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Maelstrom: So, do tell us, Dr. Bellum, who in the world is this Chase Devineaux?

Bellum: Formerly an inspector of Interpol, Any current assignment is completely unknown. Devineaux was quietly transferred from his department in Poitiers, France, nearly six months ago.

Cleo: Poitiers? Where I keep a residence?

Maelstrom: The very residence looted by Carmen Sandiego nearly six months ago. Coincidence?

Brunt: Devineaux was there that night. Black Sheep delivered Crackle to him on the train to Paris, wrapped up all pretty with a bow.

Cleo: This Devineaux also barged into my Swiss chateau during a dinner party, distracting me long enough to allow Carmen Sandiego to make her escape with my precious stolen Vermeer paintings in tow. And to think I had suspected the charming duke of being her inside man.

Maelstrom: Then it seems that we have discerned a pattern, one which explains how Carmen Sandiego has repeatedly foiled our plans with such a high rate of success.

Bellum: She isn't working alone.

Brunt: Sounds to me like we have ourselves a plan B, as in "bait."

Cleo: Catch Chase Devineaux, and we finally catch the elusive Carmen Sandiego.

Maelstrom: We'll put Paper Star on the case. She led us to ACME, after all.

Shadowsan: This is not child's play. We do not know if Black Sheep has partnered with a rogue policeman or a high-level law enforcement agency.

Maelstrom: Then whom would you suggest we send, Shadowsan?

Shadowsan: I will go.

Agent Argent and Chase Devineaux talking to Chief

Chief: Agent Devineaux, you are a walking disaster zone! First, you somehow managed to waterlog not one but two ACME-issue vehicles. Do you have any idea what fully loaded, custom Blanton-Websters cost?Chase: Uh...

Chief: And when you're not turning our automobiles into submarines, you're losing keycards loaded with classified intel and proprietary technology. Please tell me you still have your communicator pen in your possession.

Chase: Uh, yes, Chief.

Chase shows chief his pen in his shirt pocket

Chief: You joining a K-pop band?

Chase: I was cold. It was on sale.

A scanner comes from the ceiling and scans Argent and Chase

Chief: Stand still. ACME's virtual tailor. You've both been fitted for regulation suits. By the way, fine work securing the Magna Carta, Agent Argent. Saving the symbol of democracy. Now there's a career maker!

Julia: I did not do it alone.

Chase angrily slams a door open as Argent tails behind him

Chase: You did not do it alone, eh?

Julia: Of course not. You are my partner.

Chase: Do not be coy, Ms. Argent! I know you were referring to La Femme Rouge, your silent partner.

Julia: And? What if I was? Carmen Sandiego left the Magna Cartas on my train seat, presumably for me to find. She returned stolen Vermeers to museums and ten-million-dollar postage stamps to children's charities.

Chase: Stealing things only to return them makes absolutely no sense.

Julia: I agree, which is why I do not believe she's stealing these things to begin with.

Chase: So, would she be returning stolen things to show that she can do my job better than me? Simply to make me look like some sort of law enforcement imbecile?

Julia: Why must it always be about you?

Chase: Maybe you should be the one to tell me since you are clearly Chief's favorite.

Julia: Ugh! You are impossible! Have you forgotten to factor VILE into any of your thinking?

Chase: You mean the non-existent entity that our chief has been trying to prove exists for 20 years? At least I have seen Carmen Sandiego with my own two eyes. And she's out there somewhere, no doubt planning something nefarious at this very moment.

Carmen sitting on a beach chair hugging her knees

Carmen: Player, what have you got for me?

Player: Itching for a caper already, Red? After one-upping your ex-instructor, I figured you'd finally be ready to take that well-deserved vacay.

Carmen: Chilling makes me fidgety. And, trust me, Shadowsan's already plotting his next move.

Ivy: Hey, Carm, check it out! VILE Central. Wicked wicked, right?

Zack whoop's as he rides a wave over Ivy's head and sandcastle

Carmen: Besides, I was raised on a tropical paradise. Not my idea of R & R. You sure there's nothing else you can turn up on the hard drive?

Player: It's been a while since you snatched it from VILE. We've pretty much combed through every last bit on data on here, Red. You may need to sneak back to the Isle of VILE and bring the rain all over again.

Carmen: No, Player. I am never going back to VILE Island.

Cut to VILE island as Shadowsan enters a helicopter with the rest of the faculty there to show him off

Maelstrom: Are you absolutely certain the field trip is necessary, Shadowsan? We have an army of operatives to choose from.

Shadowsan: Our Carmen Sandiego problem must be tied off decisively, once and for all. It is time that she contend with one of our own in the field.

Brunt: I agree with Shadowsan 100 percent. That's right, for once. I'll go.

Shadowsan: Absolutely not. The coach is too soft towards her dear Black Sheep.

Brunt: At one time, that statement might have been accurate. But after she went and betrayed the only family she knew, Black Sheep is dead to me. And Carmen Sandiego must pay!

Maelstrom: Well, all in favor of both Shadowsan and Coach Brunt attending to this matter?

The rest of the faculty raise their hand and Shadowsan grumbles in annoyance

The outside of a apartment building in france

Chase: I cannot stand the sight of you! You are only good for wrecking cars and bullying your partner. Ms. Argent is only trying to do her job. She cannot help it if she is misguided. Although, she may wind up running ACME someday. I should be nice and bring her Napoleons from the patisserie tomorrow.

Chase brushes his teeth with a green toothpaste with the vile logo on it

Wow. Foamy.

As Chase collapses the Cleaners come in from the door behind him and drag him away

Carmen is sitting on the beach watching the sunset

Player: Red?

Carmen: Yes, it is. I may finally be unwinding, Player.

Player: Uh, don't get too comfy. I was poking around on the deep dark web to see what I could scrape up, and I stumbled on a message for you.

Carmen: What does it say?

Player: "If Carmen Sandiego wants to see her partner Chase Devineaux again, she needs to surrender."

Carmen: Partner? The keycard. They'll never let Devineaux walk away.

Player: It smells like a trap.

Carmen: Of course it's a trap, which is why I'll need to be cautious. Now, where are they keeping him?

Chase is slowly gaining consciousness and is tied to a chair in a cellar

Chase:Huh? Huh?

Brunt: Bonjour. Hard way or easy way?

Chase: Uh, is this where you appear to issue my replacement keycard? Very funny!

Brunt: Spill it, sugar. ACME.

Chase: Uh, ask you what?

Brunt: Huh? Not ask me, ACME! I've seen your keycard.

Shadowsan pulls a sword from his back

Shadowsan: What can you tell us about Carmen Sandiego?

Chase: Why ask me? You two thugs work for her, do you not?

Coach Brunt smiles and walks over to get something out of a box

Chase: Wait. Must we do this the hard way?

Brunt: Oh, no, handsome. The easy way with a little something we like to call "the truth extractor."

Coach Brunt puts a green glowing helmet on Chase

Chase: No, no. No, no, no!

Red drone is outside the window and Carmen, Zack and Iy are all on a rooftop watching

Ivy: Got a visual, Carmen. And audio.

Chase: [Sings in French]

Brunt: What is he crooning about?

Shadowsan: It is the French national anthem. He is attempting to cloud his mind to keep from telling the truth.

Brunt: I'd spill the beans, sweet pea. Prolonged use of this device is not recommended. The longer it clings to your brainpan, the more you risk it permanently scrambling your eggs.

Brunt gags Chase

Brunt: Give it a minute. He'll be singing our tune.

Carmen: Faculty field trip. We'll need to even the odds.

Chase finally tells the truth

Chase: ACME is a covert surveillance organization, dedicated to learning everything.

Shadowsan: About what?

Chase: Ha! Something that probably does not exist.

Brunt: Try us.

Chase: Sounds like "bile."

Brunt and Shadowsan exchange glances

Brunt: And what exactly do they know about this "bile"?

Red drone taps the glass and moves to reveal Carmen standing on the roof

Shadowsan: I will attend to this. Find out everything he knows.

Brunt: Who went and made him the boss of me? Sit tight, sweetie.

Shadowsan chases Carmen on the rooftop but under him there is another Carmen

Brunt puts her hand on a piece of metal

Brunt: Now where did old stoneface disappear to so fa...?

Brunt sees carmen running away and smashes the metal

Brunt: You'll do.

It is revealed that Zack and Ivy are both wearing Carmen's coat and being chased

Zack: Oh, red is so not my color.

Zack runs into a alleyway and has nowhere to run

Zack: Uh-oh.

Brunt walks into the alleyway but Zack is nowhere to be found, the camera pans up to reveal he is clinging to a Gutter. Coach finds him and throws him onto a pile of trash,

Oh, no.

Brunt sees thats it isn't Carmen

Brunt: Bait and switch.

Carmen walks into the room were they were holding Chase

Carmen: Player, I'm in.

Chase: So, you show your face! I knew you were behind this.

Carmen: Shh. Easy, Devineaux. Save your strength. We need to get you out of here.

She unties Devineaux and takes off the helmet but he calls chief on his pen before collapsing to the ground

Chief: What is it now, Agent Devin...?

Chief sees Chase unconscious and turns around to see Carmen

Chief: Carmen Sandiego, I presume.

Carmen smashes the pen with her foot

Chief calls Julia on her pen

Chief: Agent Argent, we have a man down. Your partner.

Julia: What?

Chief: I was able to triangulate Devineaux's exact location moments before I lost contact. I've called in the local gendarme.

Carmen: Come on, Devineaux. We need to get you out before it's...

Brunt: Too late.

Brunt walks through the door and bends it shut

Carmen: Coach Brunt. Long way from campus, aren't you?

Brunt: You didn't expect to move away from home without a visit from mama bear, did you? And I'm not sure I approve of the tall, handsome, law-abiding company you're keeping these days.

Carmen: Rebound relationship. Needed a change after all the criminals and psychopaths.

Brunt:Now, you know I can't let you leave again, Lambkins.

Carmen: That's what I figured.

Carmen uses her grappling hook and shoots it onto a pole, pulling her and Chase up but Brunt grabs her leg and throws them onto the ground slamming carmen onto the chair, breaking it.

Player: Red, you okay in there?

Brunt attempts to grab Carmen but she dodges it and backflips over Brunt and tries to kick her. But Brunt blocks it and hits her, throwing her into a storage shelf

Brunt: Did you learn nothing in school? Always protect the face, and never enter a room without an exit plan.

Carmen grabs a wrench off the floor and starts hitting brunt but she dodges all of the swings

Carmen then uses the wrench to distract Brunt while she electrocutes her with her taser

But Brunt can fight through it and electrocutes Carmen back. Carmen then swings her wrench at Brunt but she knocks it away to a sewer grate

Brunt attempts to grab her again but Carmen slides under her and to the locked door trying to open it

It doesn't budge and Brunt grabs Carmen by the coat and throws her out of it, ripping the coat in half

Carmen grabs her side and throws a punch at Coach, but she grabs her fist and gut punches Carmen.

Carmen gasps for air as she is thrown next to the sewer grate, rattling it to open it but to no avail

Brunt: I know how much you wanted to get out and see the world, pumpkin, but trust me, it's a world of hurt.

Shadowsan stops chasing Ivy and we hear sirens

Ivy: Oh, man, oh, man.

Zack: Huh?

Player: Come on, Red, you just need to buy yourself a little more time. Backup's on the way.

Carmen: You rescued me from the side of a road, only to lure me here so you can pound me into dust?

Brunt: Believe you me, Lambkins, that is one stone you do not want to turn. But I promise to let bygones be bygones if you be a good little sheep and come back to the island with the rest of the flock.

Brunt kneels down to Carmen

Carmen: Then you better pound harder because I am never going back to VILE Island.

Brunt: After every little thing we've ever done for you. Come here, little cub. Let mama bear give you one great, big last hug goodbye.

Brunt gives Carmen a bear hug Carmen gasps for air as you hear her bones cracking

Before Carmen suffocates Coach grunts and it is revealed that Shadowsan is pinching her neck. Carmen backs away to the sewer grate

Carmen: Still infighting, huh? Well, I wasn't going back with Coach and I'm definitely not going back with you.

Shadowsan: I did not come here to take you back.

Shadowsan takes out his katana and charges at Carmen while she picks up the wrench

Player: Carmen?

Shadowsan puts his Katana back and Carmen is still there

Carmen: I... I don't understand.

Shadowsan sits on his knees and opens the grate

Shadowsan: Follow me now. No questions.

Carmen: What?

Shadowsan: That is a question.

Police Sirens are wailing in the background

Shadowsan: The police will attend to him, and they will lock us up if we are still here when they do.

Carmen: I'll take my chances with them, thank you.

Shadowsan: The police are the least of my concerns. Do you really not realize that being trapped in a cell would far more easily allow VILE to reach us?

Carmen: Reach us?

Shadowsan: Stubborn as always, Black Sheep. Can you not see that we are in this together now?

Carmen: We've always been in this together, haven't we? It was you. You were the one who found me.

Carmen drops the wrench

Shadowsan: You are in no condition to leave here on your own. Please.

Shadowsan reaches out a hand to her as the police arrive

Brunt: Huh? Shadowsan?

Brunt sees the open grate and jumps down

Brunt: Cleaners, is Shadowsan with you? I see. I'm gonna need pickup.

Carmen and Shadowsan are on the rooftops

Shadowsan helps Carmen to sit down against a pillar

Shadowsan: Does it hurt when you breathe in?

Carmen: Argentina. Tell me everything, now.

Shadowsan: There is nothing more to tell. As strange as it may seem, even someone like me is incapable of turning his back on an abandoned baby.

Carmen: If you were such a sensitive guy, why have you been such a jerk to me?

Shadowsan: Unlike the other members of our faculty, I did not wish for you to succeed in crime school... because I could not bear the thought of you being faced with having to choose a path of evil.

Carmen: You knew I'd never accept, and you knew what they'd do to me when I said no.

Carmen stands up

Carmen: You failed me because you were trying to protect me. And?

Shadowsan: Yes, the coat was empty.

Carmen: I knew it! [Gah]

Shadowsan: And you were never anything less than the very finest pickpocket in your class. I sent Tigress to San Francisco knowing you would enjoy proving that to her all over again.

Carmen smiles at Shadowsan

Carmen: So, why now? Why tonight?

Shadowsan walks away from her

Shadowsan: I feared VILE might finally succeed in stopping you, so it once again seemed the right time to intervene. Again? I was not trying to harm you on the night of your escape from the island. I was trying to join you.

Carmen: I guess I scare easy when I see a drawn sword.

Shadowsan: I felt it was a necessary ruse. Though, did you not wonder why the Cleaners never pursued you in the helicopter?

Carmen: No way!

Shadowsan: A great burden was lifted from me the night of your escape, believing that you would begin a new life somewhere. I never fathomed that you would dedicate your life to destroying VILE, which complicated things for me, to say the least.

Devineaux is being pulled into a ambulance

Julia: Agent Devineaux is extremely disoriented. They won't know more until they run tests.

Chief: The lug didn't deserve whatever Carmen Sandiego did to him.

Julia: But... how can you be certain she was behind this?

Chief: The keycard. It all adds up. Devineaux didn't lose it. Carmen picked his pocket and used it to bait him. Beyond that, I have to trust what I saw with my own two eyes. Carmen Sandiego was in that room with Devineaux tonight.

Julia has a surprised expression

Player: You went back to Poitiers to rescue a detective and left with an evil VILE mastermind? The worst one, too! What makes you think you can trust him? And what exactly was he doing in Argentina 20 years ago anyway?

Carmen is sitting alone with Shadowsan behind herCarmen: That's exactly what I want to know. There's more to the story. There has to be. And my only chance of finding out will be to keep Shadowsan...

There is no sight of Shadowsan

Carmen: close.

Player: Let me guess, ninja disappearing act?

Carmen: Something like that.

Player: I'm sorry, Red.

Carmen: Don't be.

Carmen walks over to where Shadowsan was to pick up another VILE hard drive

Carmen: He left something behind.

Player: What?

Carmen: A present. Have Zack and Ivy meet me at rendezvous. I have a feeling we're gonna have new capers to plot.

Ending theme music playing.