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The Masks of Venice Caper is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Carmen Sandiego.


Carmen, Ivy, and Zack reunite with an old friend in Venice, where V.I.L.E. plots to steal priceless masks from a museum.


Carnivale in Venice

Carnevale in Venice

Carnevale has arrived in Venice. V.I.L.E. sends operatives there to partake in a theft of masks during the annual event, while Team Red heads there to stop them. They meet up with Shadowsan and arrive via boat.

Chase and Zari

Agents Chase and Zari

A.C.M.E.'s Chief decides to assign Agent Zari as a partner for Chase Devineaux and sends them to Venice, as Crime Net has located Carmen's destination.

Mime Bomb and Neal the Eel

Mime Bomb and Neal the Eel on a gondola

Team Red tours the city and spots Mime Bomb performing on the street. Carmen and Shadowsan chase Mime Bomb, while Zack and Ivy see Neal the Eel and give chase. However, both operatives manage to slip away unseen onto a gondola.

On a bridge, Devineaux and Zari look at a banner and deduce that Carmen Sandiego will strike at a museum with genuine historical masks. Team Red enters the museum, where various masks are there with scholars from their respective countries. Shadowsan sees a Japanese mask worn by samurai and notices his brother, but stays out of sight.

Security briefs the scholars

A.C.M.E. briefs scholars

Meanwhile, Carmen, Ivy, and Zack hide as they see the A.C.M.E. pair. Later, Carmen assuages Shadowsan's doubts about stealing something so meaningful to his brother on his watch, telling him it's the right thing to do. The scholars gathered there are briefed on the thieves that will strike and are told to be on the look out.

At night, a plan is executed. Carmen and Shadowsan enter the museum through a window while Zack poses as a museum curator and distracts Devineaux and Zari. They begin to take the masks when Hideo catches them in the act and recognizes Carmen as well.

Hideo sees them

Hideo talks to Shadowsan

They talk and Shadowsan tries to tell him that stealing the masks is the only way they know how to protect the masks. Neal the Eel slips in and takes one, only for Shadowsan to fight him. Neal manages to get the upperhand when Shadowsan takes the masks and gives it to Carmen, allowing Neal to electrocute Shadowsan. Then, Carmen throws down a bottle of olive oil, making the floor too slippery for even Neal. Shadowsan, while down, kicks Neal, making him slip across the entire museum and crash into a glass display.

Neal the eel slides

Neal slides across the floor

Meanwhile, Devineaux discovers that he is being duped, as the real masks were replaced by souvenirs. Zari catches Carmen and Shadowsan red-handed, but Hideo knocks her out.

Carmen escapes, closely followed by V.I.L.E. Hideo is hidden away by Shadowsan so that he will not be seen by the authorities. A security guard sees Mime Bomb and Neal the Eel, and reports the theft. Everyone is in a heightened state. Carmen takes the box of masks and drives away, while Devineaux gives chase. However, she is blocked by Mime Bomb and Neal, who take the box. Devineaux sprints after Carmen and leaps into her boat, where she tells him to take care of the box and grapples away. Devineaux is left dumbfounded and remembers a conversation with Julia Argent. Zari catches up and praises him for securing the stolen items.

Neal and Mime Bomb reach a hidden canal and open the box, revealing the contents to be cheap tourist merchandise. Mime Bomb tries to warn Neal of incoming police, but he is misunderstood and instead dives into the water, leaving Neal to be arrested

Hideo and Shadowsan bow to each other

Hideo and Shadowsan bow to each other

At the docks, Hideo is informed about his brother's mission to take down V.I.L.E. Assuring his brother that he is doing a samurai's work in ninja garb, Video tells Shadowsan that he is welcomed home once his mission is over. With a warm smile, Shadowsan explains his place is with Carmen for the time being.

At V.I.L.E. Castle, Roundabout reassures the rest of the V.I.L.E. Faculty that Neal the Eel will be released and that an elaborate trap will be set for Carmen Sandiego that she will not be able to resist.



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  • This episode features the return of Mime Bomb, who was absent for all of Season 2.
  • Mime Bomb still has the Lucky Cat statue from The Lucky Cat Caper.
  • Hideo, Shadowsan's brother, returns in this episode, having been last seen in the Season 2 episode, The Daisho Caper.
  • This episode marks Neal the Eel's second appearance in the series.
  • This episode occurs right before November 5; roughly November 4.

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