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Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the first season of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


Baron Wasteland steals the first water pump from Alexandria, circa 270 BC.

After a Data Boost at the time of the crime, Kevin and the time pilots meet an English fireman from a time when fire insurance companies were commonplace. He directs them to London in the 1680s.

Following a Global Pursuit in the late 1600s, Kevin and the pilots get a message from Millennia, the oldest woman in the world. She remembers being in advertising in 1944, when Smokey Bear debuted and where the Baron zaps the 'fact fuel.' Another Data Boost ensues.

When Baron Wasteland taunts the time pilots, he foolishly gives them some clues about burning oil wells in Kuwait. These clues lead them to 1991, where they reclaim the water pump.

Steve Ronan captures Baron Wasteland and Carmen Sandiego, with 8 seconds to spare.

Time Pilots[]

  • Linda Baffo
  • Steve Ronan
  • Jené Commisso

Sketches and Pit Stops[]

  • Cluefinder (17th-century fireman) - London in the 1680's (15 years after the Great Fire of London; when fire insurance companies started cropping up)
  • Millennia - 1944 (during World War II; when Smokey the Bear made his debut)
  • VILE Villain Clue - 1991 (just after the Persian Gulf War; when retreating Iraqi troops set fire to Kuwaiti oil fields)

History of Fire and Firefighting (Flight Plan)[]

  • 1993: World Trade Center bombing
  • 1977: The song "Disco Inferno" is heard in Saturday Night Fever.
  • 1933: FDR delivers his first fireside chat.
  • 1898: The first self-propelled motor fire engine is introduced.
  • 1676: Jamestown Colony burns for the second time.
  • 1431: Joan of Arc is burned at the stake.
  • 65: Emperor Nero begins rebuilding Rome after a fire.
  • 270 BC: The first water pump is invented.

Time of Trail Questions[]

Bold indicates correct answers.
Italics indicates the contestant's answers.
Underline indicates the contestant answered the question after time ran out.

  1. It's 1654. Where is America's first fire engine commissioned?
    • Massachusetts
    • Virginia
  2. It's 1827. What is invented to start fires?
    • Gunpowder
    • Friction matches
  3. It's 1871. What city loses 4 square miles in a fire?
    • New Orleans
    • Chicago
  4. It's 1945. What's the first city in which the atomic bomb was dropped?
    • Hiroshima
    • Nagasaki
  5. It's 1965. What U.S. weapon burns forests in Vietnam?
    • Patriot missile
    • Napalm
  6. It's 1991. Where are the Iraqis setting fire to oil wells?
    • Egypt
    • Kuwait


  • According to IMDb, this episode is titled "Fire's Out".
  • This episode is Baron Wasteland's first theft.
  • During the Cluefinder sketch, the fireman states that fifteen years before his time, the Great Fire destroyed much of the city of London. Since the Great Fire occurred in 1666, it can be inferred that the fireman is from the year 1681.


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