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Trinidad and Tobago is a two-island nation in the Caribbean. Located just off the coast of Venzuela, Trinidad and Tobago is well known for its African and Indian cultures, reflected in its large and famous Carnival, Diwali, and Hosay celebrations, as well being the birthplace of steelpan, the limbo, and music styles such as calypso, soca, rapso, parang, chutney, and chutney soca.

Trinidad and Tobago have been referenced in at least six episodes of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, including:

  • The Taking of the Shrew: Rockapella's song "Zombie Jamboree" includes clues about calypso and Carnival.
  • The Taking of the Towers: Carnival and people of multiple ethnicities
    • During the Lightning Round, Greg Lee asks questions about fishing for albacore and bonito, the scarlet ibis, and independence from Great Britain.
  • In The Perfidious Party Poach, Double Trouble steal the Carnival from Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Swiping the Supremes: steel drums and Port of Spain
  • The Tortoise & the Snare: lake of asphalt
    • During the Lightning Round, Greg Lee asks questions about pans (steel drums), the scarlet ibis, and Phagwa.
  • Danube-bee-doo-bee-duped: many ethnic groups
    • In the Final Showdown, the loot is located at Stonehaven Bay, the Warrant at the Steelland Festival, and Double Trouble at the Port of Spain Carnival.