 Now Museum, Now You Don't Wonder Rat Frida Kahlo Museum 10/28/1993 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Europe Julie Tam 7/8 Unknown
25 Lowland Lowlife Top Grunge Eastern Lowland Gorillas 10/29/1993 Lithuania North America Nicholas Martinez 5/8 Unknown
26 Yosemite Calamity Eartha Brute El Capitan 11/01/1993 Madras, India Africa Ali Gellin 8/8 Mexico
27 The Hope Elopement Patty Larceny Hope Diamond 11/02/1993 Cape Town, South Africa South America David Azzam 8/8 Arizona
28 The Bollywood Shuffle Double Trouble R.K. Movie studio 11/03/1993 El Paso, Texas North America Folake Aaron 3/8 Unknown
29 The Cheese Steak Brute Quake Eartha Brute Philadelphia Cheesesteaks 11/04/1993 Stockholm, Sweden Europe Caitlin Devlin 0/8 Unknown
30 Heavy Metal Meddler Sarah Nade Chinese Olympic Medals 11/05/1993 United Arab Emirates Asia Elena Hart 7/8 Unknown
31 Unfair Exchange Wonder Rat Mongolian Stock Market 11/08/1993 St. Louis, Missouri Asia Sharee Smith 4/8 Unknown
32 The Slick Ship Ripoff Vic the Slick Gdańsk Shipyard 11/09/1993 Zambia Africa Madhavi Parekh 2/8 Unknown
33 Chip & Disk's Rescue Rangers Kneemoi Mombasa, Kenya's computer memory 11/10/1993 Lagos, Nigeria South America John Gutauskas 4/8 Unknown
34 Badwoman Steals Goodman Patty Larceny Goodman Theatre 11/11/1993 Wuhan, China North America Gregory Goldman 8/8 Texas
35 Tattoo Snafu Kneemoi Borneo's Tattoos 11/12/1993 Mississippi River Europe Allison Smith 3/8 Unknown
36 The Deer Disappear Vic the Slick Nara Deer 11/15/1993 Patagonia Africa Adria Heibler 2/8 Unknown
37 ABCee Ya Later Wonder Rat Australian Broadcasting Corporation 11/16/1993 Indianapolis, Indiana Asia Antonio Blanco 7/8 Unknown
38 Rude Robot's Reckless Ridiculous Rocket Ripoff Robocrook Baikonur Cosmodrome 11/17/1993 Brasília, Brazil Africa Lea Argenti 3/8 Unknown
39 Tivoli Misery Eartha Brute Tivoli Gardens 11/18/1993 Havana, Cuba North America Collin Peng Sue 8/8 Maine
40 Playing for All the Marbles Robocrook Carrara marble quarries 11/19/1993 Estonia Europe Asha Aravindakshan 8/8 California
41 The Timeline Crime Kneemoi International Date Line 11/22/1993 French Polynesia North America Jessica Martinez 8/8 Canada
42 Signed, Stealed and Delivered Patty Larceny Airport signals and signs 11/23/1993 Shikoku, Japan Europe Natalie Engibarian 7/8 Unknown
43 I Only Have Spice for You Top Grunge Indonesia's spices 11/24/1993 Tunisia South America Susan McCoy 3/8 Unknown
44 Has Anybody Cinema Festival? Double Trouble Cannes Film Festival 11/25/1993 Nashville, Tennessee Africa Akum Ra'Doyle 1/8 Unknown
45 Patty Larceny's Pink Lake Pinch Patty Larceny Lac Rose 11/26/1993 Idaho Europe Raquel Rodriguez 4/8 Unknown
46 Sonic Tectonic Catastrophe Sarah Nade Australian Tectonic Plate 11/29/1993 Karachi, Pakistan Asia Jose Gonzalez 3/8 Unknown
47 Gobi Go Bye Bye Kneemoi Gobi Desert 11/30/1993 Yangon, Myanmar North America Rhiana Quail 8/8 Wyoming
48 The Burgled Bridge Vic the Slick Brooklyn Bridge 12/01/1993 Savannah, Georgia Europe Yesenia Santiago 3/8 Unknown
49 Happy Happy Troy Troy Kneemoi Trojan Horse 12/02/1993 U.S. Virgin Islands Europe Robyn Silberman 5/8 Unknown
50 Can't Help Falling in Lava Eartha Brute Volcán Atitlán 12/03/1993 Paraguay North America Farys Chowdhury 7/8 Unknown
51 J. Edgar Hoover Maneuver Double Trouble J. Edgar Hoover Building 12/06/1993 Auckland, New Zealand South America Makheba Williams 5/8 Unknown
52 Where's That Humongous Fungus Among Us? Eartha Brute Armillaria bulbosa humongous fungus 12/07/1993 Kinshasa, Zaire Europe Roger Cheng 8/8 Arizona
53 The Patty Pony Pinch Patty Larceny Chincoteague Ponies 12/08/1993 Canberra, Australia North America Gabriel Solano 8/8 Idaho
54 The Big Boom Bust Robocrook 9 O'Clock Gun 12/09/1993 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam North America Jeremy Raphael 7/8 Unknown
55 The Losin' the Blues Blues Kneemoi Blues music 12/10/1993 Fiji North America Dhara Mehta 7/8 Unknown
56 Who Copped the Afro-Pop? Double Trouble West Africa's Juju music 12/13/1993 Republic of Georgia North America Ivory Cartagena 5/8 Unknown
57 The Sleaze Who Stole the Subway Vic the Slick New York City Subway System 12/14/1993 Crete, Greece North America Ali Hassan 5/8 Unknown
58 The Goon Who Stole the Moon Robocrook The Moon 12/15/1993 Maracaibo, Venezuela Europe David Reina 4/8 Unknown
59 Museum Melodrama Sarah Nade Institute of American Indian Arts Museum 12/16/1993 Sofia, Bulgaria Asia Syed Rashid 6/8 Unknown
60 The Malice in Malta Eartha Brute Malta 12/17/1993 Borneo Europe Danielle Tumminio 4/8 Unknown
61 The Robozone Robbery Robocrook Ozone layer 12/20/1993 Washington, D.C. North America Swathi Reddy 8/8 Quebec, Canada
62 Gimme Back My Wig Vic the Slick Wigs of London's judges and barristers 12/21/1993 Portland, Oregon Asia Clayton Jacobs 1/8 Unknown
63 The Big Bug Bug Out Top Grunge Amazon Rainforest's bugs 12/22/1993 Hamburg, Germany North America Joshua Leventhal 6/8 Unknown
64 The Williamsburglary Patty Larceny Williamsburg, Virginia 12/23/1993 Nassau, Bahamas Africa Hope Villella 3/8 Unknown
65 Rat and Mouse Wonder Rat Mouse Tower 12/24/1993 Northwest Territories, Canada Asia Jessica Davis 2/8 Unknown

Season 4 (1994)[]

  • Season 4 consisted of 50 half-hour episodes.
  • The 200th episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego airs.
  • Recorded on the following dates: April 21-22/26-30; May 03-06/9-13, 1994.
Title Crook Loot Airdate Jailtime Challenge Map Sleuth Map Status Trip
01 About Face Sarah Nade Balinese masks 10/10/1994 Oklahoma North America David Doherty 8/8 Alaska
02 Space Place Chase Robocrook NASA Space Camp 10/11/1994 Gulf of Mexico Africa Brendan Spiegel 8/8 Canada
03 Gum Clues for Gumshoes Eartha Brute GUM Department store 10/12/1994 Nebraska North America Daniel Rinkewich 6/8 Unknown
04 Patty's Plaster Picture Pinch Patty Larceny Diego Rivera murals 10/13/1994 Syria North America Sue Han 7/8 Unknown
05 Medieval Evil The Contessa Himeji Castle 10/14/1994 San Diego, California Europe Rory Gordon 6/8 Unknown
06 Kamehameha Mayhem Vic the Slick King Kamehameha statue 10/17/1994 Bermuda Asia Jonelle Jones 7/8 Unknown
07 Countdowner Wonder Rat European Space Launch Center in French Guiana 10/18/1994 Chesapeake Bay North America Shilpa Duvoor 8/8 British Columbia
08 How to Get a Head in Crime Kneemoi Olmec stone heads 10/19/1994 Mali North America Arathi Kumar 6/8 Unknown
09 The Dragony of Defeat Double Trouble International Dragon Boat Races 10/20/1994 Rochester, New York South America Patience Roddy 3/8 Unknown
10 Frix the Grand Prix Top Grunge Monte Carlo, Monaco Grand Prix 10/21/1994 Helsinki, Finland North America[10] Justin Williams 8/8 Cancun, Mexico
11 You Ain't Nothin' But a House Thief Sarah Nade Graceland 10/24/1994 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania North America Sean Quinlan 7/8 Unknown
12 Fugone But Not Fugotten Kneemoi Fugu 10/25/1994 New Jersey Africa Cleaver McLean 8/8 Orlando, Florida
13 Atomic Glomb Robocrook Atomium 10/26/1994 Phuket, Thailand Asia Eric Kim 7/8 Unknown
14 Big Buffoon Bags Big Balloons Eartha Brute Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 10/27/1994 Baja California North America Jessica Chen 8/8 San Francisco, California
15 Crook Snatches Natchez The Contessa Natchez, Mississippi 19th century mansions 10/28/1994 Loire Valley, France Africa Senly Bonny 1/8 Unknown
16 Wanted for Armed Cobbery Vic the Slick South Dakota's Corn Palace 10/31/1994 Montreal, Quebec, Canada South America Kyle Shepard 8/8 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
17 Trunk and Disorderly Eartha Brute African Bush Elephant 11/01/1994 Tasmania North America Randi Dublin 6/8 Unknown
18 Mining Crime Station Patty Larceny White Pass and Yukon Route 11/02/1994 Uzbekistan Europe Christina Coiro 8/8 Alaska
19 Who Heisted the Humps? Top Grunge Camels of the North Africa dunes 11/03/1994 Côte d'Ivoire Africa Zachary Carr 4/8 Unknown
20 A 'Toon for the Misbegotten Wonder Rat Sullivan Bluth Studios 11/04/1994 Bali, Indonesia North America Priscilla Toy 7/8 Unknown
21 Evil to the Core Kneemoi Earth's core 11/07/1994 Minsk, Belarus Europe Sara Samplawska 8/8 Manitoba
22 E Pluribus Steal 'Em Double Trouble Chilkat River's Bald Eagles 11/08/1994 Micronesia South America Josh Nahum 7/8 Unknown 
23 Folla' That Koala Robocrook Australia's koalas 11/09/1994 Costa Rica Europe Giancarlo Giuliani 8/8 Texas
24 Nice Geysers Finish Last Sarah Nade New Zealand's hot springs 11/10/1994 Louisiana Africa Anaar Stephens 4/8 Unknown
25 Cheetahs Never Win The Contessa Namibia's cheetahs 11/11/1994 Alaska Asia Matt Pryll 8/8 San Francisco, California
26 The Stoler Eclipse Wonder Rat Sun 11/14/1994 Nicaragua Africa Allison Yee 8/8 San Francisco, California
27 Craven Raven Knavery Vic the Slick Ravens from London, England 11/15/1994 Latvia North America Richard Schuman 6/8 Unknown
28 She Done Me Khlong Patty Larceny Bangkok's Khlong Saen Saeb 11/16/1994 ? Asia Charlene Jefferson 4/8 Unknown
29 Get That Cactus Back t' Us Kneemoi Saguaro Cacti 11/17/1994 Yerevan, Armenia North America Neeraj Joshi 8/8 Seattle, Washington
30 The Tortoise & the Snare Top Grunge Galapagos tortoises 11/18/1994 Outer Banks of North Carolina Europe Gabriel Davis 6/8 Unknown
31 Snug As a Thug in a Rug Sarah Nade Morocco's woven carpets 11/21/1994 Vancouver, British Columbia Europe Angela Yee 4/8 Unknown
32 O Stole Mio Double Trouble Italy's gondolas 11/22/1994 Sicily Europe Priya Purushothaman 8/8 California
33 A Disaster Aria The Contessa Teatro Amazonas 11/23/1994 Honshū Island, Japan North America Serita McKoy 7/8 Unknown
34 Steel Felon Steals Steel Phantom Robocrook Steel Phantom 11/24/1994 Kathmandu Valley, Nepal South America David Jonas 8/8 Steamboat Springs
35 The Acropolis Topple Fuss Eartha Brute The Acropolis 11/25/1994 Switzerland Africa Laqwanna Franklin 8/8 Orlando, Florida
36 The Hot Ice Heist The Contessa Quebec Winter Carnival ice sculptures 11/28/1994 Boston, Massachusetts North America Marcelo Tortora 6/8 Unknown
37 Chagrin and Bear It Eartha Brute Wrangel Island polar bears 11/29/1994 Little Rock, Arkansas Europe Digant Dave 8/8 California
38 Alphabet Scoop Patty Larceny Chinese writing 11/30/1994 Utah's Five National Parks Asia Jennifer Nylund 8/8 Cancun, Mexico
39 15 Minutes of Infamy Sarah Nade Andy Warhol's portraits of Marilyn Monroe 12/01/1994 Kentucky Asia Simone Weschilabaum 4/8 Unknown
40 Et tu, Abu? Wonder Rat Abu Simbel temples 12/02/1994 Arctic Circle North America Debra Valdes 4/8 Unknown
41 Get Those Gargoyle-Grabbing Geeks Double Trouble Notre Dame Cathedral's gargoyles 12/12/1994 Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico Europe Julia Koprak 8/8 Mexico
42 The Brazilian Reptilian Rip-off Vic the Slick Butantã Snake Institute 12/13/1994 Turkey Asia Rachel Teller 6/8 Unknown
43 Phind That Phanatic Top Grunge Phillie Phanatic 12/14/1994 South America Michael Mercado 8/8 Florida
44 Thief Chisels Chief Wonder Rat Crazy Horse Memorial 12/15/1994 Jackson, Wyoming Europe Eva Raj 2/8 Unknown
45 He Stole the Whole Kit 'n' Caboodle Robocrook Arizona's Kitt Peak National Observatory 12/16/1994 Bucharest, Romania Europe Isaac Gethard 8/8 Savannah, Georgia
46 The Neuschwansteal The Contessa Neuschwanstein 12/19/1994 Prince Edward Island South America Peter Brown 5/8 Unknown
47 Constellation Consternation Kneemoi The Southern Sky's constellation Crux 12/20/1994 Kashmir, India North America Zaki Raheem 8/8 Alaska
48 To Bead or Not to Bead? Patty Larceny East Africa's Masai Beads 12/21/1994 Ethiopia North America Mamta Jalan 6/8 Unknown
49 The Greedhouse Effect Top Grunge Butchart Gardens 12/22/1994 Berlin, Germany Asia Andrea Smith 3/8 Unknown
50 The Off-Course Norse Course Double Trouble Viking Route to Newfoundland 12/23/1994 Uruguay South America Melissa Fernandez 8/8 Mexico

Season 5 (1995)[]

  • Beginning with this season, the closing credits have changed to feature a black background with falling confetti, rather than the notepad seen in the previous three seasons.
  • Season 5 consisted of 50 episodes.
  • Recorded on the following dates: June 06-09/13-16/20-23/27-30, 1995.
Title Crook Loot Airdate Jailtime Challenge Map Sleuth Map Status Trip
01 Cats Nipped (season premiere) Vic the Slick Florida's panthers 10/09/1995 Philippines Africa Daniel Jacobs 5/8 Unknown
02 A Sign of Trouble Wonder Rat Hollywood Sign 10/10/1995 Alabama North America Yuriy Vasilyev 8/8 The Grand Canyon
03 Jailhouse Rocked Vic the Slick Port Arthur Prison 10/11/1995 The Equator Africa Melissa Wooley 2/8 Unknown
04 Minimum Security Prism Patty Larceny Iguazu Falls rainbow 10/12/1995 Israel Europe Denis Diakoniarakis 8/8 Seattle
05 What a Shell Lacking Vic the Slick Cayman Islands' Green Sea Turtles 10/13/1995 Athens, Greece Africa Meghann Slattery 4/8 Unknown
06 Time-X'd Robocrook Prague Astronomical Clock 10/16/1995 Mauritania South America Andrea Ferrand 8/8 Utah
07 Learned Kneemoi Kneemoi Tai Chi Chuan 10/17/1995 Monaco South America Deepak Kollali 8/8 Hollywood, California
08 A Shriek of Nature Sarah Nade Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 10/18/1995 Ukraine Asia Michael Clarke 4/8 Unknown
09 Wine Not The Contessa South Africa's vineyards 10/19/1995 Mississippi Africa Lilliana Ferreira 4/8 Unknown
10 Danube-bee-doo-bee-duped Double Trouble Budapest bridges 10/20/1995 Trinidad and Tobago North America Hedy Chang 8/8 New York City
11 Stardust Buster Robocrook Milky Way Galaxy 10/23/1995 Iowa South America Samuel Dorville 8/8 Arizona
12 I've Been Burpin' on the Railroad Top Grunge Mount Washington Cog Railway 10/24/1995 Slovakia Africa Courtney Cherry 2/8 Unknown
13 The Lion Sting Patty Larceny Terrace of the Lions 10/25/1995 Western Samoa Europe Adriana De La Paz 6/8 Unknown
14 Stormy Two's Day Double Trouble Mardi Gras 10/26/1995 Western Australia Africa Emily Mendez 4/8 Unknown
15 Wrestle Rustler Eartha Brute Sumo Wrestling 10/27/1995 Alberta Europe Noam Besdin 7/8 Unknown
16 That Girl's Got Characters Patty Larceny South Korea's alphabet 10/30/1995 Netherlands Antilles South America Zainab Muhammad 4/8 Unknown
17 I Know Why No Rhino Top Grunge Zimbabwe's Black Rhinos 10/31/1995 Greenland South America Monty Hayat 7/8 Unknown
18 Scrolldies but Goodies Patty Larceny Dead Sea Scrolls 11/01/1995 Falkland Islands Africa Hiba Davis 7/8 Unknown
19 The Cuba Missing Crisis Double Trouble Cuba 11/02/1995 Mekong River North America Brandon Arroyo 7/8 Unknown
20 Take a Byte Out of Crime Robocrook Internet 11/03/1995 Kansas North America Lauren Lamonoff 8/8 California
21 A Frank Case of Theft The Contessa Anne Frank's House 11/06/1995 Pacific Ocean Europe Adam Irby 5/8 Unknown
22 Summa Cum Rowdy Vic the Slick University of Oxford 11/07/1995 Nevada Europe Amy Kelder 8/8 Nevada
23 A Volcanic Corruption Top Grunge Cappadocia cones 11/08/1995 Belgium Europe Sandeep Boparai 1/8 Unknown
24 Held for B-Ransom Sarah Nade Branson Country Theatres 11/09/1995 Siberia Europe Troy Alexander 6/8 Unknown
25 Stop Your Blubbering Double Trouble Hawaii's Humpback Whales 11/10/1995 Copenhagen, Denmark North America Gabrielle Mack 7/8 Unknown
26 Wave Bye-Bye Sarah Nade Wave Rock 11/13/1995 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Asia Sophia Feng 5/8 Unknown
27 Shoo, Trees Kneemoi California's Bristlecone Pines 11/14/1995 Texas Asia Daniel Salamon 7/8 Unknown
28 Stonecutter's Haul Robocrook Shona Sculptures 11/15/1995 Zaire North America Andrew Racle 8/8 Mobile, Alabama
29 White Out The Contessa White House 11/16/1995 Montana Africa Deleon Wright 2/8 Unknown
30 Maternal Instinks Top Grunge Wadi Dhahr, Yemen's Rock Palace 11/17/1995 Spain Africa Miguel Davis 5/8 Unknown
31 A Pinch of Salt Kneemoi Salt from Earth's oceans 11/20/1995 Egypt Africa Steven Enrique 8/8 Miami, Florida
32 El Ca-Steal-O Vic the Slick El Castillo pyramid 11/21/1995 Myanmar Europe Jackie Smith 8/8 Florida
33 Fall of the House of Ushers Wonder Rat Fox Theater 11/22/1995 Oaxaca, Mexico North America Ameet Sachdev 8/8 Cancun
34 Headache in the Temple Eartha Brute Temple of Hatshepsut 11/23/1995 Taiwan South America Melissa Arias 2/8 Unknown
35 Se Habla Espa-ol Patty Larceny Spanish letter "ñ" 11/24/1995 Bolivia North America Marissa Anderson 8/8 Orlando, Florida
36 Someday My Prints Will Come Kneemoi Moon's surface footprints 11/27/1995 South America Libi Molnar 8/8 Canada
37 Haul That Jazz Sarah Nade Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame 11/28/1995 Connecticut Europe Durval Morgan 4/8 Unknown
38 20th Century Rat Wonder Rat Fespaco filmmakers' Monument 11/29/1995 Inner Mongolia North America David James 7/8 Unknown
39 The Persian Incursean Eartha Brute Persepolis 11/30/1995 Brooklyn, New York Asia Will Martin 2/8 Unknown
40 If it Ain't Baroque, Don't Filch It The Contessa Versailles Palace 12/01/1995 Namibia Europe Tina Goel 8/8 Alaska
41 Tyrannosaurus Wrecked Eartha Brute Calgary Zoo's Prehistoric Park 12/11/1995 Upstate New York North America Valentina Gutierrez 7/8 Unknown
42 In Casa Emergency, Call 911 The Contessa La Casa Rosada 12/12/1995 South Carolina South America Kristy Williams 7/8 Unknown
43 Tales You Lose Wonder Rat Grimm's Fairy Tales 12/13/1995 New Mexico Asia Steven Mardy 8/8 Quebec
44 Haul of the Roamin' Empire Eartha Brute Empire State Building 12/14/1995 Amazon Basin Asia Anthony Chan 8/8 Los Angeles, California
45 Racquet Racket Double Trouble The Championships, Wimbledon 12/15/1995
46 Latitude Adjustment Robocrook Equatorial Monument 12/18/1995 Oslo, Norway Asia Ariana Keller 6/8 Unknown
47 Ready, Willing and Cable Top Grunge San Francisco cable car system 12/19/1995 Honduras South America Jonathan Gallin 8/8 California
48 Art So Nice, They Stole it Twice Sarah Nade Edvard Munch's The Scream 12/20/1995 South Africa Asia Soo Park 3/8 Unknown
49 Totem Bites Back Kneemoi Totem Bight State Park 12/21/1995 Peru Asia Ayalon Eliach 7/8 Unknown
50 A Rodent Ran Through It (series finale) Wonder Rat Amazon River 12/22/1995 Florida's West Coast North America Ira Dounn 6/8 Unknown
  • ^1 Instead of 45 seconds, this episode used 60 seconds for the map of Asia.
  • ^2 "Who Stole the Hole?" was shot so early that only the United States map was available (Africa, Asia, and South America were not available until the mid-to-late episodes). The flags were replaced by markers, meaning the final round of this episode was shot during the mid-to-late first season.
  • ^3 This episode was shot so early, they had flags for the United States Map instead of markers.
  • ^4 Tahare Campbell was originally a gumshoe in "Gotta Get a Yeti", but after a geographic error, he returned in "The Glacier Erasure".
  • ^5 This episode featured a near-perfect first round, which ended in a three-way-tiebreaker. All three gumshoes correctly answered all five 10-point questions and each earned 5 points (answering one question each) in the lightning round, thus keeping the score a three-way-tie all the way until the Chase round - when one gumshoe gained a 10-point lead over the other two. However, after the final clue, all three ended up scoring 140 Crime Bucks, prompting a three-way-tiebreaker round.