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When It Rains is the 5th episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When a copycat Carmen tries to pull off the most audacious crime in history, and usurp Carmen's title as World Greatest Thief, the kids leap into action. Stolen items include the Spruce Goose, 9500 weather balloon, a solar furnace in France, and finally a piece of the rain forest.


Night time. McVinville Oregon. At the McVinville Municipal Airport, Carmen Sandiego leads a team of henchmen to steal a plane. They steal it and it flies away.

ACME headquarters, Zack is at the control desk when Ivy uses a C5 corridor to arrive home. A review of information and hot tips including a theft of balloons, reveal that the henchmen have arrived in Odeillo, France. When they arrive via a C5 corridor, Zack and Ivy see that the henchmen use the stolen balloons to steal windows from a building. Zack and Ivy get on bikes to try and chase but crash. The items were taken away. A clue is given by Carmen with a map with a mark on it, pointing to a place in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Zack and Ivy use a C5 corridor to the Amazon rainforest. Both are met with the smell of a burning of fire. They run from a tree that falls over from a fire, and they swing from a branch that lands them into a body of water. Getting out, they witness machinery and henchmen having stolen pieces of the Amazon rainforest. Soon, they are confronted by locals believing they are the actually thieves; the locals are convinced that ACME detecetives will help them so they leave. Ira Gation was here and when questioned, he easily gives up information to go to the Atacama desert in Chile. The pair of detectives use a C5 corridor to the Le Peige Museum in Chile. There, the two enter a room and are trapped behind force bars. There is a surprise; there seems to be Carmens: one in a hovercraft and 1 behind “bars”.

In fact, the “Carmen” in the hovercraft is actually Sara Bellum and the other is the real Carmen. Sara Bellum decided to masquerade as Carmen so she can execute her plan; the plan was to impersonate Carmen to steal parts of the rainforest and have it grow in the dryst place on Earth and have rain water occur in the new place and that would make the world a better place. IF it failed, then it would be blamed on Carmen.

Zack and Ivy use makeshift items from what they have and with Carmen by using a shoe to destroy the machine that was generating the holding cells. Carmen escapes the holding room, so the pair just focuses on Sara Bellum and returning the stolen items. Then Zack and Ivy escape and manage to climb on to Sara Bellum's machine, preventing her from doing anything. Henchmen are confused at who gives the order, and Zack figures out the real Carmen; he pulls out the shoe and Ivy determines that the real Carmen's hand dominance is her right hand while Sara Bellum's keypad is based for her left hand. Finally, Carmen Sandiego escapes to conduct another theft in the world. In the end, the henchmen are arrested, Sara Bellum is brought back to ACME by Zack and Ivy. Carmen and Player swear they will continue again.

Stolen Items[]

  • The Spruce Goose airplane
  • 9500 weather balloon
  • solar furnace in France
  • piece of the Amazon Rainforest


  • Plane
  • Balloons
  • Map of Brazil with mark on it




  • Can you name the biggest airplane in the world?
    • The SPRUCE GOOSE, built by millionaire Howard Hughes, is the biggest airplane in the world.
  • Can you name the driest place on Earth?
    • The Atacama Desert of Chile is the driest place on Earth, going as long as four hundred years without a drop of rain.


  • Sara Bellum is revealed to be left handed; this probably suggests that left handed dominance have a higher correlation in science and thinking.




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