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Chief: Today's mission is fueled by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Viewers Like You, the National Endowment for Children's Educational Television, and...

Female Delta Air Lines announcer: Delta Air Lines, because learning about geography is a great way for kids to learn about each other, no matter where they hang their hats. Delta Air Lines. You'll love the way we fly.

(We see Carmen in her VILE office sitting in her chair.)

Carmen Sandiego: Curses! I wish people were more scared of me. Nowadays, everyone reads horror stories and mystery tales that make me seem dull as ditchwater. That's all about to change--soon, the only mystery will be when I'm going to strike again. Medeva, report.

(Medeva appears before Carmen. Her dialogue in this and other episodes will be in the form of line pairs to reflect her rhyming couplets.)

Medeva: Guava jelly and codfish jam,
You called, I came, and here I am!

Carmen Sandiego: Yes. I'm sending you through the time port to Philadelphia in the year 1839. There's something very special I want you to steal.

Medeva: Wing of lemon and arm of eel,
The more I swipe, the better I feel.

Carmen Sandiego: Good. This info beam will give you all the details. Now, get going!

(Carmen inputs the coordinates and sends Medeva to 1839 Philadelphia. We then transition to The Chief in her ACME Timenet office aboard the Chronoskimmer.)

Chief: Time Pilots, Medeva just stole something from the past. You've got 28 minutes to get it back, or history will change forever! Initiate Chronoskimmer launch sequence! Boot up the Chrono-Computer! Power up the engines! Extend the temporal sequencer! Now, get going!

The Engine Crew: ♪ We're on the case, and we're chasing her through history! ♪
♪ Chronoskimmer, engine's hot ♪
♪ VILE villains, evil plot ♪
♪ Our great Squadron Leader ♪
♪ Will help us defeat her ♪
♪ And bring back the loot to its rightful place in time! ♪
♪ Tell me, where in time is Carmen Sandiego? ♪
♪ Stop her crime, and solve this mystery! ♪
♪ Tell me, where in time is Carmen Sandiego? ♪
♪ We're on the case, and we're chasing her through history! ♪

(applause and cheers from the audience)

Chief: And here's the Time Pilot Squadron Leader, Kevin Shinick!

Kevin: Welcome aboard, everybody! I want you to hang on tight, because we've got a very big mission but very little time! So let's meet today's Time Pilots, starting with Leo Espinal! Come on, Leo! Good to see you, pal!

(Leo enters and gives Kevin a high five before taking his place.)

Kevin: Welcome aboard. And Deborah Fashakin! Deborah, nice to have you in the squadron. Let me have it.

(Deborah enters and gives Kevin a high five before taking his place.)

Kevin: All right! And Douglas Gollogly! Douglas! Thanks for being on this mission, Douglas!

(Douglas enters and gives Kevin a high five before taking his place.)

Kevin: All right, Time Pilots, just so you know, we depend on fact fuel to power the Chronoskimmer, and you guys will be generating that fuel with your answers, OK? So, each of you is equipped with 100 power points.

(100 appears on each contestant's points counter.)

Kevin: Let's check in with the Chronoskimmer Engine Crew, shall we?

(Kevin turns on the viewscreen to show the Engine Crew dancing. Satisfied, he turns off the viewscreen.)

Kevin: All right! We couldn't do the mission without them. They look ready and raring to go, so let's begin our pursuit of Medeva! Chief, what's our mission profile?

Chief: Squadron, your time target is 1839. Destination: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was when and where a short story called "The Fall of the House of Usher" was written.

(The Chief inserts a holographic card showing a picture of Edgar Allan Poe.)

Chief: It's a real spine tingler by a master of tales of terror. He went on to write many other great works, including "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", the world's first detective story. It inspired countless stories, novels, and movies. Or so history told us till now--when Medeva went back in time and pilfered this famous author's pen!

Kevin: Thanks for the info, Chief. All right, Pilots, for 10 power points, name the author whose pen Medeva stole. Was it Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, or Tom Clancy? Remembering the clues we've just heard: authored "The Fall of the House of Usher", invented the detective story, and wrote in the mid-1800's. Everybody in? They are! OK, Leo, what did you say, buddy?

Leo: Edgar Allan Poe.

Kevin: OK, Deborah?

Deborah: Arthur Conan Doyle.

Kevin: And Douglas?

Douglas: Arthur Conan Doyle.

Kevin: All right, the correct answer is Edgar Allan Poe. 10 points for Leo. But, you know what? Now we know what Medeva stole, and we want to get it back. And I'll tell you, if one of you guys today can retrieve that loot and capture Carmen Sandiego, you'll win a complete multimedia computer system, all right? So let's get on our way and get it back. Engine Room, let's warp to the time of the crime!

Round 1[]

Wrong Time[]

(Chronoskimmer time warp sequence)

Kevin: All right, Pilots, we made it to the 1840s, but we didn't quite make it to... back to 1839. I don't know why, I ju...

(The LOW FUEL alarm sounds.)

Kevin: Wait a sec... oh, that's why! You see, that last warp drained our fact fuel, so we need to refuel with a Data Boost! All right, Time Pilots, I'll name a historical event. It's up to you to buzz in and tell me whether it took place in the 1840s, or the 1940s, OK? If you're right, you get 5 power points, and if you're wrong, you lose 5. It's how it works. Here we go! Author Charles Dickens first visits the U.S. Yes, going to Douglas.

Douglas: 1840?

Kevin: Correct! 1842. Very good. Seventeen Magazine begins publication. Yes, Leo?

Leo: 1940s?

Kevin: Correct, 1944. I'll go with that. U.S. President John Tyler marries while... yes, Deborah?

Deborah: Um, 1840s?

Kevin: Correct! In 1844, he married wh-while in office. Ballpoint pens first sold... yes, Douglas?

Douglas: 1940?

Kevin: Correct, 1945! Next, The Little Prince is published. Going to Deborah.

Deborah: 1940s?

Kevin: Correct, 1943. All right, guys, great round! And, we've replenished our fact fuel. That was our mission, so we did it--and just to remind you, all our fact fuel is verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Now, let's continue our mission and get back Poe's pen, shall we? All right, guys, so far...

Elephant Guy[]

(The Cluefinder cue sounds.)

Kevin: Wait... hey, w-we're in luck! That's the Cluefinder! It's picking up a message from, uh... hey, from the Elephant Guy! Watch the view screen, OK?

(Kevin turns on the viewscreen to reveal a man in a business suit being chased by an elephant.)

Kevin: Hey, Elephant Guy!

Elephant Guy: I just ran through England in 1920, when Agatha Christie published her first novel. Christie was a nurse in the war that recently ended, and, uh... nursing taught her a lot about poisons. Now, she's used her knowledge in that book, a detective story about death by poisoning. Christie will write dozens of mysteries over the next 55 years, and millions will read them. It's no wonder she would be nicknamed the Queen of Crime. That's it, Pilots. Gotta run!

(Kevin turns off the viewscreen.)

Kevin: All right. Guy goes through a lot of shoes to bring us clues, you know that? All right, guys, where in time is Medeva? Shortly after Spanish-American War, shortly after World War I, or shortly after World War II? Remembering the clues we've just heard: England in 1920, author Agatha Christie, and publication of her first novel. All right, Leo, what did you say?

Leo: Shortly after World War I.

Kevin: OK, Deborah?

Deborah: Shortly after World War I.

Kevin: And Douglas?

Douglas: Shortly after World War I.

Kevin: All right, you know what? The correct answer is shortly after World War I! Very nice, guys. You know, Pilots, Agatha Christie will develop the detective story pioneered by Poe and become one of the best-selling authors ever. But Christie's section in bookstores could mysteriously vanish if we fail to preserve history as we know it, so Engine Room, let's warp to 1920!

Global Pursuit[]

(Chronoskimmer time warp sequence)

Kevin: All right, Pilots, we're on her tail. We've followed Medeva to 1920, but she's onto us; she's about to do some globe-hopping, so it's time for Global Pursuit. Grab your controls, watch the globe on your screen, and buzz in when you think you know the right answer. If you're right, you get 5 power points, and if you're wrong, you lose 5. OK, remember: we're in the 1920s. Here we go. Medeva's in the city where a fictional hunchback lurks in Notre Dame Cathedral. Leo?

Leo: Paris.

Kevin: Correct! Paris. She's dashed to the country where John Barrymore stars in the silent film Dr. Jekyll and Mr.... yes, Leo?

Leo: Uh, United Kingdom.

Kevin: Actually, it was the U.S.A. And that was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, not Dr. Jekyll and Leo. All right, now she's in the country where the first Dracula movie starts filming. Yes, Deborah?

Deborah: Germany?

Kevin: Correct. Germany it is. OK, she's in the hometown of Boris Karloff, who becomes world famous as the movie monster Frankenstein. Going again to Deborah.

Deborah: Amsterdam?

Kevin: Actually, it's London. Now she's in the nation where a fabled phantom lurks in the Opera House. Going this time to Douglas.

Douglas: France?

Kevin: Correct! France! Great job, Squadron! Well, that's the good news. The bad news: I just found out that Medeva just skipped out of France right before we got there. She's always moving like this...


(The Cluefinder cue sounds.)

Kevin: Hey, you know, it's our lucky day! The Cluefinder again! It's locked on to someone in the future. Let's bring them on board and see if they can help us.

(A hippie enters through the double doors.)

Hippie: Like, wow, man.

Kevin: Well, thanks. I think... look, you OK? You seem a little... out of something.

Hippie: Yeah, I'm pretty shaken up! I was watching President Nixon resign on TV...

Kevin: Oh, well, I can understand! Man, that was very upsetting. I remember, it...

Hippie: No, that wasn't the scary part! I turned off the TV 'cause I got bored, see, and I started reading this new book, Carrie... wow, it really blew my mind!

Kevin: That's... that's written by Stephen King, isn't it?

Hippie: Oh, is that the dude's name? I've never heard of him before.

Kevin: Never heard of him...? Oh! You know, I guess Carrie was his first book!

Hippie: Man, Carrie really freaked me out! That pond scene made my mood ring turn orange!

Kevin: Well, you know, I've... I've read a lot of later Stephen King works like The Stand and Cujo...

Hippie: Oh my gosh! You mean he's gonna write more books? I am never going into a bookstore again!

Kevin: Yeah, he-he's written more than 30 books, and... not to mention movies...

Hippie: 30 books?

Kevin: Yeah.

Hippie: Movies? Oh, man, that's too scary! I've gotta mellow out! I'm gonna go home and listen to my ABBA records. Peace.

(Flashing the peace sign to the contestants, the hippie exits the way she came.)

Kevin: ABBA? Gee, and I thought Stephen King was scary.


Kevin: Wow, this Chronoskimmer has everything, doesn't it? All right, Time Pilots, tell me, where is Medeva? Tell me the year: 1954, 1964, or 1974? Remembering the clues we've just heard: writer Stephen King, his book Carrie is published, and President Nixon resigns. All right, Leo, what did you say?

Leo: 1964.

Kevin: OK, Deborah?

Deborah: 1974.

Kevin: And Douglas?

Douglas: 1974.

Kevin: All right, the correct answer is 1974! 10 points for Deborah and Douglas. All right, Squadron! You know, Stephen King's horror stories have entertained millions in books, on TV, and in the movies, but King may end up penning cheesy romance novels if we don't get back Poe's pen, so let's warp to 1974!


(Chronoskimmer time warp sequence)

Medeva: Anybody feel like shooting the breeze?

(Medeva breathes fire at the Chronoskimmer.)

Kevin: All right, we made it to 1974, but Medeva just fried our fact fuel! It's time for another Data Boost!

(The room stops shaking.)

Kevin: Time Pilots, 1974 was the year Richard Nixon resigned as US President, so I'll give a biographical fact; it's up to you to buzz in and tell me whether it refers to Richard Nixon or England's King Richard III. If you're right, you get 5 power points. If you're wrong, you lose 5. OK, Shakespeare named a play after him. Yes, Leo?

Leo: King Richard III.

Kevin: Correct. OK, gave a famous speech named after his pet... yes, going to Douglas.

Douglas: Richard Nixon?

Kevin: Correct. In the speech, Nixon refused to return the dog, which was a gift from a well-wisher. All right, in power during the War of the Roses. Going to Deborah.

Deborah: King Richard?

Kevin: Correct. He ruled from 1483 to 1485, the last of the War of the Roses. OK, killed in office. Going to Leo.

Leo: King Richard III.

Kevin: Correct. He died in battle against the man who became King Henry VII. First leader to recognize China after... yes, Douglas?

Douglas: Richard Nixon?

Kevin: Correct. After Communist Revolution. All right, guys, great job! Y-You've replenished our fact fuel, and now we're ready for time travel. We've tracked Medeva, and Poe's pen, to 1974, and we know that unless we get it back, the history of literature will be forever changed. But for our final clue, I...

VILE Villain Clue[]

(Transmission incoming)

Kevin: Hang on a second, what's happening?

(Medeva appears shrieking on the viewscreen.)

Medeva: Looking for me, Time Toads? (cackles)

Neck of wombat, spleen of shrew,
I'm here in 1992.
A scary tale about an author I'll tell,
A writer who's got kids under his spell!
His words are weird, his stories eerie,
He just published the first of the Goosebumps series.
Kids love his books, they face their fears,
80 billion sold in the next few years.
In fact, there soon will come a day,
When he's the #1 author in the USA!
I'm so mad, my temples throb,
Scaring kids should be my job!

(Medeva closes the transmission with another shriek, and Kevin turns off the viewscreen.)

Round 2[]

Trail of Time[]


Chief: All historical information has been verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica, and was accurate as of the date this program was recorded. This program was produced by WGBH Boston and WQED Pittsburgh.

Male Delta Air Lines announcer: Carmen's journey through time is propelled by Delta Air Lines, because learning about geography is a great way for kids to learn about our world, one piece at a time. Delta Air Lines. You'll love the way we fly.

Chief: And by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Viewers Like You, and the National Endowment for Children's Educational Television. This is Lynne Thigpen signing off!

(fades to PBS logo)

P-Pals: ♪ This is PBS ♪

P-Pet: (barks)

(fades to WITICS computer game promo)

Announcer: Where can a gumshoe be a gumshoe? With Carmen Sandiego software, available nationwide.