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The Lucky Cat Caper is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Carmen Sandiego.


In foggy San Francisco, Carmen attends an elegant charity auction, and after buying a car from Zack's favorite film series, learns Mime Bomb stole a rare stamp worth $10 million, and follows his trail to Chinatown. When Mime Bomb calls in to report, Shadow-san sends in Tigress, but Coach Brunt believes something will go wrong and sends the Cleaners as unseen backup. A vote is called, but Bellum is too busy trying to hack the A.C.M.E. card, so she votes "yes" to get it out of her way. But when Mime Bomb spots Carmen observing him, he leaves the lucky cat statue he had in a shop. Yet, while Carmen and Tigress fight over it, Mime Bomb slips the stamp into Chase Devineaux's coat as the Agent interrogates him, then releases him. Later on at Fisherman's Wharf, Tigress gets the stamp by covertly cutting through Devineaux's coat, leading Carmen, and by extent Devineaux, to a chase to the Golden Gate Bridge. Devineaux crashes the car into the river, while the Cleaners rendezvous to get Tigress, but Carmen manages to swipe the stamp from her and escape with Tigress' phone to call V.I.L.E. and gloat. As Coach Brunt mocks Shadowsan's decision, Dr. Bellum announces she at least found out the owner of the A.C.M.E. ID Card: Chase Devineaux.


For the full episode transcript, see: The Lucky Cat Caper/Transcript


In Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: El gato de la suerte Mission: The Lucky Cat
French Opération Chat porte-bonheur Operation Lucky Cat
Portuguese Missão Gato da Sorte Mission: Lucky Cat
Italian Il caso del gatto della fortuna The Case of the Lucky Cat
Hebrew מבצע חתול מזל Lucky Cat Operation
Greek Επιχείρηση: Τυχερή γάτα

Epicheírisi: Tycherí gáta

Operation: Lucky Cat
Thai ภารกิจหาแมวนำโชค

P̣hārkic h̄ā mæw nả chokh

Mission to Find a Lucky Cat
Arabic عمليّة هرّة الحظّ

emlyt hrrt alhz

Operation Misfortune
Japanese お宝は招きねこの中に

Otakara wa manekineko no naka ni

The Lucky Cat's Treasure
Korean 행운의 고양이 작전

haeng-un-ui goyang-i jagjeon

The Lucky Cat Operation
Chinese 招財貓案件

Zhāocái māo ànjiàn

The Lucky Cat Case