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"I've earned my stripes. Call me- Tigress!"
―Sheena in Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part 1

Sheena is a former V.I.L.E operative and rival of Carmen Sandiego. She is currently incarcerated along with the female members of The Faculty after they were taken down and arrested. During her time with V.I.L.E, she went by the codename Tigress.


While her first name is known as Sheena, her last name as well as other background information is unknown. After graduating, Sheena declares that she has earned her stripes and claims Tigress as her codename. Despite not much being known about her life prior to V.I.L.E, she was supposedly scouted for due to her already having a habit of stealing. During her time at the Academy, she started a rival with Carmen, the latter of which went by Black Sheep at the time, after Carmen defected, their rivalry continued, something which Sheena often put first rather than her assigned mission.


Often cocky, Sheena taunts her targets and is ruthless and aggressive towards her opponents and those she does not like. When on missions, she would double down on her aggressive nature whether enemy or ally. As she possesses the ability to hold grudges for a long length of time, Sheena has often wasted time on missions due to wanting to gain the advantage over her opponent.

Physical Appearance[]


Tigress is a tall, physically, fit and fair-skinned young woman presumably in her early twenties, with neck-length platinum-blonde hair, baby-blue eyes and a small beauty mark on the right side of her face. She also wears maroon-purple lipstick.

When she was a thief, Tigress donned a stealthy, one-piece uniform. It is a phthalo-green suit with three matching orange stripes in the form of claw marks going from the collar to her chest area with two identical black marks at her hip areas with matching orange lines, her arms and hands are completely covered in dark green sleeves and gloves. She wears a lighter-green belt around her waist with a matching small pouch. For shoes, she wore thigh-high, black medium-heeled boots that stopped before reaching her belt, and on the boots, were orange claw-shaped stripes that were identical to the ones on her suit. In the fear area of her suit, were tiny areas that allowed small, sharp, claws to extend from them, she would also accessorize with a pair of orange and black night goggles with lime-green, cat-eyed shaped areas that allowed her to see.

When she was ordered to act as an operative on missions that required her to only be there for intel, Sheena disguised herself as a normal civilian by wears a dark, green trench coat with an extended collar that went behind her neck with a button, the coat also had a darker belt with a buckle, the coat was always buttoned up.

Prior to graduating from V.I.L.E Academy, Sheena wore the standard student uniform which consisted of a short-sleeved, cloudy grey shirt with a yellow and dark green stripes on the sleeves. She also wore a cream leggings and a pair of green and white trainers.


After being incarcerated, Sheena wore the standard prison clothing that consisted of a matching orange uniform, she tied the shirt at the bottom which exposed her stomach.


Sheena is a very formidable and tactical fighter on her own. Due to her constant rival with Carmen, she often attempts to gain the upper-hand against the former operative. During fights, Sheena preferred to fight in melee combat by using her claws to attack her enemies with.

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Tigress in Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego

The 1994 incarnation that inspired Tigress.

  • She is most likely inspired by the 1994 disguise that Ivy wore.
  • The name Sheena is a reference to the character "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle". Terrain where the "big cats" live.
  • She is the second time Kari Wahlgren has voiced a character named Tigress, the first being Tigress during Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, the character from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
  • She has a background in gymnastics, as shown in Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego? where she did somersaults in Countess Cleo's class.
  • Given what has happened in “The Egyptian Decryption Caper,” she has most likely developed a phobia of beetles, particularly scarabs, if not all bugs, in general.
    • She had exhibited her dislike for bugs when she and Professor Maelstrom demonstrated the "bait and switch" in the very first episode.
  • She and Mime Bomb were most likely two of the first operatives to have been arrested as they were imprisoned with The Faculty with Sheena being with the women and Mime being with Professor Maelstrom.