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Episode 1 is the first episode of season one and the first episode overall of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?.


Jacqueline Hyde steals P.T. Barnum's "Greatest Show on Earth" slogan from the US in 1872.

While attempting to get to the time of the crime, Kevin and the time pilots end up in 1877 due to depleted "fact fuel," rendering a Data Boost necessary.

With their fact fuel replenished, the time pilots meet up with a flapper from the 1920s, who is covering her mouth because she thinks she has halitosis, because Listerine commercials have caused a bad breath scare.

Once in the 1920s, however, Jacqueline Hyde neutralizes the "fact fuel," so the time pilots must go through another Data Boost. Afterwards, Kevin runs out of clues, so he and the Chief summon up Omnicia, whose clues lead the time pilots to the year 1951, when the first television soap operas were sponsored by Procter & Gamble's cleaning products. There, Jacqueline Hyde and the time pilots play Global Pursuit in the early 1950s.

After the Global Pursuit, Kevin and the time pilots overhear Jacqueline Hyde telling Carmen that she's in 1985, when the Home Shopping Club premiered on TV. Once in 1985, they retrieve P.T. Barnum's slogan and return it to 1872.

Gloria captures both Jacqueline Hyde and Carmen.

Time Pilots[]

  • Jamie Martin
  • LaToya Bethia (?)
  • Gloria Coates

Sketches and Pit Stops[]

  • 1877 (didn't arrive to the time of the crime (1872) due to the drainage of fact fuel)
  • Cluefinder (flapper) - the 1920s (when Listerine ads caused a halitosis scare)
  • Omniscia - 1951 (during the Korean War; when the first TV soap opera was aired)
  • VILE Villain Clue (Trans-Time Signal) - 1985 (during Ronald Reagan's administration; when the Home Shopping Club premiered)

History of Advertising (Flight Plan)[]

  • 1985: The Home Shopping Club premiers nationally.
  • 1971: Cigarette ads are banned from U.S. television.
  • 1952: Eisenhower presidential campaign commercial on TV
  • 1945: Television advertising begins in the U.S.
  • 1922: Listerine advertising campaign creates halitosis scare.
  • 1917: World War I Uncle Sam poster
  • 1908: The first sky advertising in the U.S.
  • 1872: Barnum first advertises his circus as "The Greatest Show on Earth."

Trail of Time Questions[]

Bold indicates correct answers.
Italics indicates the contestant's answers.
Underline indicates the contestant answered the question after time ran out.

  1. It's 1841. What opens in Philadelphia?
    • The first Ad Agency
    • The first Daily Newspaper
  2. It's 1881. What circus owner teams up with P.T. Barnum?
    • The Ringling Brothers
    • James Bailey
  3. It's 1922. What appears in the sky for the first time?
    • The GoodYear blimp
    • Skywriting
  4. It's 1952. Who uses TV ads in his successful presidential campaign?
    • Eisenhower
    • Truman
  5. It's 1981. What channel is making its debut on television?
    • HBO
    • MTV
  6. It's 1991. How many dollars are spent on advertising in the U.S.?
    • 37 billion
    • 37 trillion


Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Season 1, Episode 1/Transcript


  • This episode is the premiere episode.
  • Gloria becomes the first time pilot to run the "Trail of Time" and to capture Carmen.
  • Jacqueline Hyde commits her first crime.
  • According to IMDb, this episode is titled "The Greatest Show on Earth," after the slogan that was stolen.
  • This episode marks Jacqueline Hyde's first theft.


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