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The Opera in the Outback Caper is the sixth episode of Season 1 of the Carmen Sandiego.


At the Sydney Opera House, Carmen is looking for a V.I.L.E. operative when she runs into Gray. While at first, she assumes him to be the operative, he insists his name is "Graham" and he is nothing more than an ordinary electrician. After talking to him, Carmen realizes he isn't just putting on an act: he truly does not recognize her and is not acting as part of V.I.L.E. The operative in the opera house that night, she realizes, is Le Chevre.

He is carrying a device. She tries to get it from him, but he succeeds in activating it. A wave is emitted, but no one in the audience or on stage seems any the wiser.

Player figures out that the device played a subliminal message recorded by Dr. Bellum saying, "launch the Boomerang," directed at Dr. Jeanine Dennam of HelioGem, a space-flight company. The "Boomerang" in question is a rocket.

Carmen approaches Gray, seeking for him to be her tour guide through the outback. He says he can't, but asks her to meet him for dinner at his favorite cafe. The next day, Carmen has sought out a tour guide, who brings them to HelioGem. Player finds out that the Boomerang is defective and shouldn't be able to be launched, but Carmen says that must be V.I.L.E.'s plan: cause the rocket to explode, destroying Aboriginal land with debris and ruining the company.

Zack and Ivy try to distract Dr. Dennam while Carmen hacks the system. Le Chevre and El Topo work together to get the song playing through speakers in the building via a satellite, and Dr. Dennam walks away from them, mind set on launching the Boomerang. They're able to stop her, but unfortunately, Carmen was exposed to the subliminal message as well—when it begins to play over the speakers in the computer room, she presses the launch button.

Player alerts Zack and Ivy, who team up to stop the launch. Zack tricks El Topo into leaving the computer, allowing him to stop the music. Ivy fights with Le Chevre and nearly falls to certain doom, when Carmen saves her and stops the launch.

Carmen goes to meet with Gray when Player reminds her that doing so could put her and Gray in danger. This makes her change her mind, and she turns back.

Professor Maelstrom calls a student to his office. He asks her to bring him Carmen Sandiego's hat. In response, she throws an origami throwing star at a skeleton, decapitating it.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The Opera in the Outback Caper/Transcript


In Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Ópera en el interior de Australia Mission: The Opera in Australia
French Opération Boomerang Operation Boomerang
Portuguese Missão Ópera no Outback Outback Opera Mission
Italian Il caso dell'opera nell'outback The Case of the Opera in the Outback
Hebrew מבצע האופרה בערבות Opera in the Evening
Greek Επιχείρηση: Έρημος της Αυστραλίας Operation: Desert of Australia
Thai สืบคดีโอเปร่าล้างสมอง Investigate the Opera
Arabic عمليّة الأوبرا في المناطق النائية Opera in the Outback
Japanese オーストラリアでオペラ Opera in Australia
Korean 아웃백 오페라 작전 Operation Outback Opera
Chinese 內陸歌劇案件 The Inland Opera Case


  • The song featured in the episode is "L'Amour Est un Oiseau Rebelle," which means "Love Is a Rebellious Bird." And it's written by Georges Bizet for the song Carmen Suite Number 1.

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