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Trick or Treat? is the 2nd episode of Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Zack and Ivy learn the history behind the modern celebration of Halloween, when Carmen begins stealing some VERY strange items that can lead to only one conclusion – She's planning the ultimate Haunted House.


Ivy and Zack are with a reporter in Beijing, china ona stakeout in order to capture Carmen. They are at a fireworks factory knowing she will come there. Carmen had two henchmen there and assigns them to be ready to leave in 2 minutes; the reports see her and start live broadcasting her. The henchmen see that on TV and run out of the car to tell her. Carmen manages to escape but lights several fi reworks, causing a big display and ACME's failure on live TV.

Ivy and Zack return to ACME headquarters in San Francisco. They discuss things about Halloween, as it is October 30 at the moment. A knock at the door attracts their atrtention and it is a “treat” by Carmen; Both summon an ACME and give chase through San Francisco, including driving through Russian Hill; However she escapes via jetpack.

Chief briefs them on the package and it is a Celtic mask inspired by a Celtic god of death in the Samhain festival where people wear costumes to scare the dead away. Chief brings in a hot tip where Carmen is seen in Los Angeles near Hollywood. At the Haunted Museum, a janitor mops while a paiting's eyes moves; after seeing a piano start playing itself, he gets scared and tries to run, but falls down to the first floor. There he sees cArmen, gets extra scare and tries to hide in a closet with a ghost animation of a skeleton picks up a receiver form a phone. Ivy and Zack arrive via a C5 corridor. Zack opens the door, and get scared along with the janitor, and he pushes both aside so he can run outside. Carmen walks by with two cnadles and walks out, going on her motorcycle. Ivy and Zack give chase via their acme car but they follow and break through a railing and fall downwards. They eject and use parachutes to arrive at a location. By this time, night occurred and it is early morning on October 31. They summon the car again to record Carmen given them a rune. She uses here jetpack again and escape. A look at the info doesn't reveal much a replay of the words she said suggest she may be near a peat bog in Denmark. Ivy tells Player to send them via C5 corridor to a natural land outside of Silkeborg, Denmark. They are still in the ACME car when they give chase to Carmen's henchmen as the car is also amphibious. Giving chase, they fail to capture the two villain henchman and are forced to abandon the pursuit. However, they get a clue that leads to a location in Landsville, Oregon.

Ivy and Zack take a c5 corridor to Ashland Oregon where they see Sarah Bellum give out treats to kids from the door of a building. Both go to a nearby costume store to get into costume, and at the same time calls for police and the news to come and watch the arrest. Zack and Ivy explore the place,a nd try to find Carmen. Zack manages to take out a henchmen before Ivy calls him over. He walks to another room and tries to arrest Carmen. But Trick!Both had switched costumes; Carmen wore Ivy's clothing while Ivy wore Carmen's clothing. The news come in and show images of the failure of Ivy and Zack while Carmen escapes once more.

Player tells Carmen that they will capture them once more!

Stolen Items[]

  • fireworks
  • Stolen truck of turnips
  • Tollund Man Head


  • Celtic Mask
  • Rune
  • Invite




  • This is a Halloween-themed episode.


  • Over 2,000 years ago, the Celts would wear costumes and masks on October 31st to do what?
    • The Ancient Celts would wear costumes and masks to scare off evil spirits in one of the earliest known ceremonies that led to the traditions of today's Halloween.
  • What's the name of the 2000 year old guy found preserved in a Danish Peat bog?
    • The 2000 year old body of the Tollund Man was discovered almost fully preserved in a Danish peat bog.

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