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The Labyrinth, Part 2 is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It is part 2 of 3 of the Labyrinth series.


Zack and Ivy track Carmen to the year 2101. The Chief doesn't recognize them and Carmen has become a world class hero! They must catch her red handed at whatever she's up to, AND try to stay out of jail themselves.


Chief briefs Player on the previous events.

Carmen Sandiego in her pod lands in Central America near a Meso American temple in Central America. The year is 2101. She sees something burrowing in the ground; it is a pod and it breaks into a secret lab in the temple. The pair enter to the center and try to steal it. Carmen steps in and stops them. The police arrive and arrest them. Zack and Ivy arrive in Times Square in New York City and sees a news bulletin reporting Carmen as a heroine who stopped a robbery at a high security lab belonging to the United Nations.

There they decide to contact Chief; instead a C5 corridor brings them to ACME headquarters. There, in the intervening 100+ years, numerous upgrades were made. Chief had gone a recent upgrade and no longer appears on a purple screen; Instead he has become a giant golden head. There, the pair are dismayed that the Chief does not recognize them because the files are periodically archived, thuius it does not recognize the pair at all. Attempts to search archives does not bring up anything, there fore, he seems them as nonexistent. Meanwhile, Carmen arrives in at the Hotel Millenium in Moscow, Russia, and access a computer. She manages to access the content of the Library of Congress and deletes everything that mentions her. Chief finds a trophy that references them. The pair manage to get the Chief to assign them tasks, and send the pair to Russia in an attempt to find Carmen while being asked questions by it.

In Moscow, Russia, the pair arrive. Two police officers detect them and pursue because they did not appear in the World Population Files. The police on machines throw and fail to catch the papir by using a net so the two hide behind a van owned by a Chef. They run into the Millennium Hotel and try to catch her but fall out of the room as hey only caught a dummy. The two police men come and arrest them; but release the pair due to intervention of the Chief. The pair continue walking down the road hoping to find a place to get information; they approach an information terminal where the Chief says he was able to access the archives and see that the pair are actual detectives. During a briefing, Chief activates a Shield of Silence so that no one else can hear their ocnversation.

Meanwhile, Chief asks player to figure out the clues, knowing that it is the WOrld Fair in the Ivory Coast, with the items stolen. The pair immediately use a C5 corridor.

Carmen is scheduled to unveail the UN electro magnet technology at the World Fair and she needs to be stopped. She is to be presented with an award. Zack and Ivy use a C5 corridor and land in the Ivory Coast, and knock over a cart of items. Two police officers take notice and see they have records in Russia. They appear at the event, and confrotn Carmen Sandiego. She takes the item and leaves, hiding in a costume until he item appears. They grab the chrono skimmer but are too late in escaping. The police arrest the pair. To be continued in Part 3

Stolen Items[]

  • Panther-Man costume
  • electro-magnet technology from a United Nations laboratory


  • Panther Man costume.
  • words spoken
  • World Fair event


  • 19 N 90 W, Mexico, near a temple
  • New York City, New York
  • Hotel Millennium, Moscow, Russia
  • Abijan, Ivory Coast



  • What famous Russian composer wrote the score of the ballet, THE NUTCRACKER?
    • Tchaikovsky wrote the music for the ballet, The Nutcracker, as well as the 1812 Overture.
  • Where might you find a panther-man costume? 1) India 2) Africa 3) Australia?
    • Africa is where you oculd find someone wearing a panther-man costume as part of a traditional tribla ceremony


  • This episode continues the three-part "Labyrinth" story-arc.


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