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The Good Old, Bad Old Days is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Carmen breaks into the "safest safe in the world," the team go to Nevada, Vienna, Tombstone, Tyrolean Alps to prevent Carmen's western train robbery.


Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Satsuma, CEO of a company, is giving a demonstration and briefing to the press in attendance about a new high security vault that is supposedly impenetrable. Meanwhile, Carmen walks by and enters a secure corridor. She walks past a camera and the alarms trigger, summoning security guards who want to arrest her. to come and nab her. She forces the doors of the elevator to open, and uses a grappling hook to get to the top floor, opening the elevator doors using a gadget. She approaches a secure vault.

The press accompany the CEO to the top floor, only to discover the vault is open, with a hat left behind by Carmen.

In ACME headquarters in San Francisco, Ivy is working on a word puzzle while Zack is rocking out to music. Ivy turns off the music so she can continue. The Chief comes in and talks to them, and tells theft of Carmen and her henchmen was also detected. They use a C5 corridor to head to Carson City, Nevada. Entering a mine, they see henchmen loading things onto an elevator. Some henchmen try to catch them but they escape on a mine cart. The mine cart ends at a giant hole in which they fall into after not stopping in time. Climbing out, they talk and receive a clue from a mine cart. Inside was a cage with a mechanical canary, a play on the phrase canary in the coal mine. The mechanical canary sings a tune that is reminiscent of a song Zack heard before. It was from a place in Austria.

Using the C5 corridor, they land on a truck that is carrying horses. They get off the truck and lost. Needing help, they summon Armando Arguaya, a detective associated with ACME from Argentina that is skilled with horses. He provides them with some info. Collecting the evidence togethe,r they realize Carmen probably wants to recreate the Shootout at the OK Corral.

The trio use a C5 corridor to Tombstone, Arizona, United States.

There, they land in the middle of a reenactment.

Ivy notices a henchemen run on the roof top and she gives chase, where she finds 3 of the reenactors actually were tied up by Carmen Sandiego. They are set free and pursue on horseback carriage but accidently fall into ariver at a turn.

Looking at what has happened so far, they deduce that they will try to steal things from the Oriental Express. The trio use a C5 corridor to the line where they witness a train come out of a tunnel. Carmen and her henchment use the horses to explosives force the train to stop. They steal the entire train and drive away. Getting on the trio retake the train but Carmen escapes on a jetpack from a car at the end of the train. Zack and Ivy return the items. Player promises to catch Carmen again.


  • Zack
  • Ivy
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • The Chief
  • Armando Arguaya


  • Canary in a Coal Mine.
  • Song
  • Horses
  • OK Corral
  • Train


  • San Francisco
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Carson City, Nevada
  • Vienna, Austria



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