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Episode 28 is the twenty-eighth episode of the first season of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?


Dr. Belljar steals Leeuwenhoek's microscope from the Netherlands in 1674.

After a Data Boost at the time of the crime, the time pilots receive a message from Millennia, who reminisces how Edward Jenner invented vaccination in the 1790s. Once the time pilots get there, however, Belljar zaps their 'fact fuel.'

Following another Data Boost, the time pilots meet up with a fruit vendor who explains that English scientist Alexander Fleming has discovered penicillin, which leads the time pilots to Illinois in the year 1941. When they reach their destination, they do Global Pursuit in the early 1940s.

After receiving clues from Dr. Belljar's taunts, the time pilots travel to 1990, when the Human Genome project was begun, and retrieve the microscope.

Francis captures Dr. Belljar but missed the last question allowing Carmen to escape.

Time Pilots[]

  • Francis Vam (?)
  • Kimberly Harding
  • Ian Bell

Sketches and Pit Stops[]

  • Millennia - 1790s (When the vaccine against smallpox is developed)
  • Cluefinder (fruit vendor) - Illinois in 1941 (when penicillin derived from mold was being used to infection)
  • VILE Villain Clue - 1990 (during George H. W. Bush's administration; when the Human Genome Project was begun)

History of Science and Medicine (Flight Plan)[]

  • 1993: Dr. Dre tops the music charts.
  • 1981: U.S. first recognizes AIDS.
  • 1967: The first human heart transplant is performed.
  • 1955: Jonas Salk's polio vaccine is approved for use.
  • 1944: Penicillin is used during World War II.
  • 1859: Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is first published.
  • 1765: The first American medical school is established.
  • 1674: Leeuwenhoek invents the microscope.

Trail Of Time Questions[]

Bold indicates correct answers.
Italics indicates the contestant's answers.
Underline indicates the contestant answered the question after time ran out.

  1. It's 1784. What does Benjamin Franklin invent?
    • Telescope
    • Bifocals
  2. It's 1893. What operation is first performed?
    • Lung Transplant
    • Heart Surgery
  3. It's 1941. What is being produced in the United States?
    • Penicillin
    • NutraSweet
  4. It's 1952. For what disease does Jonas Salk find vaccine?
    • Polio
    • Smallpox
  5. It's 1953. In what war are MASH units being used?
    • Korean War
    • Falklands War
  6. It's 1985. What do Australian researchers develop?
    • Cat Scan
    • Bionic Ear


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