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The Luchadora Tango Caper is the premiere episode of Season 3 of Carmen Sandiego.


Carmen searches for clues to her mother's identity in Veracruz, Mexico, where she befriends a fierce luchadora: A masked wrestler!



New headquarters for V.I.L.E.

After scrubbing their previous facility, the V.I.L.E. Faculty moved into an abandoned castle in the Outer Hebrides in the Highlands of Scotland, thanks to the covert aid of the newest Faculty member, Roundabout.

Setting things up, they settle in and Roundabout reports that he is presently searching for Carmen. Professor Maelstrom remarks that the reveal of Shadowsan's role in Carmen's father's death has most likely turned the two against each other.

Meanwhile, Carmen, Zack, and Ivy are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Carmen heads into the country's best known bank and breaks into the safe deposit vault, specifically box 1021, used by her father, Dexter Wolfe. Inside, she finds passports, and a locket with an image of her father and herself as a baby. Player uses his computer to analyze and triangulate a building in the background, tracing it to a location in Veracruz, Mexico.

Carmen in Bank

Carmen in bank

Box 1021

Box where Dexter Wolfe hid items

Returning to Zack and Ivy, who are busy watching a tango, Carmen runs into new V.I.L.E. graduate Spin Kick, who starts a fight with Carmen. They battle and Carmen ends up on the roof of a building, where her hand is caught wrapped against a pole by fellow graduate Fly Trap, working in tandem with Spin Kick.

Spin Kick

Spin Kick


Fly Trap

However, Shadowsan appears and helps Carmen double team the two, leaving them strung up on a flagpole. As a result, Coach Brunt decides to head into the field to try and deal with Carmen herself, flying to Mexico.

Carmen, Zack, Ivy, and Shadowsan sit at a café table and Shadowsan removes a tracking device that Spin Kick managed to put on her back during the fight, taking it on a flight to Africa to keep the two operatives off Carmen's trail, while Carmen and the team travel to Veracruz. They arrive and are confronted by an elderly man who mistakes her for a woman named Carlotta Valdez.

Old man

They do some digging and arrive at the house of someone they think is her mother. They break in, but are caught by the owner, Lupe Peligro. She invites Carmen, Zack, and Ivy to a wrestling match that night after being sympathetic to Carmen's plight.

Lupe Peligro

Lupe Peligro

A.C.M.E sends newly reinstated Agent Chase Devineaux and Agent Julia Argent there. Just before the match, Coach Brunt knocks out the other wrestler, El Monstruo Gigante, taking her mask and her place. In the rooms right before the ring, Brunt finds Carmen, but Lupe tackles her into the ring, and fights, with the crowd believing it to just be part of the match. Devineaux sees Carmen, and puts cuffs on her. Carmen pulls Devineaux into the ring in order for her to help Lupe, and Brunt does a body slam, crushing him under her massive weight and body into the ground, just as Carmen gets the cuffs off.

Devineaux crushed

Devineaux crushed

Lupe and Carmen manage to defeat Brunt and nearly remove her mask, but she manages to escape before they can. Devineaux summons his car to chase after them, but it is destroyed when Brunt lands on it in her escape.

Brunt almost revealed to the public

Soon, Carmen bids farewell to Lupe and they depart. Brunt returns to the rest of the Faculty, who witnessed her near exposure when her phone accidentally contacted them during the fight, claiming that nobody saw her face. Maelstrom then declares that it is time to get into the spirit, as Halloween is soon upon them.

Maelstrum holds Pumpkin

Halloween masks




  • The tango dancers seen in the beginning of the episode bear a similar resemblance to Carmen Sandiego and Shadowsan.

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