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The Himalayan Rescue Caper is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego.


Carmen heads to V.I.L.E.'s hideout in the Himalayas on a rescue mission to save Graham. She needs Player's help, but he's stuck at school.


Chase Devineaux reports back to Chief, who is disappointed.

Graham is brought via plane back to Dr Bellum's lab in the Himalayas; there, Maelstrom shows a slideshow of his time and activities as a student and an operative of VILE. After some resistance and confusion, Graham remembers and decides to continue as a operative.

Carmen tracks down Graham to the location of Dr Bellum's lab.

Meanwhile, Chase Devineaux heads to a university to see Julia Argent, where she is a teacher in history. Meeting with her in her office, Chase tries to enlist Julia to help find Carmen but is rebuffed with a message for lunch “next Friday”.

Carmen rests up before heading to the Himalayas.

Player is at school when Ivy and Zack come in and tells everyone to evacuate; they use an excuse that there is an egregious infestation of bugs. People evacuate and Player enters a janitor's closet where he is able to connect to Carmen so she is able to continue in mission.

Carmen enters the laboratory undetected. Evading robots, she enters a cavern where she sees that Dr. Bellum had produced a ton of robots, enough to be a small army. Soon enough, she loses contact with Player as he is caught by the teacher.

Carmen meets up with Graham; unfortunately, Graham asserts himself as an operative of Vile. There, he begs Carmen to stop trying to foil VILE's plans as he regretted hurting Carmen; she rebuffs him and presses a button that causes a massive explosion. This blast destroys most of Dr. Bellum's robots except Roby. Carmen skates out and steals the crown, and evades Roby the Robot, who is destroyed at the base of a cliff.

Player leaves school for the day, and heads to a restaurant. Carmen and Player talk over burgers and fries; he reveals that his parents pulled him over fears of the bug infestation.

In Nevsehir, Turkey, a recent earthquake exposes a catacomb that leads to a cavern. Exploration by archaeologists reveal a startling find; a V symbol.