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This article is about the 1997 computer game. You may be looking for the 1989 game or the 1996 gameshow.

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, also known as Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time, is a remake of the 1989 game of the same name. It features some of the cast members from the show, including Lynne Thigpen as The Chief, Brenda Burke as Carmen Sandiego, John Latham as Sir Vile, Alaine Kashian as Jacqueline Hyde, Paula Leggett Chase as Medeva, and Jamie Gustis as Dr. Belljar


The opening cutscene shows Carmen Sandiego and her band of V.I.L.E. time thieves bursting into ACME Headquarters. After entering ACME Time Net, Carmen makes off with the Chronoskimmer, a device that allows the user to travel through time. Carmen uses the Chronoskimmer to send her crooks to different times and places in history to steal historical objects.

ACME's newest recruit (the player) tracks down the time thieves by using Time Tunnels left behind by the Chronoskimmer. For each case, the player has to identify the thefts, solve any problems and arrest the thief responsible with the Time Cuffs. The thieves are always given a note telling them where to hide, and the player can use the note scraps (and the Chronopedia) to deduce the hiding places.

With each case solved, the player draws closer to recovering the Chronoskimmer and ultimately tracking down Carmen.



Intro Briefing[]

"Welcome, to ACME Time Net, Time Pilot!

We've got a major problem. Carmen Sandiego, the world's most notorious thief, just stole our Chronoskimmer! What's a Chronoskimmer...? The only time travel device on the planet, that's all.

Now Carmen and her cohorts control it! And they're on their way to steal historic treasures from the past! If they succeed, all of world history will get thrown out of whack!

Only one person can stop them -- you! I'll tell you how.

Wherever the Chronoskimmer goes, it leaves a Time Tunnel behind. Think of it as a passage between two holes in the fabric of time. It was a problem we never got around to fixing, and it's a good thing we didn't, because now you can follow the thieves' trail through the Time Tunnels!

There's the Time Portal. So jump in, and I'll give you more details while you travel. It's takeoff time, Time Pilot!"
-- The Chief


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