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This article is about the episode from the 1994 animated series. You may be looking for the character from the 2019 series.

The Tigress is the first episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen breaks into a French museum and discovers another thief has already been there. Now Zach and Ivy must try to capture both Carmen and a thief called The Tigress.



In Paris France, Carmen Sandiego is about to rob the Musee de l'Armee. She is in her vehicle. Seeing a guard touching panels, she runs past him as the door shuts behind him. She heads to steal an item but finds out that it has dsiappeared. She immediately hears a rawr, and sees the person leave. Clearly it asa fan of cats. Carmen escapes after hearing an alarm. Carmen chases this person and wonders who the of the identity of the mystery person, while chased by the person. Carmen loses control momentarily, allowing the person to escape.

Chief is briefing Zack and Ivy. Carmen interrupts and tells them that shes is not the one who stole the items, and had sleft a stinker of an item. It is the Paris Sewer Museum. Chief briefs them on the Tigress character. They use a C5 corridor to the Paris Sewer Museum.

In Paris, they entered a sewer and gets a clue that was conveniently left. The clue was an arachid and a small bill that had the value of 1066. It was a reference to the Beayeux Tapestry.

In Bayeux, France, Carmen makes an attempt to steal the Beayeaux Tapestry, but finds outit was already stolen. Zack and Ivy arrive and try to arrest both but she is dismayed that they didn't catch the Tigress, so she has to catch the Tigress. Both use a hovercraft, and followed by a henchmen. Both do some maneuvers and make the henchmen crash into a barn, and the farmer calls the police to arrest them. Chief briefs them on the theft of samurai stand. A Police officer gives them two tickets to a baseball game in Nagoya, Japan.

Both arrive via C5 corridor during nighttime. Carmen stole a sword, and Tigress takes it from her hands. Carmen uses a gadget to get it backand tries to esdcape. Tigress took it and blasts away. Finding a clue, she sees a clue. It was a reference to something in Antarctica.

In antarctiva, Carmen comes via hovercraft and meets Tigress in a tent. It turns out, Ivy was posing as Tigress in the big place, and Carmen is shocked and applauds them for that. Carmen is taken into custody and is being moved in a vehicle. Carmen somehow manages to escape by using one of the Tigress boots and escapes. They were so close and yet let her sescape. Back at the ACME headquarters, Both are satisfied that they posed as the Tigress and retrieved the items.

Player and Carmen exchange a few barbs in the end, stating "See You Next Crime"

Stolen Items[]

  • chess set from Iran
  • Documents by general Tecumseh.
  • army pieces of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Bayeux Tapestry


  • A stinker of an item.
  • One its bitsy arachnid - ad a bottle/1066 - reference to 1066




  • Who was one of the world's greatest military strategists known as "Le Petit Caporal"?
    • Napolen Bonaparet was known as the "Le Petit Ocrporal" or "thhe Little Corporal" beause of his dimunative stature
  • Nagoya, Japan is a well know for manufacturing about 90% of all Japan's.... what? Hint: It's also the name of a nearby country.
  • Nagoya, Japan is k nown for manufacturing about 90% of all Japan's fine CHINA.


  • Arachnid





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