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Timing is Everything is the 6th episode of Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Carmen's henchman Mason Dixon bungles a robbery at Appomattox, he goes back in time to take Carmen's place as the world's greatest thief.


Ivy and Zack are at a stakeout waiting for Carmen and her henchmen. They watch an re-enactment occur for a public display. Ivy is in a Civil War era dress when she trips in front of a van; the woman inside uses her radio to contact Mason to get to work. It turns out Mason Dixon is one of the re-enactors and is in the house trying ot steal a sofa.

The guard frees himself from his ropes and triggers an alarm and forces Mason Disxon to leave the house; he kicks a police officer off his bike and heads into the forest where he sees Carmen arrive in her time Machine. Ivy and Zack drive their A.C.M.E. issued car into the forest in pursuit of Dixon. Carmen tells Dixon that Mason that she will go fix his mistakes with the goal of rescuing the unnamed female henchmen in the van. Ivy and Zack arrive too late after turning to a left in a fork on the road and witness Mason Dixon enter the time machine but fails to stop him in time. They figure that he will travel back in time to the day April 9, 1865, and use the Chono skimmer to time travel.

Ivy, Zack, and Chief travel to April 9, 1865, in Appomatax and see George Custer steal some furniture and leave with it. Ivy and Zack use the Chronoskinner but do not detect anything. It seems that he did not travel back in time that far.

They back to the present day at A.C.M.E. Chief checks the database, and see that Mason Dixon had used the time machine to become the most notable thief in history and forced Carmen to be his sidekick. Ivy and Zack realize that since they had been in the past, then they were not affected by the changes in time, and remember everything; this includes Carmen not knowing who the pair are, nor Mason Dixon himself. Chief reports in a hot tip Chief reports a hot tip in Richmond Virginia at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

The two travel via C5 corridor to Richmond Virginia. They see Carmen in grey clothing, and set up some road barriers so that Carmen crashes. They help her escape the police; they take her coat, tie it up on her motorcycle, and send it to crash in order to distract the police. The trio walk away and arrive at the V.I.L.E. headquarters. Carmen enters he main chamber to talk to Mason while Ivy and Zack watch via window; apparently Carmen thinks Ivy and Zack are criminals who helped her. Mason checks for information about the pair and discovers they are most wanted criminals; this was a deception done by the chief as part of their “investigation” into V.I.LE.

Carmen steps out and tells ivy and Zack that they are given their first mission; to steal the Civil War era submarine Hunley. The trio employ the time machine to travel to 1864 in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. There they see two guards guarding the Hunley. The trio and three henchmen steal the Hunley and force it to submerge while the guards fail to stop them. They arrive at a dock in Hampton Roads where Carmen had left her Time Machine. There, they use the video conferencing feature and are told by Mason to travel to a set of coordinates.

The Time machine takes the group and the Hunley to March 9, 1862; Everyone puts banches around the Hunley to disguise it from view. Ivy and Zack ask consult with Chief and realize that date was the day o f the Monitor vs Merrimack ships; the first battle between two ironed ships. In addition, Chief had been searching for clues across time and finds that Mason had stolen plenty of shoes and was seen in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Ivy and Zack decide to help Carmen because it is surmised Mason Dixon plans on turning the tide of the Civil War in the Confederacy's favour; thus keeping the United States split into two. Ivy, Zack, and Carmen board a small sailing ship with a plan to clog the propeller with a net. Ivy jumps into the water, and puts the net into the propeller but gets stuck; Zack jumps into to help her. Above water, Carmen sees the Merrimac and the Monitor have arrived and commences firing cannonballs at each other. The balls detroy a sale, while the Hunley resurfaces with Ivy and Zack climbing up and hold him for that.

Carmen pulls them up into the damaged dingy and goes to the Time machine. Carmen makes a comment where she would have done things differently if she ended up in charge of V.I.L.E.; she blames her arrest in Amsterdam instead of Mason as a simple twist of fate; Zack realizes it was the same thing that Mason had said earlier and that was the turning point in the timeline. Mason was the one who was supposed to be in prison instead of her. Zack uses the Chronoskimmer to tell the Chief to send the coordinates of the heist in Amsterdam to the Time Machine so they can arrive there.

The machine does transport them to Amsterdam, where Mason encounters his younger version and merges with him to fix the timeline. Carmen merges with herself to fix her version of time and leads him to the police. Ivy and Zack return to the present day and drives in the A.C.M.E. Instead of taking a left at the fork like they did in the beginning of he episode, they turn right and catch up to Mason and use a net to capture him. The pair are retrieve the time machine and send Mason to prison, but are not able to catch Carmen.

Later on, at a banquet, Josha asks Ivy for a dance, which she accepts. The player promises to catch her next time.

End goal[]

  • Turn the tide of the war and ensure the Confederacy does not lose the American Civil War.

Stolen Items[]

  • Historical sofa
  • Hunley
  • Shoes


  • Civil War re-enactment
  • Dates due to Time Travel
  • Comments made by Carmen Sandiego and Mason Dixon


  • Appomattox, Virginia, USA
    • Appomattox in 9 April, 1865
  • A.C.M.E. Headquarters, San Francisco
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Hampton Roads, Virginia
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (mentioned)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands



  • The name Mason Dixon is a play on the name Mason–Dixon line
  • t is the second time Ivy and Zack viist Virignia
  • This episode makes the re-appearance of the Time Machine
  • This episode features the first time that V.I.LE. Headquarters was revealed on screen.
  • First time Amsterdam is introduced in the series


  • Trust us Carmen. - Zack
  • They're stealing the underwater boat.
  • I like the way you think, Carmen – Ivy
  • The South Will Rise Again – Mason Dixon
  • Things would have been different if I ended up in Charge of V.I.L.E.


  • During the American Civil War, Who was the President of the Confederacy?
    • During the American Civil War, Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy while Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States
  • What battle was the turning point for the North in the Civil War?
    • The Battle of Gettysburg (July, 1863) was the turning point for the North in the Civil War.


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