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The V.I.L.E History Caper is the 5th episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego.


The friends race against V.I.L.E. on the hunt for ancient treasure, searching for three relics in different parts of the world.


Footage of a newly discovered cavern in Turkey reveals footage of a V symbol on a wall.

This symbol represented the VILE in its early history, which was kept only to the VILE faculty. In the history, there were 5 founders who used the symbol to represent them. They had grown their operation to gain so much money that they had to hide them; eventually they created 3 clues in 3 places for VILE descendants to find them but they were lost to history. If they were found by modern VILE faculty, the wealth would be enough to fund them for decades, or even centuries.

Carmen heads to retrieve the item in the cavern but is taken by El Topo. Giving chase, Carmen pursues him and Le Chevre onto a massive floating balloon, among a balloon festival, in the neighboring town. The pair take a selfie but loses it; Carmen had used her gadgets to propel herself upwards via balloons and steal it out of their hands. The image is identified by Maelstrom as related to the Svalbard Islands in Norway. Carmen heads to a university to ask Julia Argent, who has taken time off to work on her passion: educating students. Julia tells the necessary information from the clue; it leads them to the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean in a Viking ship buried underground; this was the burial ground of Gunnhild the Gruesome, one of the earliest founders of VILE.

The second location is hidden behind a dial on the island. Turned, it splits open to reveal a staircase. Entering, the team is split by falling ice. Ivy and Zack reach the ship, where they snag a cloth hiding the second clue. Maelstrom and Coach Brunt enter and want to fight, but Carmen and Shadowsan enter. Maelstrom takes the clue and leaves, followed by the team, while Shadowsan fights Coach Brunt.

Their fighting causes instability in the cavern and the surrounding ice sheet to collapse. Everyone makes it out in time. Maelstrom is in a taxi cab when they see Coach Brunt tired, cold and wet in the road. Maelstrom takes control of the car and drives himself and Brunt.

Team Red realize he eye patch have the imprints of the 2nd clue, so they are going to Julia Argent again to translate the information.