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This article is about the villainous organization in the games. You may be looking for the 2019 version of the same name.

V.I.L.E. (Villains' International League of Evil) is a criminal organization founded by Carmen Sandiego in the games and the 90's TV shows and the main antagonistic force in the franchise. They seek to commit spectacular thefts or cause chaos in other ways all over the world with advanced technology and clever planning, while ACME works to thwart their schemes and capture their agents.

The thefts of Carmen's henchmen are almost always meant to keep ACME occupied while Carmen herself pulls off the real crime, usually something monumental and centered on a theme. The organization's reach spreads not only across the globe, but throughout history and outer space by means of time travel or spaceships.

Earlier series elements usually indicate them as a group of extremely clever and formidable, if quirky, criminals. Later games indicate that Carmen has something of a soft spot for D-list crooks and includes them in V.I.L.E. out of pity.