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The Vikings is the third case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"Your next stop in time is the 11th Century. You'll land in Vinland. You know it as North America, but no one will call it that for another 500 years. Leif Erikson and his band of Vikings should have departed for Greenland by now, but they're going nowhere fast! Find out what's holding them up!

I'm sending Rock Solid to be your Good Guide. Rock's an expert explorer, and in the wilderness of Vinland, that's just what you'll need. He's got your Time Cuffs and another Chronopedia chapter. Good luck scouting, Time Scout!" -- The Chief


  • Find Erikson's crew and send them to shore for a Thing
    • Find a silver nugget for Ivor to finish his sword
    • Create a flat slab of rock for Olaf to finish his runes
    • Help Tyrkir in crossing a river
  • Help the Vikings agree to retrieve the knorr ship and head home


  • Silver Nugget
  • Battle Axe
  • Grapes

Carmen Notes[]

My Dear Baron: From stern to blowing sail, your thieving must not fail
Give Leif the merry slip, aboard his very ship! Try keeping “right” on course, by hiding near the source.
Of the modern word for STARBOARD. -- Carmen

Scrap Locations[]

  • Settlement, outside the houses
  • Underneath a rock pile near the river
  • In the sod house after Ivor leaves

Thief's Location[]

  • Behind the steerboard of the knorr ship


"Come on, Baron. We've got a nice, BARE cell for you, at ACME headquarters."—Rock Solid

"You may have got me, but you'll never wipe away the Baron's gleaning grin!"—Baron Grinnit

"Way to go, Time Scout! I must say, those Vikings have nothing on you in the toughness department.

(Rock gives the Chief a bunch of grapes.)

Oh, thanks, Rock.

You restored Viking history, and thanks to you, Leif Erikson will make it back to Europe to spread the word about the New World!"—The Chief

"Well, Time Scout. You're quite an opponent. You apprehended the Baron, but there's no way you'll foil my next foray. It's already under way. Ta-ta."—Carmen Sandiego

"Sounds like the time crime wave is continuing! There's another history mystery to be solved straight ahead. Are you ready to take on the case?"—The Chief