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The Viennese Waltz Caper is the 7th episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego.


Shadowsan, Ivy, and Zack fly to Vienna to intercept V.I.L.E.'s latest heist, hoping it'll lead them to the missing Carmen.


Shadowsan heads to Seattle to search for Carmen, but reports back to Team Red that she is gone. They do not know where she went. Following her getting taken captive, Carmen Sandiego is taken to the headquarters of V.I.L.E.; there she is reprogrammed by Dr. Saira Bellum's memory device so that Carmen would only remember false memories of her life as a VILE agent and be purely dedicated to their causes.

Three weeks later, Shadowsan pays a visit to the former VILE headquarters in the Canary Islands, looking for any evidence.

In ACME headquarters, Chase is summoned by Chief and re-introduces Julia as the “newest” recruit. Julia does some searching for information on Carmen and her information. She discovers her father Dexter Wolfe was married to a Carlotta Valdez from Vera Cruz, Mexico, but moved to Argentina.

Meanwhile, Carmen is released into the wild on her first mission since her re-programming. They are ready to infiltrate a museum in Austria to take some crown jewels. The group consists of Graham, Tigress, El Topo, and Le Chevre. They infiltrate and snag their intended product. Going back in the sewers, the team with exception of Carmen leaves. Carmen stands on top to monitor the “bluecoasts”, that is agents of ACME; she has her sights on Zack and Ivy in their van.

While Crackle is about to head back to the sewers, Chase tries to follow but is called away by Julia for something else; he had narrowly missed being attacked by Graham hiding around a corner.

Carmen hears and listens onto a performance at a nearby concert hall. She goes in and steals a Stradivarius violin from the violinist when the lights momentarily flash. This theft concerns Graham as he didn't feel it was necessary and was rather bit cruel.

In the meantime, ACME agents who infiltrated the museum amange to capture Shadowsun with their gas guns that knocks him; interrogating him prove futile as he was able to escape the handcuffs and knock them out.

Soon after, the 5 head over to a carnival and order drinks. Sitting down, they enjoy a bit of friendly banter and the downtime.

Carmen sees Zack and Ivy, and leaves. Getting into a Ferris wheel, Zack comes and confronts her to see if it is her, but a power failure caused by Graham enables Carmen to push him out of the cab; Shadowsan rescues Zack. Back at Team Red HQ, Shadowsan, Zack, and Ivy, acknowledge the fact that Carmen as they know is gone and has become a fully fledged VILE operative and ponder how to get the real one back.

Six months later, Carmen has been detected committing thefts in numerous places around the world. ACME was not able to catch her, perplexing Chase and Julia. Carmen is brought to the headquarters and promoted to VILE Faculty.


  • When brainwashed, Carmen acts like an even more psychotic version of her classic self from the games; having no qualms with murder, sending Zack falling to what would have been his doom if Shadowsan wasn't there. All other Carmens are just content to impede their foes with traps and tricks.
  • Carmen says that the Stradivarius is playing her song. Humorous as it's literally playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Singt dem grossen Bassa Lieder" from the opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail, which served as the basis for the Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego theme from the original 1994 animated series.
  • The brainwashed Carmen impresses the Faculty with different things; Brunt is proud of her surrogate daughter, Bellum likes Carmen's witty jokes, Cleo is happy with with rare treasures Carmen gets "impulse shopping", while Maelstrom admires the "mental gymnastics" Carmen employs in scheming. Overall showing that had Carmen stayed a loyal V.I.L.E. agent, she would have won a spot on the Faculty eventually.
  • When Graham asked about why she was taking the unnecessary risks to deal with Zack and Ivy, Carmen says that she does it for the "mental gymnastics" which is a reference to a line and reasoned motivation from the Carmen of the original 1994 animated series.