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The Labyrinth Part 1 is the 3rd episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It is the first episode of a trilogy.


Zack and Ivy infiltrate Carmen's secret training ground. They endure a game show-like regimen, complete with a wise-cracking anti-chief, while trying to get to the nerve center of the V.I.L.E. operation.


San Francisco

In ACME headquarters, Zack and Ivy are playing Trivia with the Chief when Ivy wins a tie breaker. Menawhile, they watch a news station Current Copy give a report on Carmen Sandiego.

Meanwhile, Carmen Sandiego walks in a place and steals a minature model of the ARc d'Triumph. She gets into a truck and is pursued by a police car. They managed to escape and park somewhere. She watches the Current Copy program; it says Carmen wasn't know 10 years before and could fade away. This inspires Carmen to say there is a lot of time.

At ACME Headquarters, Chief briefs Zack and Ivy on the recent thefts by Carmen. They were all all from a Minature Park from Brussels, Belgium. The pair use a C5 corridor to arrive at the park in Belgium, where they receive a clue from a dog. It was a shoe from a Henchmen; it smelled of Bat Guano. A but report from CrimeNet reported sightings of henchmen in a cave in Kentucky, USA, meaning the henchmen w ere in Mammoth Cave. The pair use a C5 corridor to Mammoth Cave.

There, they arrive and hide, seeing 2 henchmen part of a tour group but diverge to different paths. Those two were Touriest Classe and Clay Tandoori, who leads them to the VILE headquarters training grounds, which was hidden behind a hologram of a waterfalls. The pair follow and the security system assumes they are new recruits and asks for their names; both give them as "Bat guano" and "yew gross". They enter and see trainees train on scaling a model of the Tower of PIsa before being called to action by Carmen. There, they see an Anti-chief, a program set up by Carmen that is a clone of the ACME Chief, set them up to try and scale it. They do so, while being asked questions by it.

Succeeding, they reach the top. Meanwhile in Amsterdam, Carmen is in her car when she receives alters about intruders and realize its Zack and Ivy. The pair go through a series of corridors and had to guess a few clues to reach a chasm, where they had to tools to get across. There, they enter a room to see Carmen enter a machine. Zack and I vy try to catch her but she escapes in time. There, they see the lost ChronoSkimmer they had lost in a prior case, in which they had travelled back in time to the American Revolution. They brief the real Chief, who had been waiting to hear from them. The Chief gives them a new Chronoskimmer, and track the destination of Carmen, who has travelled to the Future.

To be continued.

Stolen Items[]

  • Arc d'Triumphe - France
  • Parthenon - Greece
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • ChronoSkimmer


  • Size 10 shoe from a henchman
  • Bat guano smell
  • Chronoskimmer
  • Clues left in puzzle.




There were no questions in this episode.


  • Walloons


  • This episode begins the three-part "Labyrinth" story-arc.



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