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The Jolly Good Show Caper is the fifth and final episode of Season 3 of Carmen Sandiego.


Carmen and her crew break into the Tower of London to stop V.I.L.E. from nabbing the Crown Jewels. But it's a trap!


The caper in Venice was a success with the capture of Neal the Eel. However, Chase Devineaux and Agent Zari discover that he has been released without explanation, with all the paperwork in order, no clear chain of command to trace, and all within an hour. He is taken away by The Cleaners, who pick him up in a motorboat.

Crown Jewel

Crown Jewel, target of heist

Over in London, Roundabout is planning a trap for Carmen, a fake heist of the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London, which would cause Carmen to be caught, whereupon Roundabout would pull strings to get her out and have the Cleaners bring her back to V.I.L.E. Academy. Carmen discovers the plot and leads Team Red to London. Shadowsan states that it is an impossible heist, but Carmen states that if V.I.L.E. does intend to go through with it, they have an angle. When learning that there is a national British holiday that day, Bonfire Night, he admits it would be like them to use the chaos of the celebration as a distraction.



Later, Shadowsan and Carmen go undercover as tourists and enter the Tower, where Shadowsan distracts a guard, allowing Carmen to enter a room and hack the security cameras into Player's computers. Outside the tower, Shadowsan expresses concern about Roundabout, V.I.L.E.'s double agent in the British Secret Service, stating that an impossible heist means a greater possibility of capture, and that if Carmen were caught, she would most likely be taken by the Cleaners before seeing a jail cell.

The access to the cameras allows Player to see the programming that The Troll installed; the security system would go down for two minutes so that the thief would be able to enter and steal St Edward's Crown, the most important of the set. This was planned to happen at 11:00 P.M., in the midst of the celebration.

Carmen arrested

Carmen arrested

Later that night, all is ready. Zack and Ivy are dressed as guards and are on watch. Shadowsan and Carmen approach by boat and Carmen lands. She climbs onto a wall and enters the Tower. Meanwhile, El Topo is seen sneaking around and is taken out via pressure points by Shadowsan. Carmen enters the vault, carves a hole in the glass, and is about to perform the theft, when The Troll aborts the mission, causing the systems to come back on. Alarms are activated in the Tower, bringing police and security guards to arrest Carmen. When she is taken out, she is greeted by Roundabout, who has her put her in the back of a police van to take her away. On a private A.C.M.E. plane, Devineaux and Zari receive notice of Carmen's arrest and are rerouted to London.

Shadowsan in Big Ben

Roundabout then enters the Tower to supposedly conduct forensics on the scene, but with the help of The Troll, he steals the crown himself, replacing it with a fake, and hands it off to Le Chevre at Big Ben. Shadowsan catches up with Roundabout and the two engage in a duel, whereupon the police arrive at the scene. However, to Roundabout's surprise, they are there to arrest him.

Shadowsan vs Roundabout

Shadowsan duels with Roundabout

Shadowsan hides and explains to Roundabout that Carmen had been onto his plan from the start, knowing he'd concoct an elaborate scheme, and so they planned around that to make it seem like he'd won. The two policemen driving the paddy wagon Carmen had been put into were Zack and Ivy in disguise, Player hacked into The Troll's computer systems to prevent him from finding Carmen once Roundabout learned this, and he also recorded Roundabout's theft and broadcasted it to A.C.M.E. Carmen, in disguise, swiped the crown from Le Chevre and deposited it in Roundabout's office, to be discovered by Zari and Devineaux. Roundabout, knowing he is defeated, drops his weapon and is arrested.

On the streets, Carmen and Shadowsan observe the fireworks, Carmen stating that the truth is now finally out about Roundabout's double life, and Shadowsan, smiling, says that one day, the truth will be known about her as well.

Chief contacts Zari and Devineaux and believes that Carmen allowed herself to be arrested as a diversion to allow her "partner" Roundabout to pull off the real heist. However, Chase states that they should consider that Carmen left the stolen crown so they could find it. Chief instructs them to interrogate Roundabout for information, only for Zari to get a call saying he's been released. Roundabout is seen in a van driven by the Cleaners.

Meanwhile, Chief, having finally run out of leads and patience to catch Carmen and stop V.I.L.E., orders A.C.M.E. to bring in their last and only link to Carmen left for questioning; Gray.



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  • This episode occurs on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day.
  • When Carmen is arrested by the guards, The Troll says she is a “takeaway”. Right then, a Chinese takeaway carton is seen. This is a pun on the fact that in British English, a takeaway item is food taken out to eat.
  • This episode marks the first time a V.I.L.E. Faculty member has been "arrested" by the Cleaners.
  • The Crown Jewels also appeared in the Google Earth game, The Crown Jewels Caper.
  • The Crown Jewels was also stolen in the episode By a Whisker in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

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