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This article is about the 1996 computer game. You may be looking for 1985 game or the 1991 gameshow.

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? is a 1996 educational video game and the third version of the 1985 game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and its 1992 Deluxe version. It was released shortly after the fifth and final season of the PBS TV series came to an end.




The Chase[]

Unlike in the previous games, the image of the locations took up most of the screen, with the game options only taking up the bottom third of the screen. Each location had an elaborately painted backdrop that could be scrolled around a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Each location provided clues in the form of several bystanders and scraps of paper lying on the ground. The scraps of paper exclusively provided clues about the suspect's appearance.

The bystanders, on the other hand, could either be asked where the suspect went, in which case they would provide a geography clue, or what the suspect looks like, in which case they would make a casual comment about one of the suspect's physical attributes, i.e. "You'd lose sight of her if stepped behind a lightpost." or "His height wasn't standard for basketball, but it was perfect for miniature golf." Although speech balloons were still used on them, bystanders spoke their dialogue aloud as well. The text of notes and of bystanders' dialogue could be dragged into an "electronic notepad" in the bottom right corner of the screen for reference.

The Warrant and the Arrest[]

Another change is that the player is not given dossiers describing the members of V.I.L.E. and that all the clues given about the suspect are physical traits, enabling the user to identify the crook on sight. This means that the player will have to compile a full warrant rather than one of just enough traits to distinguish which crook is responsible. In the final destination, the crook is seen walking around the location with several innocent bystanders, meaning the player will have to use the warrant to identify which person is the criminal. The crook's name is only given after the arrest, in which a newspaper (The Worldly Blab) appears with a headline declaring the criminal has been captured. If the person arrested does not match the warrant, they will be found innocent and released just as they would if the warrant were inaccurate or not issued. Eight of the thirty-nine crooks captured over the course of the game each provided a single line of verse. These eight verses, once pieced together, created a poem that read as follows:

I'll steal the planet's treasures till there's nothing precious left.
I never wear a watch because it's always time for theft.
Loot is on my mind, though something else is on my head.
Why should I take a picture, I'll just steal the scene instead.
I always hide the things I steal regardless of their size.
And I don't wear any sunglasses to protect my eager eyes.
A special Trophy will be mine, the plan is now in motion.
I adorn my neck with loot I stole from oysters in the ocean.

Upon reaching the final destination on the final case, the Chief calls to inform the user that the culprit is Carmen Sandiego and that the poem indicates she is wearing a pearl necklace. The player then finds the location inhabited by several women resembling Carmen, but that only one of them is wearing pearls. After the player and all the seven Good Guides successfully capture Carmen and the ICK Brothers, The Chief informs the user that Carmen's ultimate plan was to "steal" ACME Headquarters (the "Trophy" in question) and that the player has therefore not only captured Carmen herself, but saved ACME itself. Afterwards, the player is later inducted at the ACME Detective Hall of Fame on the World Wiz Database and retired. If the player does anything that causes this mission to fail at this point, Carmen will escape and breaks three of her criminal henchmen out from ACME prison, immediately producing three more cases for the user to solve before getting back on Carmen's trail.


The ACME Good Guides are a group of colorful characters who, if called upon, provide information about the current country and the direct surroundings. If the player calls an ACME Good Guide during a case, that guide will call back later to inform the player whether or not their warrant has any errors. If the player wishes to take tours with the Good Guides and travel to countries without the inconvenience of having to track a crook, "explorer mode" is available.

The Good Guides[]

The ICK brothers, Rick and Nick, and Carmen's pet cat, Carmine, appear on-screen if the player correctly chooses the country where the crook went to.


The following members of V.I.L.E. are criminals that the player must catch for each of the cases and each of their crimes:

Suspect Pun Gender Hair Color Height Weight Wearing Bystander Greeting Captured by
Anita Bath I need a bath Female Red Medium Thin Hat Yes, what is it? Ann Tickwittee
Art Schrival Archrival Male Grey Short Thin Hat Hello there! Kim Yoonity
Auntie Matter Antimatter Female Grey Medium Average Glasses What seems to be the problem? Ann Tickwittee
Barb Dwyer Barbed wire Female Black Medium Average Hat Do you need something? Ivan Idea
Barry Koodah Barracuda Male Blond Medium Heavy Hat What's on your mind? Ann Tickwittee
Buzz "Ted" Loose Busted loose Male Black Tall Heavy Glasses What can I help you with? Herman Nootix
Dee Pockets Deep Pockets Female Red Tall Average Watch What's on your mind? Renee Santz
Dinah Myte Dynamite Female Blond Short Average Watch Welcome! Kim Yoonity
Don N. Hout Down and out Male Brown Short Heavy Camera How can I help you? Rock Solid
Flo N. Eddy Flo and Eddie Female Grey Medium Heavy Hat Hey, there! Ann Tickwittee
Hal E. Tosis Halitosis Male Grey Short Heavy Glasses Welcome! May I help you? Kim Yoonity
Harry Bacque Hairy back Male Red Tall Average Camera Do you need information? Renee Santz
Herb Aside Herbicide Male Blond Tall Thin Camera Oh, hello! Herman Nootix
Indy Slammer In the slammer Male Brown Medium Thin Watch Do you need some help? Ivan Idea
Ivana Steele I wanna steal Female Grey Tall Average Watch Good afternoon. Dee Plomassy
Jack Cheez Jack cheese Male Red Medium Average Camera What can I do for ya? Herman Nootix
Jerri Riggs Jury-rigs Female Black Medium Heavy Glasses Tell me what you need. Herman Nootix
Jonah Fark Joan of Arc Male Grey Short Average Hat Good day to you. Kim Yoonity
Kay Serrah-Serrah Que Sera, Sera Female Brown Medium Average Camera Hi! Glad to meet you. Ann Tickwittee
Ken U. Sparadigm Can you spare a dime? Male Black Tall Thin Watch Are you looking for help? Renee Santz
Leia D. Land Lay of the land Female Red Medium Thin Camera Do you need assistance? Herman Nootix
Les Cash Less cash Male Black Medium Thin Camera Hello, stranger! Ivan Idea
Lisa Carr Lease a car Female Brown Short Heavy Watch Hi, there. What's up? Kim Yoonity
Lou Pole Loophole Male Blond Tall Thin Hat Yes? Dee Plomassy
M.T. Pockets Empty pockets Female Blond Tall Heavy Camera Well, hello! Dee Plomassy
Mac R. Roni Macaroni Male Brown Tall Heavy Camera Greetings! Dee Plomassy
May K. Deal Make a deal Female Brown Tall Average Glasses Oh, hi! Renee Santz
Meg Maidey Make my day Female Grey Short Heavy Glasses What? Rock Solid
Mel Function Malfunction Male Red Short Heavy Glasses May I help you? Rock Solid
Miss Ann Stuf Missing stuff Female Black Tall Thin Hat Hello, may I be of service? Renee Santz
Olive Yermunny All of your money Female Red Tall Thin Watch What's going on? Renee Santz
Penny Pincher Penny-pincher Female Black Short Thin Glasses Oh! Yes? Rock Solid
Phil O. Dendron Philodendron Male Brown Tall Average Glasses Hello. Herman Nootix
Rob M. Blind Rob 'em blind Male Red Medium Average Glasses Why, hello! Ivan Idea
Ruth Less Ruthless Female Blond Medium Heavy Glasses Can I be of assistance? Ivan Idea
"Shaky" Al LeBye Shaky alibi Male Grey Short Thin Glasses What do you need? Rock Solid
Skip N. Skule Skipping school Male Brown Short Average Watch Good day. Rock Solid
Stu L. Pidjin Stool pigeon Male Blond Tall Heavy Hat Hi, there! Dee Plomassy
Tsu Mi Sue me Female Brown Short Thin Watch What do you need? Kim Yoonity


Countries visited on the third edition of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Country Continent Explorable Area Tour Guide Loot
Afghanistan Asia Bamiyan Valley Herman Nootix Khyber Pass
Argentina South America Buenos Aires Dee Plomassy The steps to the Tango
Australia Oceania Sydney Ivan Idea Uluru
Austria Europe Salzburg Renee Santz The baton used to lead the Vienna Boys Choir
Bolivia South America Lake Titicaca Kim Yoonity The fish from half of Lake Titicaca
Brazil South America Rio de Janeiro Rock Solid The plans for this year's Carnival
Cambodia Asia Angkor Wat Ann Tickwittee The Silver Pagoda
Canada North America Ottawa Dee Plomassy The game winning puck from the first Stanley Cup championship
Chile South America Easter Island Ann Tickwittee The Strait of Magellan
China Asia The Great Wall Of China Ivan Idea The keys to the Forbidden City
Cuba North America Havana Dee Plomassy Havana's best Cigars cigars
Denmark Europe Copenhagen Renee Santz The writing desk of Hans Christian Andersen
Egypt Africa Giza Ivan Idea The Nile River Delta
France Europe Paris Ivan Idea The gargoyles from Notre Dame Cathedral
Germany Europe Heidelberg Renee Santz The keys from Beethoven's first piano
Greece Europe Athens Ann Tickwittee The Olympic Flame
Guatemala North America Tikal Ann Tickwittee The best coffee
Hungary Europe Budapest Dee Plomassy All the goulash
Iceland Europe Akureyri Rock Solid Geysir
India Asia Agra Renee Santz Gandhi's glasses
Indonesia Asia Borobudur Herman Nootix The island of Bali
Iran Asia Persepolis Ann Tickwittee The Presidential Palace's finest rug
Israel Asia Jaffa Herman Nootix The salt from the Dead Sea
Italy Europe Rome Ann Tickwittee The Sistine Chapel's ceiling
Japan Asia Nara Herman Nootix The snow from atop Mt. Fuji
Kenya Africa Mt. Kenya Rock Solid Nairobi International Airport
Mexico North America Chichen Itza Ann Tickwittee Every last drop of salsa
Morocco Africa Rabat Dee Plomassy The entire city of Casablanca
Nepal Asia Kathmandu Herman Nootix The Abominable Snowman
The Netherlands Europe The Hague Dee Plomassy The dykes
New Zealand Oceania Milford Sound Rock Solid All the kiwi birds
Nigeria Africa Lagos Ivan Idea The delta of the Niger River
Pakistan Asia Lahore Kim Yoonity K2
Panama North America The Panama Canal Ivan Idea The controls for the Panama Canal
Peru South America Machu Picchu Ann Tickwittee The headwaters of the Amazon River
The Philippines Asia Banaue Kim Yoonity A monkey-eating eagle
Russia Europe Moscow Dee Plomassy The Trans-Siberian Railroad
Saudi Arabia Asia Jeddah Herman Nootix The middle of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline
Singapore Asia Singapore Kim Yoonity The statue of Sir Stamford Raffles
South Africa Africa Cape Town Rock Solid The Cape of Good Hope
South Korea Asia Suwon Kim Yoonity The secret recipe for kimchee
Spain Europe Barcelona Renee Santz The bulls from Pamplona Pamplona
Sweden Europe Stockholm Dee Plomassy The court stage from Drottningholm Palace
Tanzania Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro Rock Solid The Ngorongoro Crater
Thailand Asia Bangkok Herman Nootix King's Siamese cat
Turkey Asia Istanbul Renee Santz Every anchovy from the Black Sea
The United Kingdom Europe London Dee Plomassy The keys to the Tower of London
The United States North America San Francisco Ivan Idea The Statue of Liberty's torch
Vietnam Asia Hue Dee Plomassy The Mekong River
Zaire Africa The Ituri Rainforest Kim Yoonity The Zaire River Ferry



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