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The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2 is the second episode of Season 2 of Carmen Sandiego. It follows directly after the events of The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 1.


Carmen, Ivy, and Zack track V.I.L.E. through Rio and uncover a devious plot at a colorful Carnival parade.[1]


Shadowsan elaborates to the V.I.L.E. agents his scarcity as being on Carmen's trail while pretending to earn her trust, but he drops a code phrase which informs Carmen of his true allegiance. When Le Chevre states an inaccuracy, Shadowsan uses his position to detain him and takes Carmen away. Tigress informs the Faculty of Shadowsan being there, relaying his story, which reveals his treachery, and they contemplate the extent of his infiltration. Elsewhere, Carmen's crew work with Shadowsan, while Argent and Zari follow sightings of Carmen. During Rio's Carnival, Carmen's team realize V.I.L.E. will use a duck float to covertly deliver the gems from Rio to Prague, and find a stray dragon float. Intercepting them on the water, Carmen and Shadowsan successfully retrieve the gemstones, and disguise the float as a duck to escape. Carmen uses her charity foundation, Black Sheep Inc., to open a community fund for the family that gave her dinner and their neighbors, with the value of the gemstones. As Shadowsan ponders what to do now that he blew his cover, Carmen invites him to join her. Agents Argent and Zari find them, but lose the thieves in the crowd, but an image capture of Shadowsan inadvertently links Carmen to V.I.L.E.

In other languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Diamantes al rojo vivo, parte 2 Mission: Hot Red Diamonds, Part 2
French Opération Pierres précieuses de Rio : 2e partie Operation Gems of Rio: Part 2
Portuguese Missão Pedras do Rio - Parte 2 The River Stones Mission - Part 2
Italian Il caso delle pietre di Rio che scottano: Parte 2 The Case of the Hot Rio Stones: Part 2
Hebrew אבנים חמות בריו, חלק שני Hot Stones in Rio, Part 2
Greek Επιχείρηση: Οι πολύτιμοι λίθοι του Ρίο: Μέρος 2

Epicheírisi: Oi polýtimoi líthoi tou Río: Méros 2

Operation: Rio's Precious Stones: Part 2
Thai อัญมณีแห่งรีโอ ตอนที่ 2

Xạỵmṇī h̄æ̀ng rī xo txn thī̀ 2

The Gem of Rio Part 2
Arabic 1عمليّة التعدين في ريو، جزء

emlyt altaedin fi ryw, juz' 2

The Mining Process in Rio, Part 2
Japanese リオの宝石 後編

Rio no hōseki kōhen

The Jewels of Rio Part 2
Korean 리우의 돌멩이 작전 파트 1

liuui dolmeng-i jagjeon pateu 1

Rio's Stone Operation Part 2
Chinese 里約熱石案件(上)

Lǐ yuē rè shí ànjiàn (xià)

The Hot Rio Stone Case (next)