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Episode 71 is the sixth episode of the second season of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


Medeva steals the Maypole dancing routine from the 400s.

Ahmed captures Medeva, but Carmen escapes.

Time Pilots[]

  • Katie
  • Ahmed
  • James

Sketches and Pit Stops[]

  • VILE Villain Clue - ?
  • Cluefinder (tango dancer?) - 1915 (when the tango craze hit Europe)
  • Engine Crew Song - 1980's (when Spike Lee's movie School Daze featured step-dancing)

History of Dancing (Flight Plan)[]

  • 1996: Al Gore "does" the Macarena.
  • 1984: The movie Breakin' debuts.
  • 1968: The Dance Theatre of Harlem is founded.
  • 1915: Tango craze hits Europe.
  • 1894: Martha Graham is born.
  • 1661: France's King Louis XIV establishes a dance academy.
  • 1300's: Gypsies start creating flamenco.
  • 400's: Maypole dances begin in Europe.

Trail of Time Questions[]

  1. It's 1581, who commissions a dance later considered the birth of ballet?
  • Catherine de' Medici
  • Catherine the Great

2. It's the 1700s, what ballroom dance gets its name from the German word that means "to revolve"?

  • The Waltz
  • The Polka

3. It's 1928, what new system is used to record choreography on paper?

  • Kinetograph
  • Labanotation

4. It's around 1948, what dance is invented by Cuban violinist Enrique Jorrin?

  • The cha-cha
  • The hustle

5. It's 1952, what famous dancer stars in the new movie, Singing in the Rain?

  • Fred Astaire
  • Gene Kelly

6. It's 1984, what film features urban kids break dancing and rapping?

Question not answered; out of time


  • The only two wrong answers Ahmed got on the trail of time was the column wheel contraption at the 1st portal and the Stonehenge rope with the wheel contraption at the 3rd portal.

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