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Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego? was a planetarium show developed for the United States, Canada, and Japan. Released in 1999, this live theatrical edutainment program not only featured the planetarium film, but also a quiz for audience participants. There are two versions of the show, Carmen I, which released in 1999, and Carmen II, which released later.

The show combined elements from previous works, with Carmen being voiced by Rita Moreno as in the Earth cartoon, while The Chief and Rockapella were from the World gameshow.



  • This was Lynne Thigpen's final appearance with the Carmen Sandiego franchise before her death in 2003. She wore her Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Chief's uniform in the program.
  • This was Rockapella's first appearance in four years with the Carmen Sandiego franchise. However, this was Kevin Wright's first and only appearance in the Carmen Sandiego franchise. Sean Altman left Rockapella in 1997 to pursue a solo career.