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The Stolen Smile is the first episode of the first season of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? The episode first aired on Fox Kids on February 5th, 1994.


The episode begins at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Carmen Sandiego breaks into the museum and steals the eyes from one of Van Gogh's self-portraits. The Dutch police chase Carmen's airplane, only to discover a dummy in the cockpit. After walking out of the museum, Carmen taunts the player.

At the ACME Detective Agency, the player selects Ivy for his detective. However, he also assigns Ivy's brother Zack as her partner. Ivy isn't thrilled with the idea. The Chief explains the case and has the two go through a C5 corridor to Amsterdam.

Once in Amsterdam, they spot Touriest Classe, an art thief and one of Carmen's henchmen. They chase him on scooters, but he escapes. After arriving at the museum and interviewing the curator, they find a mechanic Carmen doll that repeats, "I have the biggest nose, but I might be lyin'" before exploding. After ruling out Mount Rushmore and Pinocchio as the subject of the clue, they determine the clue is about the Sphinx.

Upon arriving in Giza, Egypt, the two detectives find V.I.L.E. henchmen waiting for them. Ivy fought with them and grabbed a clue while Zack sabotaged their hovercrafts and stole one for themselves. Once safely away, they found the clue to be some pesitas with "Let's go, cave" written on them. The Chief called in with the news that the nose from Picasso's Portrait de Jaime Sabartes was stolen in Spain. The detectives quickly came to the conclusion that Carmen would go for the Mona Lisa's smile next.

They took the C5 to the Louvre in Paris, France in the middle of Carmen's theft. They tried to escape the V.I.L.E. henchmen, but were captured. They were locked in a backroom. The two escaped, but too late to prevent Carmen from getting away. After watching a broadcast from Carmen, Zack and Ivy deduce that Carmen is at Lascaux Cave.

At the cave, the two find themselves outnumbered. However, by shining a spotlight on the cave's bats, they are able to create a distraction. The henchmen knock over some lights which causes a fire and they must leave the cave. Everyone managed to get to the helicopter, but Ivy switched Carmen's art with a doodle. Zack and Ivy agree they make a good team as they set about returning the stolen art.


  • A doll that had a quote about noses ("I have the biggest nose, but I might be lion.")
  • Writing on money (LET'S GO CAVE)

Stolen Items[]

  • Eyes from a Van Gogh painting
  • Nose from a Portrait of Sabartes painting
  • Smile from a Mona Lisa painting


End Goal[]

  • To create Carmen's own masterpiece to display in her personal museum.


  • What's another name for the Netherlands?
    • Holland
  • The largest desert in the world has about three and a half million square miles of sand. Can you name it?
    • The Sahara


  • Don't tax your noggin. That's why they call them "sneakers". - Zack
  • Maybe we're picking the wrong noses - Zack


  • Carmen's Masterpiece

    This is a possible outcome of what Carmens Painting might have looked like.

    Even though the whole episode is about Carmen creating her own masterpiece, you never see the one she created from the stolen paintings.
  • Tourist Classe had pesetas. This currency was the standard in Spain until it was phased out in 2002 in favour of the Euro.



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