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The American Revolution is the fourteenth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"Your next stop is North America, 1776. A key American document should've been signed by now, but it's nowhere in sight. You'll be handling a political hot potato, Inspector!

I'm sending Polly Tix along to give you good advice. She knows all the political angles, and the lines and curves, too. Good luck...and give Ben Franklin my best." -- The Chief


  • Find parchment for Jefferson to write his draft
  • Help Jefferson and Franklin complete the Declaration of Independence


  • Tea Crate
  • Lead Foot
  • Musket Balls
  • Parchment

Carmen Notes[]

Once you have the Declaration Quickly go and take your station.
Get concealed all safe and nice. Inside a Jefferson device.
He made it to avoid disturbance, from his noisy dinner servants!

Scrap Locations[]

  • Dropped by the Redcoats
  • Dropped by Jefferson
  • On the floor in the room of delegates

Thief's Location[]

  • In the dumbwaiter at Jefferson's house


“Come on, General! You can think about independence! In the PEN, DUNCE!” -- Polly Tix

"You can court martial me! But you'll never put Carmen Sandiego on trial!" -- General Mayham

"Well done! You re-jailed General Mayham, bartered your way from Virginia to Philly, and redrafted the Declaration of Independence! I salute you!

Thanks to you, the Thirteen Colonies are on their way to United Stateshood!

But don't get too comfy. There's another crime dead ahead in time. Can I put you in charge of the case?" -- The Chief