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This article is about the 1996 computer game. You may be looking for 1986 game.

Where in the U.S.A is Carmen Sandiego? is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game, and is a remastering of the game of the same name in 1986.




The Chase[]

Like the 1996 version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, the image of the locations take up most of the screen, with the game options only taking up the bottom third of the screen. Each location had an elaborately painted backdrop that could be scrolled around a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Each location provided clues in the form of several bystanders and scraps of paper lying on the ground. The scraps of paper exclusively provided clues about the suspect's appearance.

The bystanders, on the other hand, could either be asked where the suspect went, in which case they would provide a geography clue, or what the suspect looks like, in which case they would make a casual comment about one of the suspect's physical attributes, i.e. "His hair reminds me of Dracula’s cape." or "Horizontally speaking, he’s hardly there." Although speech balloons were still used on them, bystanders spoke their dialogue aloud as well. The text of notes and of bystanders' dialogue could be dragged into an "electronic notepad" in the bottom right corner of the screen for reference.

The Warrant and the Arrest[]

Like in the World counterpart, the player is not given dossiers describing the members of V.I.L.E. and that all the clues given about the suspect are physical traits, enabling the player to identify the crook on sight. This means that the player will have to compile a full warrant rather than one of just enough traits to distinguish which crook is responsible. In the final destination, the crook is seen walking around the location with several innocent bystanders, meaning the user will have to use the warrant to identify which person is the criminal. The crook's name is only given after the arrest, in which a newspaper (USA Someday) appears with a headline declaring the criminal has been captured. If the person arrested does not match the warrant, they will be found innocent and released just as they would if the warrant were inaccurate or not issued. Eight of the thirty-nine crooks captured over the course of the game each provided a single line of verse. These eight verses, once pieced together, created a poem that read as follows:

Dear RoboCrook,
Soon we’ll pull of the perfect theft, A scheme of great design.
The greatest treasure in the states, Will very soon be mine.
When we convene for our exchange, Don’t get caught by surprise,
Be sure you don’t forget that I’m, A mistress of disguise.
I’ve made myself look shorter, And that’s harder than it sounds.
I’ve transformed by slender size, By putting on some pounds.
Around my waist an apron’s tied; My slipper hide no socks.
Beneath my red bandana, Is a wig of golden locks.
Signed, Carmen Sandiego

Upon reaching the final destination of Washington D.C. the Chief will call the player to inform them that the culprit is Carmen Sandiego. However, the poem reveals that she is in disguise and her appearance will not match the warrant. So the player must use the clues to figure out the disguise and arrest Carmen. But after the player exposes her, Carmen tears off her disguise and takes off with RoboCrook on a gigantic driller into the ground. The Good Guides give chase and discover that Carmen has stolen the Declaration of Independence. They continue and find her secret hideout, where she is about to add the document to her collection. The Good Guides quickly knock out RoboCrook and detain Carmen in a capsule, retrieving the document.  Afterwards, the player is later inducted at the ACME Detective Hall of Fame on the World Wiz Database and retired. If the player does anything that causes this mission to fail at this point, Carmen will escape and break three of her criminal henchmen out from ACME prison, immediately producing three more cases for the user to solve before getting back on Carmen's trail.


The ACME Good Guides from World return to reprise their roles, providing information about the state the player is currently in and verifying warrants.

The Good Guides[]

The ICK brothers and Carmine also return to indicate if the player has chosen the right state to search for crooks. RoboCrook joins the group of V.I.L.E. lackeys to indicate to the player that they are in the right state where the crook is to be arrested.


The following members of V.I.L.E. are criminals that the player must catch for each of the cases and each of their crimes:

Suspect Pun Gender Hair Color Height Weight Wearing Bystander Greeting Captured by
Ann Arky Anarchy Female Grey Medium Heavy Glasess Nice to see you. Ivan Idea
Barnie Cull Barnacle Male Brown Short Average Hat Well, howdy! Ivan Idea
Beau Zoe Bozo Male Black Tall Heavy Hat Pleased to meet you. Renee Santz
Bee Smirch Besmirch Female Red Medium Average Glasses How are you? Dee Plomassy
Ben E. Ficiary Beneficiary Male Red Short Thin Hat Pleased to meet you. Kim Yoonity
Belle Igerent Belligerent Female Red Medium Thin Hat Hi, how are you? Dee Plomassy
Billy Flop Belly flop Male Black Tall Thin Camera Hey, how's it going? Ivan Idea
Bob Sled Bobsled Male Black Tall Thin Watch Pleased to make your acquaintance. Rock Solid
Boone Doggle Boondoggle Male Brown Tall Thin Hat Hi there. Nice to see a new face. Herman Nootix
Buck Aneer Buccaneer Male Blond Medium Heavy Hat Salutations. Dee Plomassy
Buzz Ward Buzzword Male Blond Tall Heavy Glasses Hey! Ivan Idea
Carrie Kature Caricature Female Black Short Thin Glasses How ya doing? Kim Yoonity
Cassie Nova Casanova Female Brown Short Thin Watch Nice to meet you. Kim Yoonity
Charlie Horse Charley horse Male Red Short Heavy Glasses Howdy partner. Good to be here with y'all! Rock Solid
Clement See Clemency Male Blond Short Average Glasses How can I help you? Ann Tickwittee
Cliff Hanger Cliffhanger Male Blond Tall Heavy Camera Hey, there. Herman Nootix
Cora Spondent Correspondent Female Black Short Average Hat Howdy! Ivan Idea
Dan Gerous Dangerous Male Red Medium Thin Camera Hello. Dee Plomassy
Deb O’Nare Debonair Female Black Tall Thin Glasses Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Rock Solid
Dee Linquent Delinquent Female Blond Short Average Watch Hi ya! Ann Tickwittee
Diane Toshop Dying to shop Female Red Medium Thin Camera How ya doin'? Ann Tickwittee
Emma Welcher I'm a welcher Female Grey Short Heavy Glasses Well, hello there. Rock Solid
Gil Tee Guilty Male Grey Short Heavy Camera How ya doin'? Kim Yoonity
Hope Less Hopeless Female Blond Tall Average Glasses Greetings! Herman Nootix
Ivana B. Rich I wanna be rich Female Blond Medium Heavy Watch Glad to make your acquaintance. Ann Tickwittee
Joy Ryder Joy rider Female Grey Medium Average Hat Greetings. Dee Plomassy
Kat Astrophic Catastrophic Female Brown Short Heavy Watch How are things? Kim Yoonity
Kay Os Chaos Female Red Tall Thin Glasses Hi there. Ivan Idea
Les Ismore Less is more Male Grey Medium Average Glasses Good to see you. Ann Tickwittee
Lilly Livered Lily-livered Female Blond Tall Heavy Hat Nice to make your acquaintance. Renee Santz
Luke N. Ferloot Looking for loot Male Brown Tall Average Camera Howdy. Renee Santz
Mandy Lifeboats Man the lifeboats Female Grey Tall Average Hat I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. Renee Santz
Noah Clue No clue Male Red Short Heavy Hat Nice to see a fellow traveller. Rock Solid
Paul Lution Pollution Male Blond Medium Thin Watch Welcome to this neck of the woods. Dee Plomassy
Perry Syte Parasite Male Blond Tall Average Glasses Good to see you here. Herman Nootix
Rhonda Voo Rendezvous Female Blond Tall Heavy Camera My, what a pleasant surprise. Herman Nootix
Rob Burr Robber Male Red Medium Heavy Camera Nice to see a friendly face. Ann Tickwittee
Robyn Steele Rob and Steal Female Red Tall Thin Watch What's shaking? Renee Santz
Tim Tation Temptation Male Red Short Average Watch Nice to see you around these parts. Rock Solid


Locations visited in the game:

State Region Explorable Area Tour Guide Loot
Alabama East South Central Montgomery Dee Plomassy Rocket City
Alaska West Coast Sitka Ivan Idea Alaskan Oil Pipe Line
Arizona Mountain States Sedona Rock Solid The O.K. Corral
Arkansas West South Central North Little Rock Renee Santz The Dripstone Trail
California West Coast Yosemite Rock Solid Hollywood's Walk of Fame
Colorado Mountain States Aspen Kim Yoonity Pikes Peak
Connecticut New England Mystic Renee Santz All the hour hands at The American Clock and Watch Museum
Delaware Mid-Atlantic Coast New Castle Kim Yoonity Incorporation Certificates
Florida South Atlantic Kennedy Space Center Ivan Idea The Countdown from the JFK Space Center
Georgia South Atlantic Atlanta Kim Yoonity The recipe for Coca-Cola
Hawaii West Coast Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park Ann Tickwittee All the sand on Waikiki Beach
Idaho Mountain States Snake River Plain Rock Solid America's first ski lift
Illinois East North Central Chicago Renee Santz Chicago-style pizza recipe
Indiana East North Central Indianapolis Ivan Idea The checkered flag for the Indy 500
Iowa West North Central Des Moines Dee Plomassy Field of Dreams
Kansas West North Central Flint Hills Rock Solid Little House on the Prairie
Kentucky East South Central Louisville Kim Yoonity Abraham Lincoln's Cabin
Louisiana West South Central New Orleans Herman Nootix Louisiana Purchase receipt
Maine New England Portland Ivan Idea All the lobster bibs
Maryland Mid-Atlantic Coast Baltimore Dee Plomassy The Mason-Dixon Line
Massachusetts New England Cambridge Herman Nootix Boston Red Sox's socks
Michigan East North Central Greenfield Village Ivan Idea Hand crank from first Model T
Minnesota West North Central Minneapolis/St. Paul Renee Santz The Mall of America
Mississippi East South Central Natchez Renee Santz The Delta Queen
Missouri West North Central St. Louis Renee Santz The Trail head for the Oregon Trail
Montana Mountain States Glacier National Park Rock Solid Continental Divide
Nebraska West North Central Omaha Ivan Idea Chimney Rock
Nevada Mountain States Las Vegas Kim Yoonity Hoover Dam's drain plug
New Hampshire New England Canterbury Herman Nootix The ballot boxes for the Presidential Primary
New Jersey Mid-Atlantic Coast Cape May Ivan Idea Jersey Turnpike
New Mexico Mountain States Taos Ann Tickwittee Bottomless Pit from Carlsbad Caverns
New York Mid-Atlantic Coast Ellis Island Kim Yoonity Time Square electronic billboard
North Carolina South Atlantic Chapel Hill Herman Nootix Wright Brothers’ runway at Kittyhawk
North Dakota West North Central Bonanzaville Herman Nootix The entire town of Rugby
Ohio East North Central Cleveland Herman Nootix Pro Football Hall of Fame
Oklahoma West South Central Indian City, USA Ann Tickwittee John Wayne's boots from the Cowboy Hall of Fame
Oregon West Coast Portland Rock Solid Crater Lake
Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic Coast Philadelphia Ann Tickwittee Valley Forge
Rhode Island New England Newport Renee Santz Breakers Mansion
South Carolina South Atlantic Charleston Herman Nootix Fort Summers’ flagpole
South Dakota West North Central Mt. Rushmore Ivan Idea The Mitchell Corn Palace
Tennessee East South Central Nashville Renee Santz Graceland gates
Texas West South Central San Antonio Ann Tickwittee The Dallas Cowboys’ playbook
Utah Mountain States Zion National Park Rock Solid Morman Tabernacle Choir's organ
Vermont New England West Arlington Kim Yoonity Entire supply of maple syrup
Virginia South Atlantic Williamsburg Dee Plomassy Monticello
Washington West Coast Seattle Kim Yoonity The Space Needle
Washington D.C. Mid-Atlantic Coast Washington D.C. Dee Plomassy Card Catalog from Library of Congress
West Virginia South Atlantic Harper's Ferry Dee Plomassy Seneca Rocks
Wisconsin East North Central Hayward Rock Solid The recipe for sharp cheddar cheese
Wyoming Mountain States The Grand Tetons Rock Solid Schedule for Old Faithful



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