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The Sticky Rice Caper is the third episode season one and the third episode overall of the 2019 Netflix series.


Team Red head to Indonesia to stop one of Doctor Bellum's experiments from destroying the country's rice. And in France, Chase and Julia get ready to interrogate their witness. Meanwhile, A.CM.E continues their hunt to track down the elusive Carmen Sandiego

Escaping A.C.M.E[]

As Carmen continues to be taken to safety, she calls for the driver, Zack to drive the boat quicker in order to escape the tailing agents, to which Zack mistakes as shaking his backside, Carmen corrects him and slightly raises her handheld mirror which she uses to get a close look at who is following them and sends it to Player. The latter looks at the picture and believes them to have been with Interpol, something Carmen denies stating that they are too slick and then denies them to be V.I.L.E claiming that they are too sleazy, as the agents slowly start to catch up, Carmen warns Zack and he then continues to drive on down through the river.

Carmen then brings up the rendezvous point to Player who then tells her than he is already ahead of her in the plan, as he types, Zack speeds up his boat as a cargo boat starts to block the canal, Zack makes it through the small gap as the boat that Agent Zari and her partner on, becomes blocked, Zari then calls up to the driver demanding that the ship be moved, the driver, who is really Ivy in disguise, asks the agent if she speaks French only for Zari to become impatient and once again demand the ship, Ivy then talks in English to the two as Carmen confirms that they are in the area to pick her up, Ivy then removes her disguise and jumps down to reunite with her friend and brother.

To Indonesia[]

On the plan after leaving France, Zack wonders where his snacks are that he asked Ivy to get, Ivy admits that she did not get them as Zack talks in detail about the food he was after. As Ivy compares the mission to food, Zack complains about now being hungry after his sister mentioned bacon, the conversation of which causes Player to wonder when Carmen will throw the sibling's off the plane to which Carmen states that they are her in-fight entertainment as she mentions that they are going to Indonesia, Player explains that the country is made up of over seventeen-thousand islands, to which Carmen adds her own contributions stating that Indonesia has the fourth largest population after China, India and America, Player jokes that there are a lot of mouths to feed as Carmen adds that that is why the country produces rice and that it is the staple food for the people there. Player then mentions that the islands are home to the Komodo Dragons, a lizard that can grow to up to ten feet. Carmen then mentions she does wish to the He Shang shadow puppetry, saying that it is over a thousand years old and is still performed even in modern day, Player then confirms that V.I.L.E is on location and that Jakarta, also known as The Big Dorian, is the capital of Indonesia, as the two talk about the fruit, Player compares the fruit to a unwashed sock, stating that despite its delicate taste, it has a horrid smell to it. Carmen continues on her laptop and learns that her facial recognition has not found a match for the A.C.M.E agents that had been chasing her.

Taking Gray[]

Meanwhile in Paris, Julia talks with Chase about how they are unsure of why Carmen would attack a supposed bystander, with the victim being Gray who had been taken in for questioning, as the two walk on, Julia finds it strange that the supposed victim did not have any form of identification on him, a claim which Chase believe that Carmen stole what he had, Julia still sees it as a valid assumption to which Chase thanks her for. As Julia continues to state that she thinks petty thievery is below that of Carmen's standards, Chase tells her to stop interrogating him and instead question their witness but as Chase opens the door, he finds the chair empty and demands to know where Gray is as Julia grabs a piece of paper from the door and tells him that the witness was legally allowed to leave, now furious at the idea of losing a lead to Carmen, Chase becomes furious and demands to know who was behind the release of the operative.

Outside, Gray gets into a limousine and jokes about the high class service, stating that it is better than having to deal with moving through sewers as The Cleaners drive him away. Believing he is to be sent on another assignment, Gray jokes that his next mission is to secure chocolate eclairs for Coach Brunt, The Cleaners ignore him as the two inform The Faculty that they have completed what they were asked to do as Professor Maelstrom thanks them, the latter then asks Doctor Bellum if they should start the protocol for debriefing only for him to turn and see the doctor on several screens to which he tells her to pick one, Bellum then explains that she is focused on an important matter as she then goes through her screens to find what she is looking for, after finding it, she shares her screen to the others as she mentions that her devices had found Carmen who was in the process of getting onto the plane that would be taking her to Java, Bellum then brings up the fact that Java is also where some of her assets are, bringing up the fact that it is now most likely in danger of being stopped by Carmen since the latter had done damage when she had been in France. Maelstrom then assures her that a more efficient operative has been assigned to their mission.

Team Red In Indonesia[]

As Zack drives through the narrow road, he complains about not seeing a take-out restaurant in the area as Ivy tells him to think about something other than food as she tells him to think of a stakeout instead causing Zack to only think of meat instead. Ivy then brings up a stakeout was how they met Carmen, Zack then brings up doughnuts and then says that if they were made by V.I.L.E, they would taste vile to which causes him to seemingly become sick, which amuses Ivy slightly, as the car stops, Carmen places her trench coat back on as Ivy mentions that it is hot out though Carmen answers she will need her tools as the three come across one of Bellum's laboratories. Using Red Drone, Ivy gets the small drone inside and navigates it through the laser security as Zack asks about people not being to move around if the place is as secured as that hallway to which Carmen tells him that it is empty. Inside, Red Drone comes across a panel as Player then disables all security and the back door opens, allowing Team Red to enter.

Inside, Carmen informs her team that even though it appears empty, it had been recently vacated as she tests her theory by feeling a cup and discover it was still warm and then tells them she believes V.I.L.E already knew they were coming. As she gets to a computer, Carmen then asks Player for his help as Zack goes to eat a bowl of rice, believing it to be leftovers, Carmen grabs the dish from out of his hand and explains that it is a petri dish covered in rice which in turn, is covered in fungus. Player then tells the team that Bellum's place is to use the rice-eating spores to wipe-out the rice, the three go to leave as Ivy asks how they can help stop Indonesia's staple food from being destroyed, Carmen tells her that they will steal it before V.I.L.E can get away with their plan. Outside, Zack discovers truck marking on the ground as Carmen confirms it must be V.I.L.E as they had just recently departed from the lab.

Encountering Tigress[]

During the drive to follow the truck, Ivy questions why V.I.L.E would want to destroy the rice to which Carmen instantly replies by stating that V.I.L.E would sell their instant, imitation rice to the country at a inflated cost so that they can make more money. As Zack drives on, the three notice a truck below as Carmen glides down to it and lands on the roof, inside, Sheena hears the noise of Carmen landing and finds her on top, Carmen remarks that she had not seen Sheena since Morocco to which Sheena recalls how the former broke her visor, Carmen calmly tells her opponent that they would have been fine had she protected the face, Sheena becomes angered and unleashes her claws telling Carmen she will rearrange her face. The two start to fight as Zack and Ivy follow behind, noticing Carmen is occupied with her rival, Ivy then jumps onto the back of the truck and picks the lock. Carmen then demands to know what is in the truck as Sheena further taunts her.

Driving under the trees that grow the Dorian fruit, one falls down and Sheena slices it in half which then flies into the car causing Zack to stop and take it, seeing it as an opportunity to eat, he then smells it only to discover the horrendous smell, despite this, he eats it anyways then continues to drive. On the truck, the doors open and Ivy holds on, Zack speeds up to save his sister as Carmen and Sheena continue to fight. After kicking Sheena away from her, Carmen goes to save Ivy by using her grappling hook only for Sheena to grab her once again and kick her back, Carmen soon discovers that the truck is carrying many fireworks, another attack sends Carmen off the truck and safely in the car, the truck then gets away.

Temporarily Stopped[]

As Zack and Ivy repair the car, Carmen wonders what the fireworks were for as Player asks why Sheena did not just go to the fields and infect the rice that way, Carmen shuts down the theory by mentioning that it is not V.I.L.E's way of doing things. Still thinking, Carmen asks Player if there are any areas within the country that may have fireworks, Player confirms it by explaining that there is a shadow puppet show being played not too far from the team's location.


In Paris, Chase and Julia go through various files as Julia then comments on how there were no fingers, Chase becomes a little furious believing that his assistant is just rubbing it in his face, Julia then remarks that Chase's assumption of Gray being an innocent witness must be right, causing Chase to briefly mention how he was right though states that without Gray, his link to capturing Carmen is now long gone.

Stopping The Plan[]

Now in the celebration, Carmen walks through the area as the people enjoy the shadow show and other shows that are being performed around them. Carmen then asks Zack and Ivy to watch out for Sheena, Zack then promises they will do so as he and Ivy try walk using the long, wooden stilts as Ivy almost loses her balance. By the fireworks, Sheena informs Doctor Bellum that the fireworks are ready, Bellum then tells her that her orders are to only release them after the shadow puppet show is over which causes Sheena to mention that by waiting, it leaves the opportunity for Carmen to arrive on the scene. In a tree, Carmen appears as Sheena attempts to ask Bellum for permission to break protocol, though the doctor does not answer as Carmen knocks her rival down.

Now on ground, Sheena and Carmen continue their fight as Zack and Ivy come over, Sheena then grabs one of the poles Ivy was using and the latter falls onto the floor as Zack drops down and hands one over to Carmen, the scene causes the puppeteers to flee as the fight continues on the stage as the people watching then find it still entertaining, Carmen orders Zack to go light the red fireworks as Sheena then seemingly gains the upper-hand, after knocking down a light and causing the show to go dark, Sheena goes to light the fireworks and leaves not knowing the fireworks she went to ignite were the wrong ones, Zack and Ivy move the spore ones out of the way as the real fireworks light up the sky, Carmen then treats her friends to rice.

Erasing Gray's Memory[]

Back at V.I.L.E Academy, Gray walks with Doctor Bellum and Professor Maelstrom stating that he only failed his mission because Carmen was just too good. As the two instructors lead him into a room, Maelstrom asks him to sit in the chair, seeing Gray's uncertain expression, Maelstrom eases him by asking him more politely, Gray obeys and sits down as Maelstrom brings up Gray's past of attending the Academy and that while failure is forgivable, capture is not tolerated, to which Gray tries to assure his Professor that he will not fail again causing Maelstrom to tell him that though agrees it will not happen again, the Academy cannot take a second chance as Bellum walks forward with a device trying to assure Gray that the pain he will feel will not be long, but rather short and there will be a slight tingling sensation. Despite Gray's protesting screams of no, Bellum places the device on him anyways.

A.C.M.E On The Scene[]

Back in Indonesia, Agent Zari and her partner head to where the festival took place as Zari informs The Chief, Zari then tells her partner that their boss has confirmed that they are to initiate their second plan.


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In Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Arroz pegajoso Mission: Sticky Rice
French Opération Riz Gluant Operation Sticky Rice
Portuguese Missão Arroz Grudento Mission Sticky Rice
Italian Il caso del riso contraffatto The Case of Counterfeit Rice
Hebrew מבצע אורז דביק Sticky Rice Operation
Greek Επιχείρηση: Κολλώδες ρύζι

Epicheírisi: Kollódes rýzi

Business: Sticky Rice
Thai ปฏิบัติการล่าข้าวเหนียว

Pt̩ibạtikār l̀ā k̄ĥāwh̄enīyw

The Sticky Rice Operation
Arabic عمليّة الأرزّ الشائك

emlyt alarz alshshayik

The Prickly Rice Process
Japanese お米を守れ

Okome o mamore

Protect the Rice
Korean 쌀밥 작전

ssalbab jagjeon

Rice Operation
Chinese 糯米案件

Nuòmǐ ànjiàn

Case of the Sticky Rice


  • In their second encounter, Sheena refers to Carmen as "Fedora the Explorer", a reference to the character "Dora the Explorer".
  • This episode contains a error. When driving in Indonesia, the steering wheel of Team Red's vehicle is on the left side, when it should be on the right, as in Indonesia, the people there drive on the left side of the road.
  • Zack and Ivy make their official debut.
  • Coach Brunt is mentioned but does not appear.
  • The Chief is mentioned but does not appear.
  • This episode marks Gray's departure from V.I.L.E until he slowly regained his memories of them in The Big Bad Ivy Caper and temporarily allied with them again in The Himalayan Rescue Caper.


Team Red[]




  • Sharon Muthu as Agent Zari

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