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Labyrinth, Part 3: When in Rome is the 5th episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


The three-parter culminates as the kids deduce Carmen's plan; to prove she is the greatest thief of all time: Past, Present, and Future! They learn about the Roman Coliseum, first hand, when they become the main attraction!


Chief briefs Player on previous events.

Zack and Ivy are in custody in a police flying craft and held behind force bars. Zack uses a yo yo while Ivy rocks the ship so the Chronoskimmer comes to them. They barely get it in time as they track the ion signal of Carmen. During their trip via time, they see the Chief from the present, w ho helps them see the coordinates and gets them to the ALPS, where they intercept Hannibal.

They land on a cart on an elephant and fall down a slope, where Hannibal wants to kill them for being possibly witches. They lead them to a stake in the ground. Carmen appears in her time machine, and uses it to steal 4 elephants owned by Hannibal and disappears, while giving a coin and a clue to her next crime; a ring sized place. Zack and Ivy realize it must be the Roman Coliseum as it is possibly connected to the bust of Aurelius she had stolen.

The pair use a C5 corridor from the Alps in 215 BC to 176AD in Rome. There, they get some cloth from a merchant to wear clothing but couldn't pay because Zack lost the coin. They had to run from the centurions. They were forced to jump a building down to an aqueduct, but fall into a heating room for a Roman bath. They walk out to see a bunch of people in a pool, and Zack trips into it. The guards come and arrest both, taking them to a holding cell so they can later participate in the Coliseum battles.

At the coliseum, they see Carmen bring in things via elephant at night. The next day, the pair had developed a goal to do something. Zack bifurcates the Chronoskimmer so he can do something while Ivy is sent up to fight. As she is brought up, the crowd cheers. The fighter is given a note in which he had to leave. A new fighter pops up, but it is Zack. He drops the helmet on his foot and make the crowd laugh but that quickly turns negative. The pair try to stage a fight but Zack's clumsy nature doesn't put up of a show for the crowd. He is exchange with another fighter. As he is down there, he puts a guard in a cell, and escapes a lion, taking the keys with him. While he is running, he sees the bust of Marcus Arelius and realizes a plastic mask was created.

As Ivy beats another opponent, the owner of the clothing shop gives them a silver necklace. Zack runs up and tells her that Carmen is posing as Marcus Aurelius, and Ivy gives him the silver necklace to fix the Chronoskimmer. Soon enough, worker slowly move the cover of the stadium to cover the arena; this is actually technology that was hauled into place the night prior by Carmen as real technology in ancinet Rome; this is a planned heist of the Coliseum.

Soon after the fights end, Carmen takes off her mask and initiates her plan. The stadium starts the lift off but Zack and Ivy foil it via a trident. The heist fails and Carmen is frustrated. She approaches Zack an Ivy and throws a trident to bring down a tent that lands on them; this act enables her to have time to escape via the time machine. The pair manage to get the Chronoskimmer working so the pair can return to present day. At Carmen's hideout, they miss them from actually capturing Carmen. Chief enters and is interested in what happened. When he sees the anti-chief, he throws a fit to Zack and Ivy's amusement.

Stolen Items[]

  • Elephants from Hannibal


  • Bust of Areulius Ceaser
  • Coin
  • Ring sized event for Carmen's Next Crime


  • Abijan, Ivory Coast
  • Alps - 215 BC
  • Rome, Italy 176 AD
    • Coliseum
  • Carmen's secret hideout - present day



  • Can you name the Phoenician general who led his army across the Alps with his elephants?
    • Hannibal led his army across the Alps on elephants, trying to pull off a surprise attack on Rome.
  • Can you name the largest city on Earth in the year 176 A.D.?
    • In 176 A.D., there were over a million people living in Rome, making it the largest city in the world at the time




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