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This page is the transcript for The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 1

Title theme plays.

A dirt road, with fields on either side. Mountains are visible on the horizon. Young Shadowsan walks down the road, but stops when he hears a baby crying. He walks to the side of the road and finds baby Carmen with her Matryoshka dolls. A bell tolls, breaking the daydream. In the present, Carmen opens her eyes.

Player: [Over the phone] Red, are you in position?

Carmen: …What?

Player: We have a VILE operative on the move. Are you in position?

Carmen: Prague’s Old Town Square, by the clock tower.

Le Chevre walks by Carmen’s position.

Carmen: Le Chevre. I’m on him.

Carmen begins tailing Le Chevre, following him through the crowded square.

Player: Remember, target the buyer, not Goat Boy. And hit him after the handoff. We don’t want VILE knowing you’re--

Carmen: --Onto them before we can find out what they’re peddling? Whose plan was this again?

Player: Yours. Sorry. Just checking the boxes. Get it? Check? ‘Cause you’re in--

Carmen: --The Czech Republic. Yes, Player, I get it.

Player: Red Drone is on the lookout.

Red Drone flies above the crowd, spotting Le Chevre and a potential buyer.

Player: Potential buyer spotted, headed for Goat Boy. Beefy guy in bow tie, northeast side. And… we have a handoff. Package is in play.

Carmen starts to follow the buyer, but someone cuts her off and she loses track of him.

Player: Red! Curbside!

Carmen goes for the package. At the last second she mistakes someone in the crowd for the young Shadowsan from her daydream.

Player: Red!

Distracted, Carmen runs into the buyer. The package and its contents, which appear to be purple gemstones, scatter across the ground.

Carmen: I am so sorry! Uh-- let me help!

Carmen picks up two gemstones, using a sleight-of-hand trick to hide one in her sleeve. She offers the other to the buyer, who takes it and hurries away. Carmen takes the gemstone out of her sleeve and inspects it.

Player: So what did we get?

Carmen: A rock. Though we’re lucky we got anything.

Player: What do you mean?

Carmen: I got sloppy. [sighs] I’m off my game.

Player: You have been distracted lately. You probably just jumped back into action a little too soon! It’s only been a week since Shadowsan vanished into the night.

Carmen: Taking any hope I had of learning more about my past along with him.

Scene changes. Faculty lounge. Cleo and Bellum sit in their seats, Maelstrom is standing at the window at the back of the room, and Brunt is pacing in front of the table.

Brunt: Like I told you before-- when I came to, the Federales were closing in, and there was no sign of him… or Black Sheep.

Cleo: We know Shadowsan hasn’t been detained. No arrests anywhere near Poitiers, France match his description.

Maelstrom: Though, if this ACME is for real, Cleo, who knows where they would jail their prisoners.

Bellum: If Shadowsan is keeping to the shadows, wouldn’t he have phoned home by now?

Maelstrom: And you are certain, Coach Brunt, that you did not, uh…

Brunt: Wait, what? No. Why would you even--?

Maelstrom: There was certainly no love lost between the two of you. There you are, reluctant travel partners. You tell him he’s a bore, he insults your tracksuit, a quibble leads to an altercation, then…. You have been known to lose your temper.

Brunt: True, ol’ Stoneface would never be my first choice of a cornhole partner, but he’s still family. And you don’t betray family.

Comms chime. The screen extends from the ceiling.

Maelstrom: Probably our dear ninja now.

Brunt and Maelstrom take their seats. Le Chevre appears onscreen.

Le Chevre: Salutations, Faculty! I am en route to shut down the mining operation as planned. All the alexandrite has been extracted and is ready to be shipped.

Bellum: Then Prague came through.

Cleo: It seems we have buyers for our gemstones.

Maelstrom: This operation will go a long way towards repairing any losses inflicted by Carmen Sandiego… and ACME.

Scene changes. Devineaux’s hospital room, where Devineaux lays unconscious. Julia sits down at his bedside.

Julia: Agent Devineaux, it’s me. Julia. Agent argent. How are you feeling today?

Devineaux does not respond. This is due mostly to the fact that he is, as previously mentioned, unconscious.

Julia: I brought your favorite mints.

She waves the roll of mints under his nose. Devineaux remains unconscious. Julia frowns. Suddenly she points across the room.

Julia: There she is! La Femme Rouge!

Unsurprisingly, Devineaux continues to remain unconscious.

Julia: …Please wake up, Agent Devineaux. We need you. And we need you to tell us that she did not do this to you.

Scene changes. Player, researching the purple gemstone Carmen recovered.

Player: It’s called “alexandrite.”

Carmen: [Over the phone] Sounds like something you take for foot pain.

Player: Definitely a gemstone. Not as well-known as diamonds, but way more rare. And it can fetch just as much per carat.

Carmen: That’s big money. Enough of these gems could provide a major cash infusion to VILE’s operations.

Player: Well, according to the data on the hard drive Shadowsan left for you, VILE has a presence in a region known for its alexandrite.

Carmen: Could be a mining operation. Where?

Player: It doesn’t specify details or exact coordinates, but it’s somewhere in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Carmen: South America. [sighs] Small world. It’s close to home.

Player: [Over the phone] You’re up for this, right, Red? We need you at the top of your game. You know, in case…

Carmen: In case what?

Player: …Either the hard drive’s the best present ever from a supposed former VILE mastermind, or it’s loaded with an elaborate trail of breadcrumbs. What if Shadowsan’s trying to lure you into some sort of trap?

Carmen: Everything he said about my time on VILE Island made perfect sense.

Player: Sure, but what about Argentina? The part you were too young to remember? Did he really just happen to find you? He’s a thief! For all you know, he stole you for a ransom. You could be the daughter of billionaire diplomats.

Carmen: Well, hanging out here in Prague won’t change that. If it’s a trap, I’ll need to take extra care that no one gets hurt this time.

Scene changes. Nighttime; Devineaux’s hospital room. Julia is gone. Devineaux is still unconscious.

Devineaux: [In his sleep] No. No, no, no--

He suddenly jerks awake.

Devineaux: La Femme Rouge!

Chief: Guess again.

Devineaux: Huh?

Chief’s hologram and an Agent stand at the end of Devineaux’s bed.

Chief: Welcome back, Agent Devineaux.

Devineaux: Chief! Oogh… my head! It feels like a pack of wild boars stampeded through it… Shoving their snouts into the folds of my brain, searching for truffles…

Chief: You recognized me. That’s a good sign. What else do you remember?

Devineaux: Mm… Brushing my teeth, then… nothing. Until--

Flashback. Carmen approaches, incredibly blurry and backlit by the door. Flashback ends.

Devineaux: She was there!

Chief: Carmen Sandiego. I saw her, too.

Devineaux: But… she had help. Two others.

Chief: Tell me everything.

Scene changes. Red Crew on a plane.

Ivy: Ooh-ooh! Palm trees and sandy beaches, here we come!

Player: [Over the phone] There’s more to Rio than beaches, Ivy. Especially since Carnival is just a few days away.

Zack: Oh, spinning rides and funnel cakes? Score!

Player: Not a carnival, Zack. “Carnivaal.” People travel from all over the world to check it out.

Carmen: The citywide festival has its roots in both Portuguese and African traditions, and features colorful masks and costumes. It’s the one time of year pretending to be someone or something else is socially accepted.

Player: I hope you packed your dancing shoes, Red. Thousands of samba dancers will be strutting their stuff next to insanely elaborate parade floats.

Carmen: But if it’s a beach you’re after, Rio has one of the world’s most famous: Copacabana. Sound like enough to make you a Brazil nut?

Player: When you’re done having fun in the sun, check out Rio’s favelas.

Carmen: Ah, the favelas-- entire communities built into the steep hillsides of Rio. But they say you won’t find a better view of any city than from the top of Corcovado Mountain, beneath the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Player: I hope you brushed up on your Portuguese, Red. It’s the primary language spoken in Brazil.

A street vendor offers Carmen a piece of fruit.

Carmen: Não, obrigada.

Zack: Look out! It’s Tigress!

A woman walks by dressed up like a tiger. She is not Tigress. Ivy smacks her brother in the shoulder.

Zack: Ow!

Ivy: Dude, a VILE operative wouldn’t wear a costume of herself! Talk about worst disguise ever.

Carmen: Got the rock?

Ivy: Check.

Carmen: You two take the low ground, I’ll take the high.

They split up.

Scene changes. Devineaux’s hospital room. An ACME forensic sketch artist holds out a sketch for Devineaux to inspect.

Devineaux: Close, but more weathered. Like the backside of a reptile.

The sketch artist adds to the sketch and holds it out again. We see that the artist has drawn close likenesses of Shadowsan and Coach Brunt.

Devineaux: Yes, that is him! Those are them!

Chief: We have our perps?

Devineaux: I present to you: Carmen Sandiego's partners in crime. Find my pants! I am ready to track them down and make them pay for what they did to me.

Chief: Actually, hold the pants.

Devineaux: I’m finally getting my ACME suit?

Chief: No. I’m putting you on leave, effective immediately.

Devineaux: But-- Chief! I just handed you two faces possibly belonging to VILE!

Chief: You’re also a loose canon, Devineaux. A liability. ACME needs agents who think with their brains, not with their fists.

Devineaux: …For how long?

Chief: Indefinitely. Look-- you’ve been through a lot. Cool your heels back at interpol, and-- get your strength back.

Devineaux: And… Agent Argent?

Chief: She’ll be staying on with ACME. Any attempt to contact her could jeopardize her safety, so forget you know her. And I was never here.

The artist picks up his pen and leaves. Devineaux puts his head in his hands.

Scene changes. Jeweler in Rio.

Man: Ah, yes. Alexandrite. Word on the street is that a brand-new supply has recently been… unearthed.

Ivy: Where?

Man: My memory, it’s… not so good.

Zack: Oh, bummer :(

Ivy elbows him, then drags him off to another part of the shop.

Zack: Ow!

Ivy: He’s looking for a bribe, you doofus.

Zack: Successful business owner, Ivy. I’m sure he’ll meet the right girl someday.

Ivy: “Bribe!” Not “bride.” He wants to be paid for information.

Zack: …Ohhh.

They approach the counter again.

Man: This specimen is muito bonita.

Zack: Maybe my watch will jog your memory.

The man takes the offered watch.

Man: No one knows where the new supply has been unearthed, and no one wants to know. Some very sinister types control it.

Ivy: What type of sinister types?

Man: My memory, it’s-- not so good.

Zack: Maybe my other watch will jog your memory?

Man: One of them is French, dresses like a goat.

Ivy: Where can we find him?

Man: My memory, it’s not so--

He sees Zack removing the price tag from a watch on display.

Man: --Hey!

Zack: My… sister’s watch?

Ivy: [sighs] Tell us where, keep the gem.

Scene changes. Devineaux is being discharged from the hospital. Julia watches from his room as a nurse pushes his wheelchair down the sidewalk.

Chief: He’ll land on his feet… or the hood of his car.

Julia: My intuition tells me Carmen Sandiego wasn’t responsible for his abduction. There must be some other reason she was present.

Chief: Look, Agent Argent. You have a brilliant deductive mind. One of the finest I’ve seen. Learn to trust it, and not your gut.

Agent Zari knocks, then enters, carrying a suit.

Chief: Oh, your suit arrived-- and regulation eyewear. Your prescription, naturally. You’re ACME official now. Agent Zari will be your new partner.

Zari: Agent Argent.

Chief: I’m sending you both to Rio de Janeiro. Our CrimeNet analysts believe Carmen Sandiego is there now. Find out why-- and catch her if you can.

Scene changes. Carmen stands at the base of the Christ the Redeemer statue, using her binoculars to look out over the city.

Player: [Over the phone] How’s the view from up there, Red?

Carmen: Trippy.

Player: With good reason. Your scanner’s calibrated to recognize any gem mined from the same source as your sample. Molecular structure, soil traces-- anything.

Carmen catches sight of a family through her binoculars: a mother, a father, and a baby. When she zooms in, the baby appears to be her, complete with Matryoshka dolls. She lowers the binoculars, startled; when she looks again, the baby no longer looks like her. She shakes her head to herself.

Cut to Zack and Ivy, walking through a favela.

Ivy: Doña Marta is wicked huge, “donya” know. This favela just keeps going and going!

Zack: [groans] How’re we ever gonna find him?

Child: Give it back!

Zack and Ivy peek around the corner to see two young children. In front of them stands Le Chevre, who is wearing a goat costume.

Child: It’s our futebol!

Le Chevre: No. Since I nearly tripped over your football, it is now my football.

Le Chevre walks away holding the football, leaving the children to pout.

Zack: First, that’s a soccer ball. And second, no way I’m gonna stand by and let him steal from a little kid.

He starts to go after Le Chevre. Ivy holds out her arm to stop him.

Ivy: First, they call them footballs here. Get over it. And second, you’ll blow the mission! We’ll buy them a new one later.

Zack: VILE operatives don’t wear costumes of themselves, huh, sis?

Cut to Carmen, still at the base of the statue.

Ivy: [Over the phone] Ground crew to Carmen. We spotted Le Chevre-- in the lamest disguise ever.

Zack: [Over the phone] He’s dressed as a goat.

Carmen: Keep a safe distance. I’m on my way.

Cut to Ivy and Zack, tailing Le Chevre. Zack knocks over a box on a fruit stand, drawing Le Chevre’s attention; he pretends to inspect another fruit, but Le Chevre recognizes him.

Le Chevre: You!

He throws the football at Zack, scattering fruit, and runs away; Zack and Ivy lose him when he climbs up to a rooftop.

Cut back to Carmen, making her way to their position via hanglider.

Ivy: [Over the phone] Carm, we lost our goat.

From the air, Carmen spots him running across the rooftops.

Carmen: I see him. Just be on your guard. Where there’s a goat, the Mole isn’t usually far behind.

Ivy: Should be easy enough to see coming.

Zack: [laughs] Yeah, he’s probably wearing a mole mask!

A figure emerges from an alley behind them, wearing a bird mask. The figure sees Carmen gliding above and approaches Zack and Ivy.

Zack: [About Carmen, flying over them] She’s wicked awesome!

The figure’s shadow overtakes Zack and Ivy; they turn, and their faces fall.

Zack: …Uh-oh.

Cut to Le Chevre, running across the rooftops. Carmen’s shadow passes over him.

Le Chevre: Carmen!? Impossible! How did you know I was here?

Carmen: Next time, try disguising yourself as a giraffe.

Le Chevre: This is a costume, not a disguise!

Carmen lands, continuing the pursuit on foot. Le Chevre runs through a house, jumping out a window on the opposite end. Carmen follows him, but mistakes a girl playing with a doll for her younger self, playing with her Matryoshka dolls, and stops halfway through.

Father: Nossa!

Carmen: Sorry!

Carmen follows Le Chevre out the window. She spots him closing a door at the end of the street. When she follows, the house is empty. She runs to the balcony, but does not see him. She turns back into the house, making a noise of frustration.

Player: [Over the phone] Red, are you all right?

Carmen: [frustrated] No, Player. I’m the opposite of all right. I fumbled all over again. I had Le Chevre in reach, and I choked.

Player: Choked?

Carmen: My head’s not in the game. When I’m not seeing imaginary Shadowsans, I’m seeing families, with me in them, everywhere I look.

Father: Com Licença, are you all right?

Carmen: ...Yes, thank you. I’m just… having a bad day.

The girl and her mother enter.

Father: Maybe we can help. We’re just about to eat. Why don’t you come join us?

Cut to a rooftop. Zack and Ivy are bound inside a barrel of some sort. The masked figure shuts the lid.

Cut to Carmen, enjoying a meal with the family.

Carmen: Mmm! The feijoada is delicious!

Mother: Brazil’s national dish; my grandmother’s recipe.

A football flies through the air; the father catches it.

Father: Isabel, no futebol in the house.

Isabel is wearing Carmen’s hat; she holds it by the brim to keep it from falling over her eyes.

Isabel: Aw! Can I go throw water balloons at the samba dancers?

Father: No, it is rude.

Isabel takes her football, then runs away.

Carmen: She’s spunky.

Father: Ay, she is a terror.

Mother: And speaking of terror, are you certain you do not wish for us to call the policia?

Carmen: I’m fine. He didn’t steal anything-- at least, not from me.

Father: That is a relief to hear. Our community may not be wealthy, but-- it is safe. We all look out for each other and look for ways to improve our quality of life.

Mother: So-- why were you chasing him?

Carmen: Long story. But you’re sure you’ve never seen him before?

Mother: We are certain. Though he may be a tenant of the corner house.

Carmen: The one I thought I lost him in?

Father: They are new to our street. A group of friends, we think.

Mother: Though we wouldn’t know. They keep to themselves, and we never hear a peep.

Carmen approaches Isabel and retrieves her fedora.

Carmen: It’s a good look for you, but… I need to borrow that back.

Isabel: [laughs] Hey!

Carmen: Thank you for your hospitality. It was just what I needed.

Mother: But we have bolo de rolos for dessert!

Carmen: I need to catch up with a group of friends.

She exits.

Carmen: Player, my little time-out did me some good. I can’t change the past, but I can affect the present… by helping people like this family.

Player: Now that sounds like the Red I know.

Carmen enters the corner house. She notices a section of the floor that is different to the rest; it turns out to be a pressure plate, which activates a secret trapdoor.

Carmen: Heading below ground. Don’t be surprised if you lose me.

She hides her hat and coat, then descends into the trapdoor.

Player: Shouldn’t you wait for…

Her tracker icon disappears from his screen.

Player: …backup?

Carmen follows a long hallway to a large room. A mining operation is taking place. Alexandrite gemstones are being transported above ground via a series of long conveyors. Le Chevre and Tigress are there, overseeing the operations.

Le Chevre: Can we wrap things up? Carmen Sandiego is onto us!

Tigress: [scoffs] Disguise yourself as a goat, what did you expect?

Le Chevre: It is a costume, not a disguise!

Tigress: Oh, come to Tigress.

She picks a gemstone off the conveyor and inspects it.

Tigress: High-grade. Who needs fun in the sun? It shines plenty bright down here.

Carmen: The Cat; the Goat. The Mole can't be far behi--

El Topo: Who likes delicious bolinhos?

He approaches from behind Carmen, cutting off her exit.

El Topo: I brought some for--

He sees Carmen, standing in the doorway, and drops the bolinhos to advance on her. She backs away, exposing herself to the operatives in the main chamber.

El Topo: --everyone. Look what I dug up.

Le Chevre: Did I not tell you?

Tigress: [growls] Get her!

The operatives advance, including several grunts. Carmen tries to escape but is ultimately caught by El Topo.

Le Chevre: Good catch, mon ami!

Tigress: Look who decided to drop in.

Carmen: I don’t plan on staying. Be a shame to come all the way to Rio and miss Carnival.

Tigress: [snorts] Aw, she actually thinks she’s getting out of this one! How fedorable.

Le Chevre and El Topo restrain Carmen, binding her wrists and ankles.

Le Chevre: I will inform the Faculty that we have finally captured Carmen Sandiego.

Shadowsan: [From offscreen] That will not be necessary.

The masked figure who captured Zack and Ivy enters the mine and removes his mask, revealing himself to be Shadowsan in disguise.

Shadowsan: We are already aware… and we thank you.

Credits roll.