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The Mechanic is a V.I.L.E. operative who specializes in stealing and dismantling cars.


The Mechanic is a stocky woman in her forties. She has tan skin and blonde hair tied into a bun at the top with some strands around her face. She wears a blue coverall jumpsuit with a black belt, a pair of black gloves, and black boots. She carries a wrench with her and speaks in a thick Cockney accent.


The Mechanic is fun-loving and tomboyish, along with being Coach Brunt's best friend. She has a very thick accent, and seems to have some pride in being British. She is very confident in her skills, and like all of the candidates for Shadowsan's vacant seat, she was extremely cocky and sure that she would secure the spot. However, she isn't entirely professional, as shown when she pretended that she was driving a stolen car and making race-car track sounds. She does not hesitate to harm others when they get in her way, like all V.I.L.E. operatives. She does not seem to be very bright.


Early Life[]

It is unknown about her origins, though she was born in Britain, and during her early years in The Isle of V.I.L.E, she became best friends with Coach Brunt, as evidenced by their own secret handshake. Brunt later gave her the nickname “Mekkie”.

The Need for Speed Caper[]

She attempted to become Shadowsan's replacement on V.I.L.E's Faculty by stealing a prototype of an all-electric super car from a gala unveiling in Dubai to make a fleet of V.I.L.E. super-getaway cars, along with her friend and fellow V.I.L.E. agent, The Driver. However, Carmen and her team clashed with them in a getaway blimp and saved the car.


The Mechanic is highly skilled in the science of auto mechanics, as she has her own "chop shop" that strips cars to their bare essentials. She wields different wrenches that she uses as weapons, though at least some of her wrenches often end up with grease on them.

In other languages[]

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
Spanish Mechanic - Mónica Villaseñor
German Mechanic - Andrea Cleven
French La mécanique The Mechanic Daria Levannier
Polish Mechanik Mechanic Aleksandra Spyra
Japanese メカニック


Mechanic ニケライ ファラナーゼ

Nikerai Faranāze

Korean 메카닉


Mechanic 김자연 (Kim Jayeon)



  • She often makes Charles Dickens references such as Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger, even directly uttering "Who in the Dickens were they?" after the sports car was stolen.

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