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The Trial of Carmen Sandiego is the first episode of Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It was broadcast on Fox Family Worldwide on September 27, 1996.


Carmen is ‘kidnapped by R. B. Traitor, a vigilante ex-judge who claims he's prosecuting her for stealing the Magna Carta. After tracking her to Traitor's bogus court, Zack and Ivy find themselves going to the ends of the earth to defend the thief.


Carmen is exploring a forest to reach a temple, followed by Ivy and Zack. She bypasses two booby traps and is caught in a rope and hauled through to a helicopter. Ivy and Zack manage to add a tracker to the craft but are unable to catch up as Zack crashes it int water. A weapon lands in the dashboard and Zack struggles to remove it and as a result calls his friend Josha and asks for help. iHe recognizes it as an atlatl, which is a primitive weapon used to throw spears; he said he will as a friend to do some analysis and ends the call.

A note is attached to the spear; it apparently is a subpoena for the pair to appear in the Trial of Carmen Sandiego in the Roman forum on July 21, 1997. Ivy and Zack use a C5 corridor to Rome. There, they see and gave chase to Lee Galese on a scooter, and follow him down into the Roman catacombs. Ivy and Zack manage to find a place; the chamber turns out ot be a room where Carmen is held captive.

The chamber hosts a courtroom with the judge to be R. B. Traitor. Chief briefs them on his backstory just before he enters he room. Ivy and Zack try to make an attempt to get Carmen before anything happen but are restrained by technology of R.B. Traitor. Lee Galese enters the room and tries to defend Carmen but is sent to another room and the judge. R. B. Traitor lists an entire litany of crimes that Carmen has committed, including a lifetime of actions. He then convicts Carmen for stealing the Magna Carta on September 4th from the Salisbury Cathedral in Salisbury, England, but allows the defense to make an argument. Ivy puts up a wall of silence by Chief, and they discuss their evidence; Carmen was not there by proof of an alibi and was actually in New York City in an effort to steal another target so that is their strategy to prove that false. R. B. Traitor puts Carmen in cuffs and gives them a 24-hour time limit. Thus, the pair Ivy and Zack travel with Carmen via the C5 Corridor to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. There Ivy uses a rope to secure a piece of cloth that Carmen lose that got stuck on the side. Goons try and attack but are foiled and fall in the water.

The trio head to Salisbury Cathedral to protect the Magna Carta. The pair talk to a guard there, who recognizes her. He shows them to a room where the real Magna Carta is located; it hidden but a story of theft was published because they received a tip off of potential thefts. It turns out that Carmen had indeed been the one who wanted to steal the document and that used the pair to employ their ACME credentials to find the real location. She was with Archie Ology and R. B. Traitor, both of whom were working with Carmen. Archie Ology takes out the guard with a net, while Carmen steals the Magna Carta. The 3 leave immediately. Ivy and Zack realize they do not have toughen time to run down and catch up to them in the van so they use a atlatl and rappeling rope to rappel down and knocking out the two goons while Carmen escapes in the van. They rescue the Magna Carta and put it back to normal.

Player interacts with Carmen one last time and promises she will be caught.

Stolen Items[]

  • Native American artifact (target, but not stolen)
  • Magna Carta


  • Subpeona
  • Location of Carmen despite being accused of being elsewhere.
  • Magna Carta


  • Mexico
  • Catacombs of Rome
  • Salisbury Cathedral, England
  • New York City



  • This episode marks the second time Carmen has been to a temple in Mexico with the goal of a theft; the first instance was in the episode The Labyrinth, Part 1
  • The trial of Carmen Sandiego was to be July 21, 1997, but the episode was aired in 1996.
  • This is the first of two times where the Magna Carta was targeted for theft. The second time was in the 2019 Netflix series Carmen Sandiego
  • There was a flashback to Carmen escaping Ivy and Zack on the Statue of Liberty; this was from the introduction animation.
  • This is the third instance where the pair of detectives appear in England.
  • This is the second appearance of Archie Ology.
  • This is the second appearance of Lee Galese.


  • Subpoena


  • What do some scientists think led to the extinction of the mammoth?
    • Some scientists believe the invention of more effective hunting tools like the “atlatl” led to the extinction of the mammoth.
  • In the American court system, who determines if you are innocent or guilty?
    • In the American court system, you are tried and found innocent or guilty before a jury of your peers.


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