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The Haunted Bayou Caper is the third episode of Season 3 of Carmen Sandiego.


In New Orleans, a celebrity chef hosts a costume gala at his spooky mansion. V.I.L.E. crashes the party – but what are they after?


Mardi Gras

People playing Jazz in New Orleans

Mardi Gras 2

Jazz in New Orleans

Mardi Gras has arrived in New Orleans. The city is in festive spirits. Team Red is there tracking V.I.L.E.'s chief counterfeiter, who gets into a car and leaves. Zack picks up Carmen and tracks them to a bayou outside of town.

Chasing car

During the chase, Chase Devineaux tails them aggressively but is tricked into crashing his car, again. They see Tigress talking to the counterfeiter and exchaging papers. Tigress notices them spying and gets on an airboat to escape.

Carmen and Zack in a boat

Chase, Carmen, and Zack chase the counterfeiter and Tigress, who loses several sheets of paper. Carmen hooks an anchor onto a tree, causing Chase to crash his boat into a tree and fall into the marsh. Carmen is unable to catch up to the V.I.L.E. operatives, but Red Drone finds that the papers are forged invitations to a high end party hosted by a local celebrity chef called the Crawfish King.

Crawfish King created food

Crawfish King shows off his boiled crawfish

The Crawfish King is hosting his annual costumed bash at his mansion, which is rumoured to be haunted and filled with hidden rooms and secret corridors. Team Red discusses V.I.L.E.'s possible motives and decides to purchase tickets to the event that night.

Bayou mansion

Crawfish King's mansion

Back in V.I.L.E.'s headquarters, they launch Operation Haunted Bayou with the The Troll, a skilled Korean Hacker, who plans to shut down the sensors and cameras of the mansion.

Carmen in witch costume

Carmen in costume

Night falls and Team Red gears up in their costumes. Everyone heads to the mansion where the party is taking place.

Meanwhile, Paper Star and Tigress have joined up. They explore around the party and encounter a hooded figure who offers crawfish, saying “they are to die for”. Zack and Ivy enter a room and set up Red Drone as a ghost, blending in with the other spooky decorations. Carmen stands lookout. They use voice recognition to find that the hooded figure is the Crawfish King and Carmen rushes to talk to him. She tries to convince him to come with her, but she runs into Chase Devineaux in a banana costume, and distracts him by zipping up his costume. Meanwhile, CK is abducted by Paper Star and Tigress, who spray a neuroagent that renders him unconscious.

While Ivy goes out to unstick Red Drone's ghost sheet in a chandelier, Zack has a freakout reaction based on his fear of ghosts. When Ivy returns, he claims Dracula appeared in a mirror. As Ivy looks at the drone, Zack presses a plaque under a painting and the fireplace does a 180, bringing Zack to behind the walls where he witnesses The Cleaners talking to The Troll about their plans.

Meanwhile, Carmen confronts Tigress and Paper Star, who have managed to drag CK to a corridor, where the cleaners open up a painting and take him into the hidden corridors. The same hallway is later discovered by Ivy. The Troll tries to guide the Cleaners in using their phones to scan CK's eyes to transfer his funds to V.I.L.E.'s account instead. While they are distracted, Zack and Ivy carry CK away from the two.

In the kitchen, Carmen fights Tigress and Paper Star, who is pushed down a garbage chute. Carmen hides on a shelf while Tigress leaves.

Meanwhile, Chase reports back to Chief and is told to capture Carmen Sandiego by midnight or she will haunt him forever.

Zack and Ivy reunite with Carmen. CK wakes up and transfers the charity funds. He is glad they are gone, but admits that he is concerned about his hidden treasure.

Underneath the mansion, Paper Star is lost while wandering to find an exit. She stumbles upon a room with a safe in it. Breaking into the safe, she discovers only a piece of paper. CK arrives and begs her to return it but she runs. CK reveals that it is his great-great-grandmother's original recipe in her handwriting that lists how to the create his famous crawfish seasoning, and holds great sentimental value to him because it is the single greatest link he has to his Creole heritage.

Carmen confronts Paper Star on the roof of the house and tells her the mansion is haunted. Red Drone appears and scares Paper Star off the railing into the water below, where she is picked up by the Cleaners and Tigress. Carmen catches the recipe and returns it to CK, and the party resumes.

Chase Devineaux is called at midnight, but drops the communicator pen below and Chief surprises Zack and Ivy in front of them, exclaiming, “Let the haunting begin!” and they run away screaming.



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  • This episode marks the 5th and 6th time that Chase Devineaux has crashed a vehicle.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of The Troll.
  • The counterfeiter's name is unknown.
  • V.I.L.E. originally intended to send more operatives, but Tigress lost the excess counterfeit tickets.
  • Sensing Paper Star was not the wiset move on V.I.L.E.'s part, but considering Mime Bomb was their only alternative (as Le Chev and El Topo are not skilled in ground level combat), they had no choice.

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