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Episode 67 is the second episode of the second season of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


Dr. Belljar steals the patent office from the United States in the year 1790.

Kevin and the time pilots meet Elisha Gray, a competing telephone inventor with Alexander Graham Bell. They then follow Belljar to 1876, where they do Global Pursuit in the late 1800s.

The Engine Crew sing about the patented slinky toys, sending the crew to the 1940s, where Belljar sabotages the Chronoskimmer.

By listening in on Belljar's report to Carmen, the time pilots follow him to 1988, when a genetically engineered mouse was patented and they recover the Patent Office.

Zoe captures Dr. Belljar, but Carmen escapes.

Time Pilots[]

  • Cole Tradvig (?)
  • Zoe Moss
  • Greg Meyer

Sketches and Pit Stops[]

  • Cluefinder (Elisha Gray) - 1876 (during Reconstruction; when both Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell applied for telephone patents)
  • Engine Crew Song - 1940s (when Richard James invented the Slinky)
  • VILE Villain Clue - 1988 (when a US Patent was issued on a genetically-modified mouse)

History of Inventions (Flight Plan)[]

  • 1985: Michael Jackson buys the publishing rights to 250 Beatles songs.
  • 1945: Jessie T. Polk patents her electric curling iron.
  • 1935: The game Monopoly is copyrighted during the Great Depression.
  • 1900: The U.S. issues a patent for the paper clip.
  • 1876: Alexander Graham Bell patents his telephone.
  • 1845: Rubber bands are patented in Great Britain.
  • 1794: Eli Whitney patents his cotton gin.
  • 1790: The U.S. patent system begins.

Trail of Time Questions[]

Bold indicates correct answers.
Italics indicates contestant's answers.
Underline indicates the contestant answered the question after time ran out.

  1. It's 1421. Who is granted the first recorded patent?
    • Galileo
    • Brunelleschi
  2. It's 1790. Who is president when the US patent system is established?
    • George Washington
    • Thomas Jefferson
  3. It's 1845. What new journal discusses inventions?
    • National Geographic
    • Scientific American
  4. It's 1902. The Supreme Court rules that Thomas Edison did not invent which item?
    • The phonograph
    • The motion picture
  5. It's 1942. What does movie star Hedy Lamarr patent?
    • A torpedo guidance system
    • A steam iron
  6. Question not asked; out of time


  • The three wrong answers Zoe got on the trail of time was the column wheel contraption at the 1st portal, Egyptian rope contraption at the 2nd portal and the pendulum wheel contraption at the 5th portal.


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