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This page documents the plot of Treasures of Knowledge

Mission 1[]

Julia Argent and Shadow Hawkins visit Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in their first stop. They explore the city and find a clue in a potted plant. It mentions a Shinto Shrine in Japan. The pair then talk to a book keeper in the city, who tells them a non-Brazilian person who exchanged a book for one of Shrinto Shrines. Shadow says Henderson is a person who is fixing his gadget and is outside of Havana, Cuba. The pair take a flight to Havava, and talk to Henderson, who gives Shadow back his fixed device, a Watson 22-1B. The device, using the clues, decodes them and reveals a clue to Iguasu Falls and a clue; This clue tells them that Carmen could be watching.

Chief calls and saying Carmen could have been at a balcony soon. Looking at the brochure reveals Japan at the next destination. In Tokyo, they play a game of memory match; the person gives them a clue after winning. Carmen had recorded a message saying she watched them play the game and get distracted so easily, and ends the message “Catch me if you can”

Jules notes how she thought someone by a tree was suspicious, so they check it out, and get a note. They go to Mombasa, Kenya, and got some clues where it says 3 rings. A tour guide gives them a book with a page torn out; he takes them to a Fort Jesus, and they use the clues to solve a mystery. They return the copy of The Travels of Marco Polo. Chief calls and congratulates them; Carmen interrupts and congrats them too; Chief returns to talk to them and says they got word fo an art theft in Russia and they have to start that mission.

Mission 2[]