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V.I.L.E. is a criminal organization featured on 2019 Netflix series. V.I.L.E. is not just a criminal syndicate but a global conglomerate as well. Their existence is seen as a myth to organizations like Interpol but members of A.C.M.E. know for certain they exist.

V.I.L.E. makes an assortment of products from smartphones, to imitation rice, to toothpaste. They also have been responsible for manipulating financial markets causing economic recessions, corporate fraud, and engaging in white collar crimes.

To the uninitiated they are known as Valuable Imports Luxury Exports.

Structure Edit

V.I.L.E. is lead by a council of five leaders know as The Faculty who live on the Isle of V.I.L.E. and teach at V.I.L.E. Academy.

The academy only graduates forty students per year, and demand nothing less than perfection.

Students at V.I.L.E. Academy go on to be V.I.L.E. agents who engage in criminal misdeeds around the world which are planned out in accordance with the budget determined by V.I.L.E.'s accountant Cookie Booker who for security reasons must deliver the hard drive with the information on it in person. She does this only once per year on December 1st.

V.I.L.E. agents are instructed to leave no witnesses to a crime. If they are seen by a witness, they are to use deadly force no matter what.

If a V.I.L.E. agent is caught by the authorities, The Cleaners are sent to retrieve the agent, then dispose of them once they had their mind wiped of any knowledge of V.I.L.E. This ensure that V.I.L.E.'s operations remain in secrecy.

According to the Chief, only about six V.I.L.E. agents have ever been caught in the past twenty years. (If you want to work the math, 40 graduates times 20 years is 800. So if 6 out of 800 have ever been caught, that means the capture rate is 0.75% over that 20 year time span.)

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Only the member of V.I.L.E. get to know its true name: Villains International League of Evil.

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