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Episode 78 is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


Sir Vile steals the jazz music from the Southern United States in the 1700s.

Kevin captures Sir Vile, but Carmen escapes before answering the question at the last portal.

Time Pilots[]

  • Kevin
  • Jennifer
  • Max


  • The only 2 wrong answers Kevin got on the trail of time was the Chinese dragon pump contraption at the 3rd portal and the pendulum wheel contraption at the 5th portal. He also got the wrong answer at the 6th portal, but ran out of time before he could answer.
  • In this episode, Sir Vile assaulted the chronoskimmer by ripping a cable out from a maintenance panel and breathed fire at the panel and said, “Burnin, baby, burnin! Chrono inferno!” and laughed evilly.


  • During the parallel universe sketch, the scene switches to Kevin (the contestant) laughing at the Evil Chief and the Evil Kevin dancing to the car alarm sound effect.

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