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Episode 30 is the thirtieth episode of the first season of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


Medeva steals the Navajo language from the Southwestern States in the 1200s.

After a Data Boost at the time of the crime, the time pilots get a clue from the Elephant Guy, who is running through the year 1868, when the Navajo were sent to boarding schools and where Medeva fries their 'fact fuel.'

Afterwards, the time pilots meet Philip Johnston, who has lived among the Navajo and is now allowing them to become code talkers. His clues lead them to the 1940s, where they do Global Pursuit with Medeva.

Medeva taunts the time pilots about the first Navajo-run community college, which was established in 1968. There, they retrieve the Navajo language and return it to the 13th century.

Carly captures Medeva and Carmen.

Time Pilots[]

  • Carly Machado
  • Matt Ornick (?)
  • Ayesha Pender

Sketches and Pit Stops[]

  • Elephant Guy - 1868 (during Andrew Johnson's administration; when boarding schools for Navajo children were being built)
  • Cluefinder (Philip Johnston) - 1940s (when Navajo code talkers aided the Allies at Iwo Jima)
  • VILE Villain Clue - 1968 (when a Navajo tribe opened the first tribally run community college)

History of Native Americans (Flight Plan)[]

  • 1992: Ben Nighthorse Campbell is elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • 1969: Native American activists occupy Alcatraz.
  • 1942: Navajo code talkers aid the Allies in World War II.
  • 1853: A Native American invents potato chips.
  • 1754: The French and Indian War begins.
  • 1614: Pocahontas marries Virginia colonist John Rolfe.
  • 1492: Christopher Columbus encounters the Taino people.
  • 1200's: The Navajo language is introduced to the Southwest.

Trail Of Time Questions[]

Bold indicates correct answers.
Italics indicates the contestant's answers.
Underline indicates the contestant answered the question after time ran out.

  1. It's 1630. What are some Native Americans using as money?
    • Gold bars
    • Wampum
  2. It's 1863. Who jails 8,000 Navajos on order from the government?
    • Elliott Ness
    • Kit Carson
  3. It's 1875. What Sioux chief leads the Battle of Little Big Horn?
    • Sitting Bull
    • Geronimo
  4. It's 1945. Navajo code talkers serve at what battle?
    • Iwo Jima
    • Pearl Harbor
  5. It's 1968. Where's the first Navajo community college?
    • North Dakota
    • Arizona
  6. It's 1970. Where do Native Americans stage a protest?
    • Monticello
    • Alcatraz


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