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The Stockholm Syndrome Caper is the eighth episode of Season 2 of the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series.


As A.C.M.E. closes in on Carmen in Sweden, she finds herself in a perilous predicament -- and it's up to Ivy to thwart V.I.L.E.'s latest scheme.[1]


V.I.L.E is planning on transporting and selling nuclear launch codes, and so Team Red finds themselves in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ivy is dressed up as Carmen to lead A.C.M.E. away from them while the mission goes on.

Although A.C.M.E. is intent on 'catching' Carmen, Julia insists they give her a chance to talk, and gather trust, from Carmen. She sets out to find her, but Carmen finds her first instead.

As Carmen and Julia enter a bell tower to talk, Carmen pickpockets Julia's communicator pen to ensure privacy. A.C.M.E. realizes the woman in Carmen's coat is Ivy and tracks Julia's location, as her communicator wasn't picking up.

Carmen explains why an intervention from A.C.M.E. is dangerous to the mission's success. Right after Julia assures her there wouldn't be any action from the organization, though, agents pile into the tower to apprehend and capture Carmen.

She escapes on a glider after being attacked with a gas gun, unknowing of where she's going until herself and the glider crash down into a snowdrift. This is much to Julia's chagrin.

Player informs Zack and Ivy of the situation, but right after, her signal is disconnected as V.I.L.E. capture her, mistaking her for Carmen Sandiego. Player is faced with a hard choice and tells Zack to rescue Ivy first.

Ivy regains consciousness under Otter Man and Moose Boy's watch, who plan to take her to the Faculty to be rewarded with the 5th Faculty seat. While Otter Man leaves to contact the buyer of the nuclear launch code data crystals, Ivy gains information from Moose Boy and escapes while his tongue is stuck on an ice pillar.

After an unsuccessful attempt to climb out of the snowdrift, Carmen decides to contact Chief via Julia's pen and risk getting captured. Chief tries to persuade her into working together to take down V.I.L.E., and Carmen agrees before collapsing onto the snow.

Ivy arrives to where Otter Man is trying to sell off the data crystal in a tomte, a Swedish 'ice gnome'. Managing to take the crystal from him, she slides away on a sled, leaving the V.I.L.E. operatives behind and meeting Zack to rescue Carmen.

Meanwhile, an A.C.M.E. issued helicopter hovers over the cliff, Carmen tied to it. She expects Chief to arrest her, but the commander lets her choose between helicopter transport and going with Zack and Ivy, who just arrived, as an act of goodwill. Carmen chooses to be brought to the siblings. In the van to a hospital, Ivy assures her that the data crystals have been taken care of.

Back at V.I.L.E. central, the Faculty announces that they will leave the location, much to the students' surprise. Explaining that Carmen Sandiego is the reason why they have to relocate, Coach Brunt encourages the trainees to take her down once and for all.

The episode ends with the students cheering at her statement.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The Stockholm Syndrome Caper/Transcript

In other languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Síndrome de Estocolmo Mission Stockholm Synrome
French Opération Syndrome de Stockholm Operation Stockholm Syndrome
Italian Il caso della Sindrome di Stoccolma The Case of the Stockholm Syndrome
Portuguese Missão Síndrome de Estocolmo Mission Stockholm Syndrome
Hebrew תסמונת שטוקהולם Stockholm Syndrome
Thai ปฏิบัติการโจรกรรมในสต็อกโฮล์ม

Pt̩ibạtikār cor kr rm nı s̄t̆ xk ḥol̒m

Operation Robbery in Stockholm
Arabic عمليّة اضطراب ستوكهولم

Emlyt aidtirab satwkhulm

Stockholm Trouble
Japanese ストックホルムで大ピンチ

Suttokuhorumu de dai pinchi

A big pinch in Stockholm
Korean 스톡홀름 신드롬 작전

seutogholleum sindeulom jagjeon

Operation Stockholm


Chinese 斯德哥摩爾症候群案件

Sī dé gē mó'ěr zhènghòuqún ànjiàn

Stockholm Syndrome Case





  • Stockholm Syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop an attachment to their captors.
    • Ironically, Julia is trying to get Carmen to be loyal to A.C.M.E.
    • The title of the episode refers to it being set in Stockholm, Sweden, and Ivy being captured by Otter Man and Moose Boy.
  • To avoid dying of hypothermia, Carmen makes peace with the Chief and promises to help expose V.I.L.E.
  • When negotiating with Carmen, the Chief asks Carmen "Where in the world are you?". This is a reference to the franchise's iconic tagline.