Vera Cruz is the mother of Carmen Sandiego and possibly the wife/lover of Dexter Wolfe.


In Carmen Sandiego's imagination, Cruz appears as a tall woman with an orange trenchcoat, yellow scarf, and long brown hair with bangs covering the eyes. In addition, she wears red lipstick and black boots. It is unknown what her eye color is.


Vera Cruz was a mysterious woman that was presented with little information (since Shadowsan never met her not even heard of her), but somehow she encountered V.I.L.E. Dexter Wolfe and apparently fell in love with him, becoming either his wife or lover. The two eventually had a child (that would later grow up to be the infamous Black Sheep/Carmen Sandiego), and (apparently knowing of Wolfe’s occupation) devised a plan to run away and start a new life somewhere. However, when V.I.L.E. began to notice Wolfe’s missions beginning to prolong and found him transferring Swiss bank accounts, they feared he planned on leaving and hired one of his students, Shadowsan, to assassinate him if deemed necessary. Unknown to the Faculty, Wolfe had planned to rendezvous with Vera and leave behind his old life, but fate seemed to have other plans. When Shadowsan found out the reason for Wolfe’s behavior, his assassination attempt was foiled by Interpol interference, who had come to arrest Wolfe. Unfortunately, Wolfe was shot down by an Interpol agent and Shadowsan (unable to leave behind a child) took their baby daughter back with him to The Isle of V.I.L.E. where she was raised as Black Sheep and Vera’s house was burned down by the Cleaners to leave behind no evidence. What became of Vera afterward is unknown.

She owned the villa Dexter and Carmen resided in and supposedly died of an illness in 1999, two weeks before Dexter Wolfe's death. This was a fabrication by Wolfe to allow her to disappear. A coffin was buried with a headstone stating she lived from 1971 to 1999. However, it was empty, a hint that Vera was still alive.

In the third season, the hunt for Vera was still on, during which Carmen discovered Vera had another code name as Carlotta Valdez and lived in Veracruz, Mexico, for about a year before disappearing again.



  • Vera Cruz's design is reminiscent of Carmen Sandiego's design in other iterations of the franchise.
  • She also shares similarities with Lisa Armstrong from Lisa The Painful.
  • Her name is derived from the city Veracruz, Mexico.
  • It is revealed she has more than one code name, as shown in “The Luchadora Tango Caper.”
  • Ivy had given off an assumption Vera could possibly be a thief like Carmen as well. This is quite possible, considering the fact that she had went off the grid after her husband/lover’s death and Wolfe happened to be one as well.
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